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nicotine addict stereotypes

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- Fri, 24 Jan 2020 03:54:47 EST W0B8+UoL No.174562
File: 1579856087059.jpg -(60326B / 58.91KB, 470x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. nicotine addict stereotypes
Is there a temperament of person who gets really easily addicted to nicotine psychologically (and physically)? Tons of people in my family, myself included, have smoking habits in a pretty anti-tobacco local social climate, but we don't have alcoholism or any other addictions.

It's the people with the worst mental health problems. We all smoke like chimneys.
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Sophie Crammlesure - Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:17:31 EST tiCfkd/p No.174604 Reply
>It's the people with the worst mental health problems. We all smoke like chimneys.

You got it. The urge (for me, at least) to pick up burning plant matter and inhale the exhaust doesn't just happen one fine day. You have to think it's going to do something good for you, and if that's the case then you're probably not fully sane. If you question it, that's a step in the right direction, but I've questioned it for all of my life and I still go back to it periodically. I started questioning the image when I was a kid, then I started mimicking the image. When I finally had the oppourtunity to smoke my first cigarette I didn't hesitate. I liked it immediately, but I questioned why I liked it. Was it because it made me feel like I belonged? Was it because the high took away my worries? Was it because it tasted nice?

I guess my temperment is that I tend to question everything, partially due to mental illness and partially due to no one explaining things to me in a caring, honest way when I was young. Smoking helps more than anything else.
Terrance Syliumsmith - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 21:19:48 EST cWYAyJd6 No.174615 Reply
User is currently banned from all boards
Nigel Goodman - Sat, 01 Aug 2020 11:59:09 EST Zb3WCmE6 No.174732 Reply
1596297549574.png -(113252B / 110.60KB, 1874x714) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes there's a stereotype and it's actually proven that people with depression or other mental disorders are more likely to develop a nicotine addiction and smoke more, but it's not always the case.

I have never developed a nicotine addiction even though I spent 2 years on anti-depressants and have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder & OCD. Nicotine addiction runs in my family, my father and grandfather both used to chain-smoke and have a drinking problem. Last year I took a DNA test and it showed that I'm very likely to develop a nicotine addiction but I don't. I don't smoke frequently because I don't feel the need to.


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- Tue, 19 May 2020 16:13:25 EST Sb0hb0Bg No.174656
File: 1589919205151.jpg -(82488B / 80.55KB, 636x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. BWS
What are guys smoking today?

L&M menthol shorts i got for $5.3

>pic unrelated
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Baltazaras Aklasis - Wed, 08 Jul 2020 08:46:17 EST TQQNtXDX No.174713 Reply
1594212377307.jpg -(7010624B / 6.69MB, 4608x3456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Feeling extra shit mentally so I bought me some chocolate and a pack of the red Winstons

international cigarettes

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- Wed, 12 Oct 2016 05:05:18 EST ytE+cNEg No.173013
File: 1476263118294.jpg -(2164856B / 2.06MB, 2336x4160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. international cigarettes
Just Couple of New Zealand buzzers buzzn on these oosh as asian smokes also sampling this fine fine craft beer .whats your poison for this evening???
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Ian Bedgetidge - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 02:03:28 EST QdBb2u76 No.174614 Reply
This thread is from when Obama was president. ;-;
Edward Clusslechun - Thu, 23 Apr 2020 22:43:39 EST W17ELVxn No.174643 Reply
Dude this is a minute, neglected forum that no one has probably ever cared about and you should try doing the same

OP I have made it a habit of trying plenty of international cigarettes. Anyone reading this in safe jurisdictions who’s curious about trying foreign cigs should research Japanese online retailers. It’s relatively cheap and can be a good way to see what’s out there and to sate any desires to experience different cultures smoking preferences. Additionally if you live close to the Mexican border, it’s good to keep in mind they have like watermelon flavored Marlboro’s and shit down there
kilasiAEs - Mon, 06 Jul 2020 20:12:26 EST 45Wt0VTJ No.174711 Reply
looked into these black paper smokes.
got camel reds non-filter. 1 st pack i ever got.

Smoking an African-American Adult Male

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- Wed, 24 Jun 2020 02:45:24 EST 43oDXjvQ No.174689
File: 1592981124083.jpg -(38271B / 37.37KB, 608x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Smoking an African-American Adult Male
anybody try it? what kinda buzz are we talkin? I don't want to spend the money to try and find out it tastes like a stale black&mild and is as weak as second hand smoke. What kind of wraps would I even use? I think my bedsheets are bleached and I don't want that shit in my lungs

>inb4 afro

you can smoke black guys without them needing afros, but it takes more heat
Nigel Habbledock - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 00:22:59 EST Rsc5A4aA No.174692 Reply
Unsafe and not recommended, I suggest jenkem instead.
CrazyFolksTribe !owU3wSU682 - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 03:36:08 EST iOBxDrC/ No.174700 Reply
Try wrapping him in fried chicken skin and whitewall tires first. And take a hit of the label from a bottle of Hennessy afterwards, if you want the classy African-American experience.

Getting my medical tobacco card

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- Thu, 06 Feb 2020 19:50:04 EST HSkhrplm No.174570
File: 1581036604907.gif -(239244B / 233.64KB, 253x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Getting my medical tobacco card
With cayenne
Shitting Tootham - Wed, 10 Jun 2020 18:24:13 EST PepCvmx1 No.174679 Reply
1591827853889.jpg -(410915B / 401.28KB, 728x888) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Based. Tobacco improves your blood flow and protects against Covid-19. This is the real redpill, and we will have our revenge against the anti-second-hand smoke fags one of these days. They banned the breathable redpill. We will ban breathing.
Just let me die of cancer in peace, plz gubernmnt pls


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!xmwplAg9wU - Sat, 06 Jun 2020 04:57:17 EST aFiHOOfG No.174665
File: 1591433837750.jpg -(1264974B / 1.21MB, 2592x1936) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. THIS BRAND
I smoke THIS BRAND because I am King Gangster!!!!
Dr. Reuben !xmwplAg9wU - Sat, 06 Jun 2020 09:17:50 EST HC0n/qzm No.174668 Reply



(": (";

Stress Relief

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- Wed, 12 Feb 2020 22:02:31 EST IoHyoG3R No.174578
File: 1581562951250.jpg -(184751B / 180.42KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Stress Relief
Does smoking actually make you less stressed? I've never found it does that for me.
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Emma Murdbury - Fri, 24 Apr 2020 04:04:12 EST aoxuQG9s No.174645 Reply
I feel there's actually a benefit for stress informed of nicotine, at least, informant of hinting perhaps a more sinister underlying...

Someone's in grief on the sidewalk though and there's really better option for that, no - IMO

It can - but already established are overlying benefits of break, nature, breathing, etc...

Absolutely it can, but perhaps not scalably over time?
Kyle Wallaby - Sun, 03 May 2020 17:06:16 EST TRysBLKI No.174648 Reply
I love me some sweet cigarettes
Hijinx Snookums - Fri, 22 May 2020 14:24:41 EST EYbDZ//z No.174658 Reply
I feel like its somewhat dose dependent & setting dependent for me. More frequently than not, 1/4-1/2 of a cigarette will help alleviate some stress for me and certainly takes the edge off. But if I end up smoking a full ciggy, I often find that the nicotine buzz and chest tension associated with it DOES cause me more stress, and the stimmyness of the cigarette ends up causing me more stress. I do *remember* that the way nicotine effects me when I've been drinking is somewhat of a different story though. It's been a while for that.

Snus thread

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- Tue, 13 Sep 2016 17:15:15 EST ASzhw9ao No.172904
File: 1473801315043.jpg -(70918B / 69.26KB, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Snus thread
Snus deserves it's own thread
>aint smelly
>kickass nicotine
>fuck ciggs
>cool teens do it in sweden
>not noticable, ergo discrete.

>too bad I have literally become addicted to it just after a few weeks of use
>mouth cancer But I actually want to die fuck life[/]
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Oliver Pendleson - Tue, 19 May 2020 12:01:27 EST jDTiJxvO No.174654 Reply
Snus is part of Swedish culture, also a classic conversation topic
Hugh Piffingforth - Tue, 19 May 2020 15:00:25 EST H8ZWDQPi No.174655 Reply
General is the only good brand available where i live


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- Mon, 11 May 2020 16:19:57 EST JDa57VWm No.174652
File: 1589228397100.jpg -(608168B / 593.91KB, 3000x2357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Nootropics.

is there a way to increase the nootropic properties of nicotine?
I am using low dose (6mg) non tobacco snus banks.

Looking for something like vitamin B complex, which amplifies caffeine. But for nicotine.


Portion Size

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- Thu, 30 May 2019 01:35:02 EST 5R0ZVWMp No.174311
File: 1559194502757.jpg -(23252B / 22.71KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Portion Size
Does anyone else find that when they're out of ciggies, a very small amount of tobacco suffices when it comes to satisfying their addiction or the amplification of other drugs?
Tobacco is objectively best used as an adjunct to literally anything else. Someone out there should release half-sized cigs in 40 packs. I see people throw away the remainders of their cigs all the time, sometimes even almost a whole one, because apparently saving what remains of one is a social faux pas among idiots.
>inb4 roll your own
Tubes still emulate corporate cigs, so there is no modification to the actual portion size.

Holy shit I just wish someone would love me.
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Sidney Fuzzlebanks - Sat, 21 Dec 2019 16:33:37 EST bwV434Rb No.174520 Reply
actually wouldn't mind this since we have super long winters here. as long as you get the same amount of tobaccy i would buy a pack with a carton of regs
Albert Lightfoot - Tue, 05 May 2020 17:04:47 EST TRysBLKI No.174651 Reply
I smoked tobacco out of a gravity bong once

Eating tobacco

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- Sat, 14 Mar 2020 10:49:06 EST p1oDfwrB No.174599
File: 1584197346399.png -(1492080B / 1.42MB, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Eating tobacco
Has anyone tried eating tobaccco straight? I’ve been trying eating my pipe tobacco and swallowing it. The high is pretty good. Wondering if long term effects can’t be great. Give some feedback
Ganny Heimland - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 22:45:03 EST cWYAyJd6 No.174618 Reply
That's the way they used to do it.
User is currently banned from all boards
Augustus Fandock - Fri, 24 Apr 2020 11:22:16 EST UPW18J9q No.174646 Reply
prolonged tissue contact = tummy cancer

Whelp it's official

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- Sat, 21 Dec 2019 14:54:09 EST 1Q5/SVxm No.174518
File: 1576958049906.jpg -(214621B / 209.59KB, 1003x1417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Whelp it's official
Just signed, you have to be 21 or older to buy tobacco from now on
13 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Frederick Boffingwater - Tue, 07 Apr 2020 02:02:26 EST q2dnUJeH No.174608 Reply
When I was younger they raised the smoking age to 16. I think maybe 17. Something like that. I was surprised when i was asked for an ID. Most kids really had no ID that I knew at 16. Looking back going to keg parties and all lightning up a cig walking in really wasn't 'cool.' In school we were always late to classes because of a 5 minute period between classes. The principal didn't really give us a difficult time. Only got caught once and the teacher treated it like a huge deal. But we just knew where to smoke in plain view basically.
Usually had weed which made classes kinda like huh, as well. Cigs were just useless.
If it were outlawed I don't see a problem, a grow your own tobacco, or take the taxes out.
Each tax increase, people have always said, I will quit when it reaches$$ A pack. Basically it from $1.25 a pack to it's highest $6.75 $7.25 for the major brands. The prices have dropped to around $6.65 for main brands.
There used to be called generic brand at supermarkets. Generic was trade marked. Plain white groceries, bread, beer cigs. If you have seen the movie repo man 1986? They say lets go get a drink. Generic six packs of beer. Today the cheapes brands of cigs are $4.00. Occasionally thyeare good quality tobacco and made well.
Previous attempts of cheap cigs the cherry would without fail because the cherry would fall off right towards
what would be the last two or three drags of more commercial brands. The .gov put a stop to that. Literally they companies saved money by having less tobacco in their cigarettes which would cause this.
With the manipulation of nicotine carriers, like ammonia, cheap cigarettes would taste like ammonia
and would give you a headache after smoking one. Pretty hellish after drinking all night and smoking
one. When paying an extra buck or two would have been better.
If anything stop smoking because of the tobacco lobbyists in government, which tobacco was called the biggest health issue. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/07/11/tobacco-is-still-americas-top-health-threat-but-washington-doesnt-treat-it-that-way/
So the CDC (center for disease control) is at odds between it's own government. The big tobacco lobby and those who they cater to and vise-versa.

China's government I believe, among others encourages one to be 'good citizen' to smoke.

So if anything to do to thumb your nose at government dysfunction is to not smoke rather than to smoke. Be an individual outlaw by not smoking.
Ronald Ganderbuilt - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 22:02:58 EST cWYAyJd6 No.174616 Reply
I think they should let anyone of any age smoke if they want to.
User is currently banned from all boards

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