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First time smoking tomorrow what's it like?

- Wed, 29 May 2019 22:57:21 EST j+JGv9e4 No.174310
File: 1559185041343.jpg -(145366B / 141.96KB, 1410x793) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. First time smoking tomorrow what's it like?
I've smoked weed done psychedelics dissociatives deliriants benzodiazepines and opioids but I've never smoked tobacco in my life not even a single hit so tommorw I'm gonna pick up a pack of cigarettes just to try it out. what can I expect the high to be like? Does it actually make you relaxed or is tobacco a big nothing burger? Any general tips?
Phyllis Fanstone - Thu, 30 May 2019 01:38:49 EST 5R0ZVWMp No.174312 Reply
It's a huge headrush with dissociative qualities. It's euphoric for the first (however long), but eventually it does nothing. For me it took about a year, but I've heard it usually takes less than that. After that it's about sating an addiction, gaining very subtle effects, and amplifying other drugs.

Expect to be nauseous. I almost threw up my first few times. It's not worth getting into, imo.
Nathaniel Mannerlot - Thu, 30 May 2019 06:15:37 EST j+JGv9e4 No.174314 Reply
1559211337343.jpg -(7189B / 7.02KB, 183x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Op here I just got back from smoking my first cigarette it went smoother then I expected it too I took deep inhales and noticed the effects about 10 seconds after i started smokeing it was quite relaxing and as you said it got progressively dissociative as I continued smoking. i started getting jittery and after I was done smoking my walking was wobbly for a few minutes I only coughed once and barely felt the smoke in my throat I have no idea how people say this stuff is "harsh" but maybe that's just because I'm used to smoking weed. I didn't feel any nausea at all but I was light headed. I can defiantly see how this is a social drug I was quite giggly and my anxiety went away completely I felt like socialising but I was in the woods at 5 am so I couldn't. I think I'll be having my next one on a night walk tomorrow I'm looking forward to it.
Jarvis Berringdale - Thu, 30 May 2019 13:26:51 EST 5nsUJxuS No.174315 Reply

a lot of people have a cig to 'calm down' or deal with anxiety, anger, or whatever. of course this is partly just the addiction to nicotine and MAOI pollutants but you should be mindful you are not using cigs (or any other drugs) as a way to process emotions, thats when you really get hooked on stuff
Charles Cadgeduck - Fri, 31 May 2019 02:17:34 EST QooLpBK0 No.174318 Reply
I remember my first nic buzz. Felt body vibration and would walk somewhere but forget I just did so and be like, when tf did I get in here? Was like mini trips. Only happened three times and never again. Now too much nic and I just get sick
Ian Dronderdale - Wed, 17 Jul 2019 23:13:57 EST bjr570mn No.174348 Reply
I have no weed so this thread made me put some tobacco in my bong from a cigarello I have for blunts and got a nice feel I usually get from vaping, thanks op
Walter Grandwater - Sat, 14 Sep 2019 22:06:32 EST zh2G4ZtO No.174410 Reply
After awhile yes it is all about satisfying your addiction, however, if you are heavily addicted and you wait or you have that first cig of the day I feel like it gets you buzzed. It's just about moderation and pacing them far apart enough where you get that light-headed feeling every time
Augustus Povingfoot - Sun, 15 Sep 2019 08:32:16 EST 8QK9gsO8 No.174411 Reply
1568550736613.jpg -(146523B / 143.09KB, 704x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>no idea how people say this stuff is "harsh"
Just different constitutions, or an oral chemistry that isn't compatible. Pipe smokers know it well cause they experience a tobacco that "bites" (feels like an acid burn in your mouth) sooner or later, and it differs from person to person which blends/types of tobacco do. Figure it might be similar with cigarettes, only they don't have as diverse mixes of tobacco so if you find one harsh it's likely all will be.
Have a friend that can't handle any smoke for shit, while I could always suck down almost anything without feeling a thing.

Also might recommend to try other forms of tobacco instead of cigs if you like tobacco, it's not all the same. Cigars/pipes is a much more gradual and fine-tuned thing.
A friend of mine I introduced to pipes can't stand cigarettes/swedSnus anymore because the effect is so much less refined and elegant.
Augustus Povingfoot - Sun, 15 Sep 2019 08:35:43 EST 8QK9gsO8 No.174412 Reply
Also bonus side note, if you're interested in trying out pipe smoking I made an info thread a while back, >>174170

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