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Discord Now Fully Linked With 420chan IRC

Now Playing on /vg/tube -

A robust space station simulation experience.

- Mon, 27 May 2019 04:54:59 EST +vLWW/DB No.737665
File: 1558947299950.jpg -(354932B / 346.61KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. A robust space station simulation experience.
Space station 13 General thread

You guys ever play space station 13?
It's seeing another resurgence recently due to a bunch of youtubers doing video on it.
I recently got back into it after a 5 year hiatus.
Man has it gotten wild and deep.

It's a 2d top down sort of space station simulator that plays like trouble in terrorist town meets dwarf fortress with slightly better graphics and more clowns.

I've been playing bay12 and fulpstation alot. I like the away missions on bay 12. I ussualy play early in the morning so I can practice jobs and not ruin peoples day.
DrWorm !Jq.HCcHctg - Mon, 27 May 2019 05:12:33 EST IzWaod6Y No.737667 Reply
I tried playing it and it was FAR too obtuse for me
The fact that there is so much/so many emergent storylines in the game was amazing to me after watching it for 45 minutes and seeing a guy walk tile-by-tile and....die or something, I can't really remember
James Randi - Mon, 27 May 2019 05:19:59 EST +vLWW/DB No.737668 Reply
The interface looks obtuse but once mastered the game isn't all that hard.
It's mostly a few simple commands/ clicks to do most things and I ussualy have the wiki open on my phone while I play.

I'd recomend hoping on a low pop server and practice being janitor or something.
Miles Tails Prower - Mon, 27 May 2019 05:40:42 EST S4c8HFon No.737671 Reply
attempted it with a buddy using an empty server to fuck around and learn to operate. was learning controls and interaction mechanics right up until the constant variable input lag on every single thing and stuttering and general fuckness of everything made my brain snap and i immediately removed the game data and every individual bit of the byond application from my machine. people tell me it's getting ported to a usable client soon but they've also been saying that for a while now so.
Matt Baker - Mon, 27 May 2019 05:47:11 EST 4VPVikJ9 No.737674 Reply
It's got a pretty steep learning curve, but once you're there you can really do some cool things in that game with other people!
Alexandra Roivas - Mon, 27 May 2019 10:40:29 EST noL7S+Qv No.737685 Reply
one of the best games ever. there is a colonial marines server with regular daily populations of 150+ where you can play as a soldier or xenomorph, they got dropships, tanks, all kinds of weapons, grenades, a full chain of command, squad leaders, its so god damn fucking awesome
PaRappa the Rapper - Mon, 27 May 2019 13:17:23 EST Gbx4cP4S No.737689 Reply
It's fun but it's shitty to be working on something and have something happen elsewhere that ends the round. It feels like you're either playing the system and doing your job or powergaming with very little inbetween. Half the classes need their wiki pages open all the time because everything is so obtuse and different servers have different code, so something that works on one server may be totally different on another.

There's potential for fun, sure, but in my experience it tends to be older players just gaming new ones all the time, especially on certain servers which I won't mention.
Blinky - Mon, 27 May 2019 16:08:50 EST IMq1LVU/ No.737693 Reply
Uh there's a third option where you wander around and get into adventures/see what hilarious ways you can get murdered.
James Randi - Tue, 28 May 2019 15:19:46 EST +vLWW/DB No.737744 Reply
Thats the spirit.

I'll be on fulp station discord if you wanna dm me I can help you learn a bit.
AC !QqL8nX9URE - Tue, 28 May 2019 15:36:32 EST gNBJa0Vj No.737745 Reply
Even if you cant get robust you can still get far with guile.
I was once able to convince an entire jury trial in game that the HoS was a changeling after I attempted to smack him in the head with a toolbox and failed. The clown was my lawyer
DrWorm !Jq.HCcHctg - Tue, 28 May 2019 16:43:34 EST IzWaod6Y No.737747 Reply
I can't remember my password to login and I can't reset it or have it sent to my email from my location.
This does not bode well
Midna - Tue, 28 May 2019 20:25:25 EST RJDtWh+1 No.737756 Reply
Could always make a new account?

Also for these kind of trash accounts, I thought everyone used the same trash password so you can't forget it. Doesn't matter if it's hacked because all they have access to is trash
Richter Belmont - Tue, 28 May 2019 22:54:16 EST LgTFeDIL No.737764 Reply
Been nearly a decade since I played. I heard BYOND is filled with malware now.
Pyramid Head - Wed, 29 May 2019 00:01:54 EST B8Sy1Aw2 No.737765 Reply
His entire description reminded me of what posting on a /b/ was like well over ten years ago. It doesnt surprise me that SA was involved in the games creation/preservation/evolution either.
DrWorm !Jq.HCcHctg - Wed, 29 May 2019 02:42:25 EST +r4TYJGY No.737769 Reply
well there we go, it happened again
I had fun watching other people play....watched a clown walk to security station where it exploded, watched a demon fuck up everyone, watched a clown get his leg cut off and beaten to death by security officers....pretty cool shit.

So I tried playing on a low-pop server. Spent minutes trying to get out of the chair, wandered around the dark station, fell into a swimming pool, wandered around the dark station, found the janitor's area, looked at the vending machine, got it to give me a uniform, held it in my hand, tried putting it on or dropping it, couldn't figure it out.....clicked the "wiki" tab and asked for the controls to see the most confusing control scheme I'd ever seen. Boy, that was a great use of 25 minutes.
James Randi - Wed, 29 May 2019 07:43:33 EST +vLWW/DB No.737776 Reply
1559130213206.gif -(132570B / 129.46KB, 400x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Agree to help 420chan admin play spess men
>spend 20 irl minutes teaching him to smoke a cigg
>Papa worm flushes me into the disposals unit.
>adminwarning message about not greifing
Krystal - Wed, 29 May 2019 08:15:07 EST 93voU8ra No.737779 Reply
Your enthusiasm quotient needs to be at least sub-Asperger's before you can enjoy this game. The controls are garbage but it really can be great fun once you're robust. Not that I've ever been...
DrWorm !Jq.HCcHctg - Wed, 29 May 2019 08:21:28 EST rxgXel97 No.737780 Reply
>spend 15 minutes trying to click and drag shit just for it to not work
>barely catch something about "drag something to the trash can to put it in there"
>wow it works
>"ok brb I have to piss"
>hmm....drag guy to trash can....he pops out
>drag guy to trash can, see something in the trash can menu about "enable", he popped out
>glance at chat to see a message about "don't get into the trash can unless you want to die a slow death"
>I don't think I'll get that far
>drag guy to trash can, hit enable, the lid shuts
>ok now we're getting somewhere
>"hey I'm back...what're you doing"
>click "eject trash"
>"my bones are broken now and I'm dying"
>drag self into trash can
>"you cannot reach the controls from inside the trash can"
>glance at chat: "CLICK ON MY NAME TO TALK TO ME"
>you ask "are you talking to me?"
>3 seconds later, admin: "you're obviously not paying attention" before flushing me
>I tell him "I only managed to smoke a cigarette and flush my friend in the 30 minutes I was playing"
>he tells me "I get that you're new but read the rules"
>"the rules have no context when you don't know how to scratch your ass"

definitely a more fun 30 minutes than last time
Duke Nukem - Wed, 29 May 2019 09:14:11 EST Gbx4cP4S No.737781 Reply
Generally if you want to figure things out, don't do stuff that will most likely kill/maim you or other players. Experiment on a candy bar or ask xenobiology/cloning for a monkey/corpse.

SS13 is a roleplaying game and if you don't want to do that then you're going to have a bad time.
James Randi - Wed, 29 May 2019 10:11:22 EST +vLWW/DB No.737786 Reply
Double post
If any one is interested in playing some time, I am more than happy to show you the ropes some time.

HMU on discord, im on 420chans discord as james randi
James Randi - Thu, 30 May 2019 17:28:00 EST +vLWW/DB No.737902 Reply
>spawn as explorer.
>Go to mess hall at round start for morning liquour and breakfast
>Get just enough time to scarf down some food and a shot or two before dec tech calls us for emergency
>Distress call.
>New pilot spends 20 minutes successfully navigating to the away site
>Spend 20 minutes searching for downed pod.
>Survivors made it to the ship with out us....but fucked up the air lock flooding ship with horrible gas.
>Have to fly back in the cargo bay
>Get back to ship
>Go to bar to get drunk
>Drop 100 Thallers on the bar and buy every one shots.
>Make friends
>Suddenly Zombies
>Die before I turn due to injuries
James Randi - Thu, 30 May 2019 18:41:31 EST +vLWW/DB No.737909 Reply
1559256091482.jpg -(259081B / 253.01KB, 1024x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Actual pic of Vore station
James Randi - Thu, 06 Jun 2019 09:01:07 EST +vLWW/DB No.738243 Reply
1559826067798.jpg -(66458B / 64.90KB, 575x776) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bump to raise intrest.

Been getting good at being a shuttle pilot and an explorer.
They got a fully fledged exploration system on bay12 and new mods that are less enthusiastic.
The exploration system is massive, it's almost a shame rounds dont go over 3 hours becase you scould spend a day exploring 2d space in the shuttle.

>Some one play with me i don't have friends.>>737909
James Randi - Thu, 06 Jun 2019 09:12:16 EST +vLWW/DB No.738244 Reply
Forgot this in my last post.
>spawn as explorer pilot
>only 3 people on the exploratinon team.
>First mission check out a drifting ship that seems undamaged
>Loaded with guns booze and cash
>Kill a bunch of monkeys and cover our selves in their blood.
>Lay on the ground in blood while my partners call the ai and pretend to be in a gun fight.
>Terminate the call and shoot the holopad to keep them from calling back
>Looks like we got killed but really just faked our own deaths get away with all the loot
>Round sadly ends before we can start harassing the crew with our ill gotten gains.
>Hi Score
James Randi - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 06:55:56 EST +vLWW/DB No.738729 Reply
Last bump before I let this thread die.

There is a persistent version of this game launching on the 23rd.
Google Persistence ss13 to find more info on servers and such.

But it's basically a never ending round off 13 where all things are player made and maintained. The economy is player driven.
There are politics, trade, crafting, rp, light exploration (mining sites only for now).
You detrmine you're own objectives.

Most people seem to work in ss13 guilds which are usually in the form of a corporation.

I'm really hyped about this server.
Mr. Saturn - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:25:23 EST A0EiJyuw No.738732 Reply
man I bet that's gonna be really cool for a handful of people who both know how to play the game well and get in on it day 1

probably gonna be shit for the rest of us
Roger Wilco - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:32:37 EST 32kUXG6w No.738733 Reply
There is a reason rounds end and a reason for antags. Game gets boring if nothing exciting happens and I've only rarely seen a crew competent enough to withstand different counter antag ops and repairs through the random events in a single round. However actually using the money in the garage he would be nice. For some reason ss13 is some kind of anarcho communism with sec, cargo, and science competing for the bourgeois class while the czar(captain) screams uselessly.
James Randi - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 11:49:03 EST +vLWW/DB No.738739 Reply
Because the economy us just made up numbers at the moment with no real constancy, and round ends make any profit meaningless outside of RP.
I always tip big in the bar for RP reasons and booze.

The server was already running for a while but they closed it to re do the code and "start a new chapeter" they have sort of rounds that last months. called chapters.
I think they just finished the 3rd chapter called alliances or something, idk.

I'll be joining on the 23rd, see you space nerds.
James Randi - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 04:07:47 EST +vLWW/DB No.738878 Reply
I lied about letting this thread die.
I got one more thing to add.

On bay12 you can play a mouse after 2 minutes of being a ghost.
I spent 3 days playing only a mouse and eating cheese the chef leaves out.
I finally got banned on day 3 for "mouse greifing" wtf.
Rayman - Mon, 17 Jun 2019 09:28:52 EST 0uO8eDEL No.738986 Reply
I probably will never play this game, but how is eating little bits of cheese bothering anyone?
Jack Rex - Tue, 18 Jun 2019 04:18:18 EST PZGQJQZK No.739046 Reply
You should watch some of the Boat Bomber videos on Youtube. They're all pretty entertaining.
King Dodongo - Wed, 19 Jun 2019 10:42:28 EST Gbx4cP4S No.739111 Reply
The chef was probably an admin and had their own plan that round that the mouse was interrupting and rather than deal with it in character and potentially derail what he wanted to do he just removed the problem in the easiest way, the ban button.
James Randi - Wed, 19 Jun 2019 11:51:33 EST +vLWW/DB No.739112 Reply
Nearly got banned the other day for this

>Spawn as shuttle pilot
>Turn off suit sensors, spawn door hacker and voice changer/chamelon mask
>Slowly plant bombs on most major SMES
>Plant 3 fuel tank bombs on SM core
>In my haste can't figure out how to open the core shutters
>Instead vent many bottles of boom boom gas into room
>Go to bar and order food and rp with bar man
>Remote spark the engine room
>Screen Shake
>20 shpessmen ded
>500kpa hard rad fire over 4 decks
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Wed, 19 Jun 2019 16:05:56 EST zbIbVjkG No.739118 Reply
1560974756973.png -(265728B / 259.50KB, 500x1168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>500kpa hard rad fire over 4 decks
Reminds me of the time I got bwoink'd for bringing Ayy Lmao's onto the station. TLDR R&D were being cunts and not giving holy Cargonia it's rightful due, so I got a facefull of alien wing wong, went back, popped and the shitshow began. Turns out one of the badmins boyfriends got rekt and screeched to have the ayy players banned.

Nothing came of it, surprisingly.
Cid - Thu, 20 Jun 2019 17:14:29 EST A0EiJyuw No.739166 Reply

I don't understand, it sounds like you were just playing the game, why would you get banned for things like that?

ss13 is weird
Ike - Thu, 20 Jun 2019 17:52:29 EST noL7S+Qv No.739168 Reply

some servers have gay limitations on antags, like you can only do things necessary to complete your objectives, and can't massacre the station. i never play on those servers. granted i havent played on a normal server in years because im too busy RUNNING OVER XENOS IN THE TANK
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Fri, 21 Jun 2019 01:39:21 EST zbIbVjkG No.739181 Reply
Some admins and mods are just utter nonces. And as >>739168 points out there are some servers where there are really strange, and sometimes valid(but seldom is this the case) limitations on what you can do as Antagonist.

Shit like freeing Dark Lord Singuloth gets rather tiresome after a while. When I briefly admined my own SS13 build, the only limit I imposed on antags was to make their mayhem creative and at the bare minimum funny.

Kind of wish I still had the screencap of the madman who pumped 5000 degree plasma into the Life Support distribution loop and turned the entire station into a nuclear inferno almost instantaneously. It wasn't on my server, but goddamn it would've been effective.

Shit's fucked.
James Randi - Fri, 21 Jun 2019 03:19:27 EST +vLWW/DB No.739182 Reply
I also ran a server called red dwarf. I let any one antag even if they aren't antag as long as they could escalate their actions properly and sensibly.
This causes most people to try and find ways to justify bs almost every round , which I found pretty funny.
James Randi - Fri, 21 Jun 2019 05:05:58 EST +vLWW/DB No.739188 Reply
Whoa really?

I am planning on starting it back up again when i move back state side and have more of a comfortable life.
Im gonna run bay12 code with some of my own mods. I want to make animals (dogs, cats, mice etc) a tad more playable by adding hunger and an expanded way of interacting with the world.

Maybe some custom maps and so on, it all depends on how many people I can corral around my server.
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Fri, 21 Jun 2019 09:57:32 EST zbIbVjkG No.739196 Reply
1561125452415.png -(526487B / 514.15KB, 1008x783) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I let any one antag even if they aren't antag as long as they could escalate their actions properly and sensibly. This causes most people to try and find ways to justify bs almost every round

Jesus Christ, some of the Ahelps that I've gotten and seen are just beyond description. Some of them were saltier than the Dead Sea. Others implied I was a homosexual and of the Hebrew faith. I deeply regret not screencapping them as they were just hysterical.

I had to google bay12. That's the first code build I've come across that's set on a starship. Looks like a rather intricate setup with a good bit of complexity.
Bowser - Sat, 22 Jun 2019 19:05:26 EST BCO3PbSF No.739232 Reply
98.69% of SS13 admins are scum of the earth. If you were in the right, just give them a simple explanation of why you did what you did. They have all the logs and can easily figure out if you're telling the truth. That's their job. You are here to play a game, not waste your time defending yourself to somebody who is trying to find any excuse to ban you. If they start to interrogate you, just tell them to go fuck themselves and avoid further contact with them, as your fate is already sealed and interacting with them will almost certainly cause you to have a bad day and make them feel special at your expense. Learn to ban evade, or accept your ban and play on a more casual server. Never, under any circumstance EVER sign up on their forums to appeal to a ban. These people are narcissistic vampires and will never admit to making a mistake. If you interact with them you are only feeding their superiority complex.

Yes, it's truly that bad. Everything good must come to an end, and there are always new victims. If you have are anything but a mindless automaton you WILL get banned eventually, so just enjoy your time while you can, and remember you're not alone.
Space Invader - Sat, 22 Jun 2019 19:35:50 EST Mz5DvYKJ No.739233 Reply
Lol how much griefing did you do and how many players did you TK?
Death Adder - Sat, 22 Jun 2019 23:39:58 EST noL7S+Qv No.739237 Reply

make sure to keep animal inventory. nothing is gayer than when a server wont let you make ian the captain, or deck out pun pun in riot gear
G-Man - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 03:34:55 EST zRMIfnL5 No.739242 Reply
i only played the game for a bit but ended up playing as a bartender who would build a murder cage out of the tables and have people fight in the middle to the death as well as pour robot alcohol into regular bottles so people drink them and vomit everywhere
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 09:55:06 EST zbIbVjkG No.739254 Reply
>greyshit immediately begins to throw it's shit everywhere like the chimp it is, when it's retardation and enthusiasm is challenged
What's your CID? Bet if I looked it up on a few servers, there'd be page after page after page of entirely justified bans.

Cage fights are comfy as fuck to watch. Even moreso when the Captain goes into the vault, opens the safe and the title belt is up for grabs.
Carl Johnson - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 15:19:57 EST txKX327e No.739260 Reply
>Actually implying that most admins are not pure cancer
>Personally offended to start shouting "greytide shitter", "chimp", "enthusiasm", etc...

Yeah. Typical admin with superiority complex. You're the virtual equivalent of a narcissistic arrogant pig, and in case you didn't realize your kind is not welcome here.

Your other posts seem to not paint other admins in a good light, yet you immediately spew the toxic bullshit at me. So maybe you're just in denial. Or at best slightly more fun than the rest, as long as you get to seem like the "cool admin".
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 18:38:07 EST zbIbVjkG No.739265 Reply
Whatever helps you get through the day, retard.
James Randi - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 19:10:36 EST +vLWW/DB No.739266 Reply
Idk when im gonna have time to play but persistant ss13 just went live.

Im gonna make a tavern where cops are not allowed.
We rent rooms, sell meals, drinks, etc.

All space cops are space bastards.

Im gonna work as a miner first to get cash fior the bar but if any one here is down to work with me we can for the 420chan space colatiion and be space acaps or someship and crash the economy by sharing too much.

Hmu on discord if your interested
343 Guilty Spark - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 06:20:44 EST 93voU8ra No.739290 Reply
It's a Finnish thing. It basically means "signed." So:
>t. a drunk guy
>a drunk guy

You're a faget
Diddy Kong - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 16:24:14 EST upHMQ/ge No.739308 Reply
I dunno, it sure does seem to only be used by 4chins immigrants on here so I'm inclined to agree with Hotspur on this one.
343 Guilty Spark - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 18:07:41 EST 93voU8ra No.739312 Reply
Remember when we embraced toplel? That pissed off so many people. In fact that was the main reason to do it. You've basically just ensured it'll be used far more.

t. contrarian who doesn't like your cliquish faggotry
Mappy - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 18:26:35 EST lytepRSd No.739314 Reply
Slipping le foreign affections on things oh thats definitely le original. It doesn't make you sound like le fuckwit though right?
Toad - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 20:42:04 EST rz6/lKuS No.739321 Reply
He's right it isn't. Actually I figured it out. The reason why we have so many the future seeming retards is actually because the future killed the German imageboard. Said board was right wing and got filled with poltards from 4 and stormfront who killed the site a year or two ago. This created a bunch of refugees. They also were somehow linked to ylilauta, which is some borderline retarded Finnish chan I think also full of lots of poltards so the
Actually probably came from the Finnish one and got popularized in the German one. That board is also where all the horrible future faggot wojak shitposting came from that then spread to 8 and 4 poltards. I think we have a bunch of people from there to this day. Apparently they made some shitty site called kohlchan which is some horrible cross between stormfront retards, the future retards, and the pedophiles of 12chan.

So technically yes he is right but really what's the difference? It's the same as wojak. It might be different sites adopted it but all of them are basically poltards from the same collective cesspool.
James Randi - Tue, 25 Jun 2019 03:36:40 EST +vLWW/DB No.739342 Reply
Gabe Logan - Wed, 26 Jun 2019 02:48:26 EST bDVEN8IP No.739391 Reply
I keep coming back to this thread hoping for SS13 yellowtext stories because they make me laugh, but it keeps degenerating further into finnish memes or something instead
James Randi - Wed, 26 Jun 2019 03:35:41 EST +vLWW/DB No.739392 Reply
Come play the game and make your own stories.
I got antag banned on bay12 the other day.

I keep wanting to try urist or goon2 but it feels like a hassle.
Joe Higashi - Thu, 27 Jun 2019 15:09:27 EST noL7S+Qv No.739437 Reply

>About to robust a couple of xenos
>Bald squadmate behind you, "THROWING FRAG!"
>He gets neurotoxined after priming it, dropping it at both of your feet
>Try to pick it up and toss it, BOOM
>Round goes on for 2 more hours, body never recovered for defib
James Randi - Fri, 28 Jun 2019 11:17:39 EST +vLWW/DB No.739481 Reply
1561735059757.png -(21282B / 20.78KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I really hate the ss13 community some times.

The only servers i can find are either Bay12 where they police every action for thought crime and breaking ic in the smallest ways.
Or chaotic shit storms where the N word is scrawled all over the bridge within 5 minutes of round start.

>The other day playing on bay12 as a pathfinder and im training a new pilot.
>Showin him the ropes. Technically my job as pathfinder places me in the military
>Joke I just sort of got promoted out of suitability on away missions
>duded im training thinks its funny
>proceeds to spends 10 real life minutes totally derailing all rp to make sure my made up disposable back story that will get used once dosen't upset his personal head cannon of what is ss13
>End up litteraly saying "Fine I went to "the acadamy" or what ever dude can I play please"?
>Then start getting bwoinked with wiki links to lore articles.

The thought police are real.
John Blade - Fri, 28 Jun 2019 12:38:27 EST 9rXB3kDe No.739486 Reply
yall mother fuckers need to play on goon servers. They're a pretty good medium between banning people who are shitheads while still not taking things to seriously. I think one of the goon rules is you can do pretty much anything you want as long as it's funny and doesn't completely fuck the round up.
Geese Howard - Fri, 28 Jun 2019 15:48:38 EST cqXHNMKT No.739489 Reply
I didn't even know this game had a backstory, I thought it was just a trolling simulator.
James Randi - Sun, 30 Jun 2019 04:33:43 EST +vLWW/DB No.739573 Reply
Tried persistant ss13 last night.
It's both really fun and a garbage fire.
Mainly a garbage fire tho.
I think its cause every one is left to their own devices.

I really wanna make my own server again.
I was thinking what about some thing between the current round based ss13 and persistant?
Like goals that take a few months to finish.
>Warp into sector/round start
>Blue space crystal breaks
>Time to find a new one
>Takes 3 real month and player co operation
>Once either players are mostly all dead or if they complete their goals the round ends.

I feel like 3 hours tops rounds kill alot of rp that starts to blossom around the 3 hour mark, I was hoping to inspire a bit of a dungeons and dragons vibe, give you guys a "Space quest" to do and i sort of guide the whole thing as space DM.
James Randi - Mon, 01 Jul 2019 19:58:23 EST +vLWW/DB No.739637 Reply
>Wake up in persistent ss13
>Go to work as miner
>Find random locker in space
>Trap several Glutfish inside
>Try to convince boss to give me a bonus for them and he refues and tells me to GTFO his office with wild life.
>Walk arounnd the station on coms screaming about my fish sale
>Sec slowly gangs up on me while i pretend to not speak space English (start speaking gutter and spacer)
>Sec shits their pants since most of them have never been eva and dont know that their fighting the equivalent if an angry fish stick with teeth.
>Get thrown in space jail
>Arguee with sec that my charge should be chaged from "Releasing dangerous xeno life into the station" to "Fishmongering with intent to harm"
>Argue Glutfish is plutonian delicacy over coms eventually some one agrees with me, president set for plutonian culture acheived.
>Get a long sentence log off
James Randi - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 11:27:45 EST F8O7I6D1 No.745480 Reply
bumping this thread from the depths.

Did you know any player controlled mob can be inducted into a cult?

Had a round as a mouse cult member.
Was super OP because no one suspected a mouse to have spells and shit.
But sort of a glass cannon since mice have like 1 hp.
Amaterasu - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 12:15:35 EST OvyJyhck No.745483 Reply
>Spawn as a cargo technician, thinking its a noob friendly position
>Promptly orders a crate of alcoholic bewerages
>Gets drunk
>Some dude from botany tries to talk me into selling weed for him
>Too drunk to coherently answer
>Botanist dumps a shit ton of weed on the reception desk, leaves
>Some dude in chat is angry cargo isn't working
>Don't look at me, I'm just the technician
>Maintenance door suspiciously opens
>Checks it out
>Is brutaly murdered in the dark

That's what I remember when I played it a bit years back. Great for RP, but the interface is a dealbreaker for me and I play Dwarf Fortress.
Michael Thorton - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 12:17:16 EST 1T3VBffp No.745484 Reply
> interface is a dealbreaker
It only takes about a month to learn all the shortcuts and become robust.
Darth Malak - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 13:08:04 EST 6GLRD4O1 No.745486 Reply
Yeah, there's a keyboard shortcut mode toggle, think it's Tab on many versions. Could make and print out a quick keyboard layout cheat sheet if you want. Not too bad. For me it's the unresponsiveness that makes it the most difficult. Did my action actually go through?
Amaterasu - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 16:24:19 EST OvyJyhck No.745502 Reply

I don't have a month to learn shit anymore. Fucking work and life mate. DF was difficult to begin with, and at least there you don't have to deal with the lag.

I'm not shitting on SS, it's fucking grade A. It has its problems though, which is probably why it works.
James Randi - Fri, 08 Nov 2019 17:22:29 EST F8O7I6D1 No.745505 Reply
1573251749522.jpg -(129246B / 126.22KB, 1015x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If any one here who has been wanting to play but cant get past the interface
Hit me up in discord some time and ill teach you the basics on an empty server then hold your hand a bit through a real game.
Any thing to get less up tight ultra virgins playing who reeeeee both in character and out of character if you forget to salute and adress the CO by their full rank.
Locke - Sat, 09 Nov 2019 19:59:13 EST OvyJyhck No.745575 Reply

I hope you find someone better than the pimps and neckbeards shitting up most servers. Godspeed. Appreciate the offer, mate.
James Randi - Wed, 13 Nov 2019 07:50:25 EST OqN5aV4r No.745751 Reply
It's disappointing, most people who play this either are retards who just like the burn shit and cause cahos or the aforementioned suprsrsbzns squad of mil sim role play.

I need some 420chan stoners in the mix.
Augustus Cole - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:25:43 EST IYVAzI6V No.745800 Reply
I usually do hard RP of a very weird character, such as an engineer whose wife cheated on him and then killed herself, so he turned to alcoholism, and spends the round trying to work through his shit in various ways. That character tried to turn a bathroom into a suicide chamber by rerouting the atmos and walling the area off.

Bathrooms are a good place for weird shit to go down. Someone always uses them eventually and usually they're up to no good.
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 12:32:24 EST boeON+Qn No.745819 Reply
I have Windows VMs available if anyone wants to take a stab at some 420chan community SS13 efforts.
Buck Bumble - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 13:24:29 EST XrMoiV1B No.745825 Reply
I only use the bathrooms for bad things

The one near arrivals is perfect for grabbing a locker and switching disguises

I also give people swirlies, wash blood off myself, etc...

It's a better place to take hostages than maintenance.
PaRappa the Rapper - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 19:43:34 EST IYVAzI6V No.745836 Reply
Yeah, that's why they're fun to hang out in. Nobody goes there unless they're up to no good.
PaRappa the Rapper - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 19:44:37 EST IYVAzI6V No.745837 Reply
Would be fun! Not sure how many we could get online but... would be fun. Have modded BYOND a bit before.
James Randi - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 20:41:01 EST F8O7I6D1 No.745839 Reply
I would love to resurect my old server but I don't know if i have the time and will to run my own server and code fork.
It seems mostly just me here in this thread talking to my self.
James Randi - Thu, 14 Nov 2019 20:42:05 EST F8O7I6D1 No.745840 Reply
I'd need atleast 3 other dedicated people just to run a basic server with no code /map difference. Because of time, forum, sorting player drama, admining etc.

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