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Cigarettes and my brother

- Tue, 11 Jun 2019 00:18:23 EST VaaEgdtT No.174327
File: 1560226703526.jpg -(20762B / 20.28KB, 336x301) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Cigarettes and my brother
Hello my fellow users, I need some advice. My little brother who has been seeing me smoke a lot wants a pack, he's about 16, but where I live you must be 18+. Is there a way he could order them online? He has a lot of online currency and I am not taking the risk by taking his money and buying him some giving him a chance if caught to snitch me out. Any advice?
Jesus Christ - Fri, 14 Jun 2019 03:51:26 EST D5PfnvFk No.174330 Reply
Here’s how you get cigarettes and/or alcohol as a minor, you can tell your brother if you want:

Homeless people are your friend. Offer them a cut, that’s all. Say hey, two packs for me, a pack for you my friend. A couple beers for me, and one for yourself. Obviously don’t ask homeless people that look like they’d scam you or stab you with a sharpened screwdriver. Eventually, after you’ve done it enough, you can try just asking people that look like they’d buy alcohol for a minor. I had a pretty good success rate back in the day, enough to where when I turned 21, all the magic was gone from alcohol. I was able to win money at the casinos tho but whatever thats not the point.

Tldr: ask bums or strangers
Alice Pimblesit - Mon, 17 Jun 2019 23:34:28 EST VaaEgdtT No.174332 Reply
Am 18, just looking for shit so my brother does not get caught
Graham Fuvingwadge - Sat, 27 Jul 2019 06:37:48 EST czLvhNU7 No.174353 Reply

Honestly it's better for both of you if you buy him a pack and just insist that it prepares his story ahead of time about exactly which gas station he supposedly got them from, when he got them, the general description of the alleged street person/pseudo-homeless guy or gal he solicited, and exactly what the details of the exchange were.

If it's only one pack and cigs "only" cost $4-8 per pack, his story should be that he asked several people loitering near the street corner away from the convenience store (don't let him make it sound like he legit was 3 steps from the door asking, because that shit isn't tolerated or realistic in most places), and that he eventually found a middle aged unbathed wino who was willing to accept $10 cash that was in singles in exchange for the cigs. Have him say he gave the guy ~$5-8 in singles to cover the exact pack cost rounded up, and that he gave the guy the remaining ~$2-5 in singles once he brought the pack back to him.

If you can make sure he has his story down straight and it makes sense (e.g. that the supposed day he got them was also a day he wasn't at home for at least several hours, etc.), then buying him his own cigs will keep him legally safe (compared to risking "hey buddy"-ing random people that could call the cops on him, get him banned from a specific gas station/convenience store, perhaps get his $10, $15, or $20 stolen, or potentially a slim but not impossible chance he could be assaulted physically/sexually or even worse.

Is it likely seriously bad or otherwise permanent life altering shit will happen to him from trying to get his own cigs? Obviously it's not very likely. Still, it's not worth the risk to either of you.

If you can't trust him not to rat you out like a faggot (seriously who does that, I have younger siblings, one being a half-sibling, one being a step-sibling, and one being a former sibling-in-law, and NONE of them would ever even dream of ratting me out, the fuck? Even when they were 14-16), then I guess don't help him out or otherwise increase your brotherly bond.

Anyways, if you had half a brain, you'd convince him to splurge say $40-80, maybe even $100 for a kick ass quality e-cig system. Make sure you buy it online so you don't get fucked by the middlemen aka local e-cig dealers. If you live with a mom and dad that does not respect your right to privacy at all, then get it delivered to a PO box, a friends house in exchange for a $5-20 tip, or possibly even follow the tracking and contact the post office or Fedex/UPS center early early in the morning (like before 7:30AM, preferably between 5-6:30AM, and request that your package specifically be held at the center and NOT placed on the truck for delivery. Around 90% of the time they should fulfill your request if you catch them before it is "out for delivery" on a truck.

Hopefully you can skim a solid ~$20-40 off the top of the $100 he put in to help you fund your own quality $50-80 e-cig mod, as well as some different strength e-cig juice.

Tobacco is nice for the occasional smoke, but anything more than an average of about two cigarettes per week is not good for your health long term. You'd be better off sticking to one or two cigarettes a week and vaping nicotine 3-6 of the other days in the week.

Do your brother a favor and make e-cigs more appealing so he doesn't get hooked to full on combusted tobacco right away. That way it's more likely he will stick to e-cigs if he ever does become addicted.

E-cigs are roughly ~85-97% healthier than cigarettes when using an "average" strength e-juice that's around ~6-12mg/ml of nicotine, and the variation between 85% and 97% less damaging than the equivalent nicotine from tobacco largely depends on which harmful aspect we are measuring. Ultimately, the lowest 85% healthier assumption is calculated when focusing on the potential risk of nicotine overindulgence whilst using e-cigs and the long term health risks associated with high dose nicotine use. In terms of actual lung damage, it's closer to 90-97% healthier depending on the specific aspect being measured (e.g., e-cigs are likely ~97-99%+ less likely to cause cancer than the nicotine equivalent in cigarettes, whereas perceived reduction of lung capacity/increase in breathing resistance is likely closer to 85-90% less damaging than filtered cigarette equivalent.

OP, I respect your right to shit up your body starting at the ripe age of 18, but your brother doesn't deserve getting dragged (lol, get it, drag?) into cigarettes before he's old enough to have fully functional critical thinking skills. Do him the best favor you could ever do for him...get him an e-cig so he doesn't gravitate towards cigarettes. If you get him an e-cig and 2-3 favors now, hopefully the novelty and "cool" factor will wear off by the time he's 18, leading him not to be as into it as before.

That way he saves money, is infinitely less likely to be "caught" by your parents (he will absolutely smell like cigs on his clothes, in his hair, on his breath, and on his fingers/hands, even hours after smoking) and therefore less likely to get you in trouble, will be easier for your parents to believe he ordered it online himself, he'll reduce his bodily harm compared to smoking by a conservative 90% and more likely 95-99%+, his teeth will be whiter, his breath/clothes/future car won't stink, So ultimately he will have a better chance at getting a decent girlfriend that doesn't just date him because she perceives him as a "bad boy" because he smokes cigs.

Hopefully throughout this process you'll be considering switching to e-cigs too. All these guys saying they have to smoke bowls and/or bong hits of leftover cigar/rillo guts are cringey to read about. If they knew any better, they'd know that high potency e-cig juice is like 3-20x cheaper per mg of absorbed nicotine, includes a cleaner hit, is easier to consume indoors, and is just overall so much better.

Stick to the e-cig and save that one cigarette a week for something special, like smoking after sex, whilst on another drug or drinking, or some other special event. As much as I enjoy smoke both tobacco and weed myself, vaping both nicotine and weed are the future now.

I'm nearly a decade older than you OP, and I have to say I'm SO grateful that ~95%+ of my nicotine consumption has been through non-combustion and non-tobacco means, either via e-cig vaping or nicotine gum. Those packs add up over the years.

Meanwhile, my Grandpa smoked like a chimney for "only" 15 years of his life, but the fact that he smoked 2 packs a day means that even after like 40 years of not smoking, his cancer risks are fucked. Sure enough, he had stage 2 prostate cancer and is now being screened for what appears to be a tumor somewhere in his stomach, which will likely be stage 3 or 4 due to the sheer size.

The guy will likely live a full 5-8 years LESS simply because he liked to smoke the equivalent of a half pack of cigarettes since he was 15 (it's measured by "pack years," or the number of years one smokes a pack a day...he had roughly 30 pack years).

If you are going to smoke say 1-5 cigarettes per week, it's likely healthier to smoke cigs right after smoking (or preferably vape, as in a dry flower vaporizer not a wax pen) weed compared to smoking both the weed and the tobacco at separate times, as there's some suggestive evidence that the combination of common cannabinoids in cannabis helps reduce the carcinogenic effect of tobacco on human cells. It doesn't completely negate it, and it's not clear how much it actually helps, but it's better than nothing.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend smoking spliffs (weed mixed with tobacco) regularly. Those can become extremely addicting and even harder to stop than cigarettes or e-cigs alone.

Let us know how it goes OP. We need an update.
Phyllis Ceckleman - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 17:19:53 EST CRIhKbkN No.174373 Reply
Buy him a cheap e-cig so his brain won't always associate nicotine with cigarette smoke. A lot of people can't quit smoking because cigarettes don't have the same feeling as e-cigs. If he later starts smoking, it will be easier for him to quit by switching to vaping, since he didn't start with cigarettes.
Ernest Giffingshit - Fri, 23 Aug 2019 00:56:37 EST J7t9fSR+ No.174383 Reply
Eh, my older never got me cigs, never even asked him for one for I remember,. Back at the time there were no real laws against selling to minors, or bleive the law was 16 years or older. The then I turned 16 and it went to 18.
No issue.

I was like almost shocked being asked for an Id after the new law passed.. Ids were not necessary at the time for juveniles. Do after a few weeks the enforcement declined to basically nothing. Or buy from grocery rather than convenience stores.

They did have vending machines back then as well. An associate got what was the last printing of camel cigarettes
from a vending machine at the shopping mall, after they changed the label.

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