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Psychology is wrong

- Fri, 01 Nov 2019 12:19:15 EST iuT1J6KI No.91039
File: 1572625155445.png -(1611810B / 1.54MB, 1125x2436) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psychology is wrong
I know a “schizophrenic” and he said he has never been delusional and he is smart. According to science psychology is wrong (bleeding edge science). Human history says “schizophrenics” have been the people who saw Gods/aliens/demons and saw angels in the Bible. Factually psychology is wrong and it is an abuse. You cannot reprogram a human being, it is a human rights violation. For me it’s a violation of my constitutional rights and I will layer up if I meet a psychologist. Call me all natural, I eat organic.
Lydia Soddleworth - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 12:51:10 EST PkSmUpoI No.91040 Reply
Anon, you've gotta be more specific when dealing with a broad field of academics. Yes, the current regime of psychology is wrong and heavily abused to push various agendas of numerous natures, including (but not limited to) political, economic (selling bad addictive drugs) and religious/philosophical, but then there's people like Carl Jung and earlier classical philosophers who were pretty damn good.
I'm not going to shit-talk Freud like most people, since Freud is actually really damn good when dealing with his own (ashkenazi jewish) community. His works simply don't properly account for cultural, ethnic, and societal variation as well as Archetypal models (such as Jung's ) do.
Clara Blevinglock - Thu, 07 Nov 2019 09:29:22 EST VkPfgHlS No.91091 Reply
Carl Jung came close to the truth. Psychology is not right.
Cornelius Pittson - Wed, 13 Nov 2019 14:40:07 EST RO8CAEUk No.91117 Reply
Though, he said that only a poet would truly understand his works.
Draw the circle again.
Sidney Figglenetch - Sat, 16 Nov 2019 11:52:05 EST erAUdBzm No.91138 Reply
Psychologists are like Nazi’s to schizophrenics.
Emma Dubbledock - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 01:03:58 EST erAUdBzm No.91144 Reply
According to his mom a nurse, schizophrenics have dreams the government tortured them. What if schizophrenics were the next Japanese in America in WWII? The voices they hear that are supposedly not real are activating the same parts of the brain as normal conversation, from a biologist’s standpoint they’re actually hearing things.
Clara Wundlebury - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 01:37:39 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91145 Reply
Schizophrenia is a spectrum. It's a widely varying condition. Let's not assume that all schizophrenics hear audible voices, and let's also acknowledge that a lot of people are dramatic and want to label inner voices, or things they're picking up telepathically, to be "I'm hearing voices." The sub conscious and conscious mind can simultaneously produce output into a persons mind. You could actually have two or more layers of thoughts being created or released in your head at the same time that could be misconstrued as that you're hearing voices.

It's funny you mention something I've not really heard but is certainly in line with what most people think schizophrenic thoughts are like.. Dreaming the government tortured you. If anyone's telling you that happened and they have a schizophrenia diagnosis then they're a mind control victim. That's the really big conspiracy that I'm totally making up because you can't really read much about it or it's still-present applications and presence in the world. That's the big fucking piece of the pie that's going to help anybody put their pieces they've collected together. That is the rabbit hole.

Fuck the elites, fuck programmers, fuck the illuminati. Fuck anyone that stands in the way of mankind and their individual & collective destinies.
Hannah Fankinketch - Fri, 22 Nov 2019 15:33:33 EST 9NLc1tIx No.91172 Reply
1574454813673.jpg -(35839B / 35.00KB, 336x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP read Anti-Oedipus
Nathaniel Smallville - Sun, 24 Nov 2019 15:04:45 EST bwQMobx3 No.91188 Reply
I am naming names of the people who tortured me.
Ian Duddlespear - Sun, 24 Nov 2019 15:10:34 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91189 Reply
Power to you. Find the light and incinerate them with it.
Cornelius Lightworth - Fri, 06 Dec 2019 20:39:29 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91244 Reply
Okay, been a while since I posted here. Several years in fact, good to see that this board is no longer a troll ridden shit hole and seems to be back to its former glory.


I got caught up in some somewhat mean spirited troll groups while a suicidal nihilistic wreck, (2007 pre-chanology, - note - I didn't say anything and am not saying anything more about that) and then trolled people IRL at a mental health clinic making out like it was the illuminati or some shit. So I was deemed both a rat AND a threat to the health service itself, I then got clusterfucked by BOTH people who were bros and people who were in psychiatry/the mental health system.

I had people on both sides fuck with me and my family IRL to the point of beyond breakdown. The mental health service were hostile, accusing me of all sorts of shit, the ACTUAL health service were also hostile (as in being fucked with in accident and emergency or ER tier shit). And word on the street was I was the scum of the earth... for a very long time.

I was fucked with in public as well as online and via friends for OVER A DECADE, in ways that if said out loud would mimic symptoms of schizophrenia.

I know for a fact that schizophrenic symptoms are VERY easy to induce, both paranoid 'delusions' and hearing voices as well as other things, if you have the right group to induce them with and a vulnerable or certain type of person.

I've also been into the occult for several years, curses and the like are very real, if you get caught up into a 'current', as they call it, where I was again, victimized, while in vulnerable states of mind such as on certain drugs, or lack of sleep, or any other kinda of things that induce psychosis you enter into a somewhat shared mindstate with others who direct, set up, steer or are part of 'the current'.

Think of the idea of a 'current' like you would a current in a sea or river, when the idea clicks it will help a lot and open doors of understanding for you.

Now, when you're vulnerable, and are under the influence of the o-ccult, or a cult, you are going to be influenced by curses, ill will or malicious thoughtforms much easier than if you don't get into that shit or go into a vulnerable state. Belief is important (creates a vulnerability and habitual thought patterns that can be exploited) but not as much as they chaos magicians have you believe.

So anyways, I repress everything where I'm zerg rushed in public, abused to hell and back, sexually and otherwise, internet bully got molested hur dur then suddenly remember it all, contact some friends to verify a few things, next thing I know a MASSIVE mindfuck gets played on me, that would be absolutely unbelievable to just about anyone who ever heard it unless they knew certain things.

This started me off being delusional and paranoid and 'hearing voices' OR from a more rational framework: being vulnerable to the thoughts of others, the intent of others and the ill will of others. As well as being set up to develop negative and incredibly harmful beliefs and understandings of the world. Think the fight club scene where the balls nearly get lost.

These things combined left me in a loony bin for a bit where I learnt even more about the sadism in the mental health club! They will gaslight you, give out dox/information sheets on your life with keywords that make you confused/stressed/angry/paranoid and that's the fucking least of it.... WHILE in the ward. They will twist what you say to sound delusional, they will wind you up to keep you in there longer if you've been the slightest bit 'disrespectful' and the best advice I can give is go voluntarily, act sane and polite, stay for a few days to a week or so and then ask to leave which is your right to do so if you haven't been forcefully detained.

The medication i was forced to take was not needed at the time , but due to blocking dopamine receptors, coming off it means you have too much dopamine activity WHICH IS A GODDAMN TRIGGER FOR VULNERABILITY TO PSYCHIC BULLSHIT.

Certain people will 'recognize' me or make a guess at who I am/represent/appear to be because of this post and I hope they realize I have the best of intentions in mind and have for most of my life, apart from the trolling blip. There is something beyond fucked up going on regarding mental health and FAR FAR beyond that as well.

If they can get to you in hospital, on your potential death bed, they can get to you anywhere.

If they can induce mental illness then there's no limit to how far they can go to ruin a person.

My own take on this is somewhat irrelevant, so read between the lines and make your own conclusion, but for sure, schizophrenia, psychosis etc can be induced via gangstalking-like tactics, but is also a natural and normal part of life. There is a balance in life that if upset causes what goes around to come around, in very cruel ways sometimes, HOWEVER, occultism and confusion regarding the facts (confusion on the part of yourself and others) is also a key factor in how this is all experienced and therefore reacted to.

If you're hooked into an occult current that then turns against you, and its powerful enough, they can make every day hell, every social interaction hell, every thought hell and even every goddamn DREAM hell. I've had dreams for days on end where I was brought to the point of lucidity, couldn't control anything, had an experience of the infinite and was then tortured. Shit fucking sucks.

Anyways. The more ya know, lets try fix this shit somehow, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Not saying schizophrenia isn't legit in some/most cases, where people ARE mentally ill without this stuff happening to them, just saying I had enough knowledge to navigate the fucked up waters somewhat to come to a kind of understanding ten years later.

Sorry for the rant, hopefully some of you can appreciate this. I can go into greater depth into the actual processes, stunts and mechanics behind all this if you guys want.
Cornelius Lightworth - Fri, 06 Dec 2019 20:53:07 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91245 Reply

Oh and if anyone can relate to this, or knows something I don't which is bound to be glaringly obvious considering how fucked up my mind is from this, please let me know.

Here's another clue: not every website is searchable via google/other search engines. without robots.txt you could google your name and find every detail about your life commented on by just about everyone in every community. you're a part of. Full CWC style.

Though these days with phone app group chats that point is kinda moot, but hey its been going on for a very very long time.

I'd polite sage for double post but looks like the board is slow anyways.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 06:48:57 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91249 Reply

Don't be so such a presumptuous ass. I've been around on this site on/off for over a decade.
Barnaby Tootshit - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 07:31:08 EST h5u7yjrz No.91251 Reply
Fuck off, grandpa. Psychology is a real thing.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 07:42:27 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91252 Reply

Not OP, also said

>Not saying schizophrenia isn't legit in some/most cases


Psychology is still somewhat in its infancy as a science though and the way we treat the mentally ill could be improved a hell of a lot.

Locking everyone at risk to themselves/others up together confined into a ward ain't exactly the best for everyone that ends up there. Kinda like prisons being a concentrated area full of every type of criminal.

Both cause a lotta harm, while potentially helping some/society in some sense of the word.
Barnaby Tootshit - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 10:43:33 EST h5u7yjrz No.91253 Reply
Deinstitutionalization has been a disaster. I don't know how you can believe what you do.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 13:48:42 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91254 Reply

I disagree with lumping everyone in together and just leaving them to their own devices for months on end without any treatment whatsoever other than forced medication and some empty 'therapy' sessions every 3 months or so.

But hey I guess being kinda pissed and concerned that when barely 20 I was locked up in an adult ward with a room next to a creepy open pedophile along with violent weird fucks and suicidal people because I got fucking pranked means that I think we should abolish mental wards.

Suicidal people need to be kept alive, against their will, yes.

Potentially violent people need to be prevented from hurting people.

Psychotic people need to be looked after.

Yes, obviously, but don't lock them all up in the same damn ward and expect things to go wonderfully. It's playing Schooln roulette with peoples lives to just lump all societies undesirables in the same area and pretend to be doing them all good, simultaneously. Rather than being a pacifier for the suffering it's more like the patients are the staffs medicine ball most of the time. Either that or they're at each others throats, falling into ultimately tragic love traps or getting addicted to fucking cigarettes since there's fuck all else to do in there.
Betsy Gorringwater - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 14:09:23 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91255 Reply
I was institutionalized before my 13th birthday. Was on all kinds of medication and exhibiting behavior problems related to multiple sources of sexual and physical abuse that nobody ever figured out was happening. Several different medications.. a handful of different diagnosis'. I had all of that cleared recently and when looking back my behavior was a reaction to my environment. My mom was a psycho when we were alone and then she'd blame everything on me when we'd go to doctor visits. She'd act innocent and like a victim and start crying and shit and be super nice to the psychologist and psychiatrist. Pretty much fucked my life up. She wasn't the only one though.

I recently had a psych evaluation and had all of these things cleared.. but within the last 10 years of experimenting with drugs on my own as a teenager with my parents not in my life, I figured everything out on my own. Self medicating gave me an ability to observe my own behavior from outside of my programming and to change it into what I thought it should be.

So outside of this blogging, I want to say that I believe every person has a greater ability to help themselves than anyone else has for them. We can all fix our own problems but many of us deny and avoid them and would rather say we are helpless.. for whatever reason.. and need someone else's help. I think part/most/whatever of that comes from there being an epidemic of people not getting enough attention or love during their lifetimes.

I as a young man now realize that even though I have some problems that nobody is interested in hearing about them and that a man isn't supposed to be needy or ask for help. I don't mind dealing with it on my own.. it makes people dislike a man when he shows weakness. Pleading for help and being needy is for children and females.. we don't get that, but we're generally speaking much more powerful than women and children. It's a trade-off. Power vs compassion and attention.. I'd rather be powerful.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 14:29:06 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91256 Reply

Good for you man and I definitely follow.

Had a pretty introspective trip today and regret drunk posting earlier in the thread like a twat but eh, said some valid things I think. Maybe I need to avoid the drink a bit.
Betsy Gorringwater - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 16:21:23 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91257 Reply

OK. To start with your first few points.. I've seen people (and myself did) come out of psychiatry worse. People come out more persuaded that they have X condition and it's a problem that needs treatment. They start believing they have a disability and they gradually lose power over it. That's really a subtle form of mind control if you think about it.

You talking about the abuse and how nobody would believe it.. I can't tell what you mean exactly but that same description I would apply to my own situation. I haven't even tried to tell anyone most of it.. I'm CONVINCED they wont believe it. Convinced they wont even believe that I really believe it, and they'll think I'm think archetype/stereotype of a person (which I have in my own head.. I dont even know if it exists for others) that makes up stories and wants attention.

I've been studying this since I first started to remember things when I was 20. What you're talking about with spells and curses goes way further than that.. or so I believe. Words have more influence on us than most of us know. I don't want to get into the really crazy stuff though about how mind control can be done with speech by high IQ persons and that the elites know how to do this. They could talk to you and with their words cause you to forget the conversation you just partook in.

Schizophrenia is very easy to induce and I think a lot of people with debilitating mental conditions are having their lives ruined by mind control because they offended the wrong people or they're simply collateral damage.

On the subject of psychosis, or the blanket and widely accepted concepts of "mental breakdowns" "psychotic break" etc.. To my understanding, if you've ever experienced something you thought was a dissociation or break from reality, especially if it was drug induced - you are most likely managing to view the world outside of the programming you've developed from a lifetime of experiences. Terrence Mckenna was basically saying this in his famous quote about why Psychedelic drugs are illegal.

I'd like to hear what it is that you have to say that you are convinced people would not believe. Or just talk about whatever.. not here though.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 16:46:13 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91259 Reply

>They could talk to you and with their words cause you to forget the conversation you just partook in.

Yeah I get this, it's like stage hypnosis, or inducing temporary dissociation through hypnotic suggestion or gaslighting techniques like shocking you with extremely painful or personal facts about your life at high speed.

I've been hypnotized like this a buncha times by psychologists as well as people causing memory loss during pranks or stunts or whatever which are usually forgotten for months/years. When remembered later it causes a lotta distress and constant over-thinking that you can lose yourself in completely, essentially creating a mental breakdown.

These remembering experiences can also cause your thoughts to 'leak' out, sometimes even through time which gives these people an advantage on you in life and fucking with you further.

Which to me at least is what causes the whole mindgame/induced schizphrenia/whatever.

As for the stuff that other people wouldn't believe, I mostly no longer care to even bring it up, either people know how things go or they don't... the whole point is that you do something unbelievable sounding to make the target seem crazy, they open themselves up to abuse when they repeat it and in the process get hysterical over no one believing it thereby discrediting themselves.

In my experience talking about it mostly just ends up with you having more people know about your situation and then fucking with you more over it. Which furthers the whole agenda.

Generally people tend to know (and probably relate to) more than ya think they would though lol.
Cornelius Lightworth - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 17:19:12 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91260 Reply

>On the subject of psychosis, or the blanket and widely accepted concepts of "mental breakdowns" "psychotic break" etc.. To my understanding, if you've ever experienced something you thought was a dissociation or break from reality, especially if it was drug induced - you are most likely managing to view the world outside of the programming you've developed from a lifetime of experiences.

This part depends entirely on your worldview. It's similar to the Overton window in politics, reality spans far beyond the narrow parameters that certain people appear to believe and follow, but there's a hell of a lot going on under the hood of the vehicle that lets us even get to the point of assuming there is a reasonable worldview to have.

Most people know there are layers or veils in life, which to me is what makes the psychiatric system so warped and sadistic, they know exactly whats going on, they've lived, they've seen fucked up shit in their lives, and they know how to provoke people, stitch them up, which they then do their own patients over the slightest upset. They'll deliberately twist things to fit their narrative cus heaven forbid they're ever wrong which is obviously infuriating if the patient isn't a complete half wit.

Same with other people in the ward, they'll repeat their experience of mindgames or social games on to the others, as a way to vent or whatever and it effectively acts as a negative contagious meme, or social disease, creating overthinking or paranoia in others. Once you've been down a paranoid rabbit hole or two you'll come up with ideas and ways to fuck other people over.

Or they'll just ejaculate into the milk. Or chase you around with boiling water. Depends on the type of angry mentally ill people you're in there with at the time I guess.

But yes, there's a prescribed reality, and everyone knows that ain't all there is to life, ESPECIALLY the people who study psychology.

The prescribed reality is important to keep things from going to shit. The mental health system is there to combat contagious negative ideas and mental-frameworks, as well as traumas and biologically based mental problems... That said the whole 'lets put everyone in a ward' is like isolating people with all of the above together in 4 walls and expecting the contagious ideas not to spread, the trauma not to spread through empathy and then become a shared burdon, etc and of course the meds, while they work wonders for some, get others addicted and scramble their neurology even more on top of whatever got them in there in the first place.

Basically, get yer shit together modern psychology..
Barnaby Chommlehet - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 22:12:14 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91261 Reply
Are you ever worried about repercussions for speaking the truth?

The way you described the effect of the hypnosis is perfect. I didn't think through a description but yours is good.

Preoccupation with recollected suppressed memories is something I've experienced. I wouldn't call it a mental breakdown, even though I adopted strange ideas and took some weird actions around that time.

Veils, yes. Can't relate to whatever your stake is in talking about psych wards and the apparently insane. I can respect it though. I know that those are places I should stay away from. Sometimes ugly things take place behind closed doors.
Charlotte Shakehall - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 23:13:57 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91262 Reply

>Are you ever worried about repercussions for speaking the truth?

When I'm drunk and/or on one I don't take that into account no. I do try to make an effort to talk about this stuff in the abstract rather than catalogue all of the bullshit I've experienced first hand though.

>I wouldn't call it a mental breakdown, even though I adopted strange ideas and took some weird actions around that time.

Yup same. It's kinda like an unwanted alternate reality game being pulled on ya that can go majorly tits up if you can't walk the tight rope of bravery and insanity properly.

>Sometimes ugly things take place behind closed doors.

This is the main problem.


Just to make it clear no one should be afraid of psychologists, the mental health system or psychiatry. Unless you piss them off a lot or there's some major misunderstandings or you've talked a loada bollocks or upset a lot of people they'll probably treat you fine. It's just a very fucking weird world we live in sometimes.

I sitll think it's fucked up that this shit can happen to people, wouldn't wish it on anyone. But hey, us humans grew out of the fucking dirt, we aren't born perfect and we don't die perfect. We can do the best we can to make things better for others and that's what I like to think I try to do as much as I can even if it's taken me way past the point of being worn down to a broken husk of a human being. I just think working with people rather than piling shit on those seen as 'needing it' or 'deserving it' is a better way forward than sucking the life out of those abandoned by the system, friends and society.

Having the experience of being constantly undermined by just about everyone in life for what seems like personal pleasure or in group social status confirmations is painstaking but it fosters a sense of human spirit with moral virtue which I value and have respect for.

Which in itself is probably just some delusional, me against the world, self aggrandizing personal narrative to make me feel like I still have value despite having all of my potential robbed from me fucked up by poor decisions. Who knows? Who cares? No one else does so I might as well.
Barnaby Chommlehet - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 23:42:41 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91263 Reply
>Yup same. It's kinda like an unwanted alternate reality game being pulled on ya that can go majorly tits up if you can't walk the tight rope of bravery and insanity properly.
In my case it was done on purpose.

>potential robbed from you
did they tell you they were going to ruin your life?
Charlotte Shakehall - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 23:52:58 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91264 Reply

>In my case it was done on purpose.

Yeah same here, I used ARG as a kind of metaphor.

>did they tell you they were going to ruin your life?

Shortly after remembering repressed memories, yes.

There's many many threads running through life so it can take a while to detangle it all. I'm sure some of what I've experienced was circumstantial and accidental, some fuck ups were mine.... but overall, and especially when I started remembering repressed memories there were major stunts and headfucks pulled by certain people with a lot of connections.
Barnaby Chommlehet - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 23:58:35 EST aP+GoKa8 No.91265 Reply
Do these memories start from early childhood? Did you ever sign any contracts? Are they CIA? Did they tell you you're going to be in a snuff film?
Clara Pockwell - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 14:23:32 EST medoQ5mN No.91266 Reply
Navy seals in invisibility suits are trying to blow up my soul
Charlotte Shakehall - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 15:13:27 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91267 Reply

Yes, possibly, no idea if there's alphabet soup involvement, and no but I was linked to one with my name in the credits.

Are these questions in relation to your own experiences?
Hedda Neshdale - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 22:20:16 EST 2TgsFxGN No.91271 Reply

Would probably be better to at this point, I'd prefer to keep this thread about psychology vs our right to be cray and the problems with the modern mental health system rather than my fucked up life.

Off site communication used to be banned tho and I'm not sure if it still is.
Wesley Nicklebury - Thu, 02 Jan 2020 23:57:54 EST h/+Ymk6/ No.91438 Reply
Maybe they help, but they dont help exactly you. They may help (( they ))

Schizophrenia is tag, people use, especially people that dont like change, when somebody is really different about...

You know, coherent speach is hard to pronounce. You dont have to be wrong, because people around you dont understand you. There is more to life than a ward.

They are trying to protect people from you, because you may be too honest, or something else. If you go directly against their system, they will make you bleed ( metaphor )

Like those substances they use, modern havent been even tested if your heart can survive 10 years on that, or even few years and then not getting substance.

They make you take their pills, and that is their buisniss model.

Try to be most cohherent as you can and write a article about their sick practice.

You know, if you dont have friends and family, or you seem strange to them, maybe because they cant imagine what you are about, you will be marked and cured to a TV watching bingeshit that cannot really do well in most situations.


If schizophrenia is problem of too much dopamine stimulation, long term controlled methamphetamine treatment will help you more, than blocking a receptor.

Just take DRI and make that excess dopamine metabolize. Problem is over.

But if you are still about to use antipsychotics maybe even mixed with meth, you should stop them after too.

Its better way to correct brain chemistry by literali burning and metabolizing excess adrenaline and dopamine.

For me if somebody gave me notebook and some programming manual while in psychosis instead of their "isolation care". I would write a verry verry amazing things.

Even now I remember what would it be about, but it havent been, instead Ive been refused internet, pen, paper, anything, all they gave me was really not sharp pencil and 3 A4s t.... Thats matter of few minutes.

If they just asked for something they could have it, but "different people",... Mom told us you feel bad. =/ But I dont...

Last time they got me out while I was memorizing ascii, its just ofset and alphabet ... and learning assembler, just after the meltdown was released.

They forcefully got me there, arguing that I almost fired up the house, but things in fireplace could not physically cause it. It was just a lot of black smoke, but nothing worse.

So people arround me ware delusional, and I was OK.

Long term damage on fireplace was attributed to my single action, and I was judget dangerous.

Not to mention I found some radio in plastic toy that day while I threw it in fireplace.

I think normal people have different ways of communication and watch schizos like zoo animals.
SLOW MO UH NO NO - Fri, 03 Jan 2020 01:32:00 EST V6EhjNFZ No.91440 Reply
Apply this theory to the working class though and the average everyday schizophrenic isn't someone who has a low tolerance for these drugs. Usually the patient is a current or past drug addict or at very least has had to take anti psychotics and anti depressants already. Also throw in the theory of irrelativity and pretend all peoples brains process chemicals the exact same way. of course we may be to much alike dont you think?

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