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Private Server WoW

- Fri, 09 Aug 2019 07:24:00 EST i54d5ZjO No.741377
File: 1565349840040.jpg -(241293B / 235.64KB, 1310x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Private Server WoW
So I’ve been playing WoW on a private server for a few months. Everyone seems pretty hype for wow classic but I won’t be giving blizz any money lol. They just finished a tbc realm though which opens today. Anyone wanna download the client and make a 420chan guild?
Sonic the Hedgehog - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 09:15:12 EST 3VfuxPl9 No.741381 Reply
I’m already in an alliance side guild called <High as a kite> that’ll be transferring from the classic server. Name in game is Nwah(nelf Druid) currently but I may reroll for bc idk. This is op idk why I’m sonic now.
Desmond Miles - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 04:37:04 EST A0EiJyuw No.741437 Reply
>doesn't know how names work
>wants to start 420chan guild

this thread is suspicious
Adoring Fan - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 18:24:01 EST /nrGhJSi No.741488 Reply
1565562241159.jpg -(891055B / 870.17KB, 1617x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You’re suspicious.

Shits up but it’s pretty buggy atm. Still fun.
Cinder - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 23:07:33 EST ibYdpFJc No.741495 Reply
I wouldn't give blizzard any money, not even to save my life. Where the hell were all these hyped people over the last decade when pservers rise and fell? I assume it's a younger audience, like mid to late teens mostly - people that didn't even play vanilla, or probably TBC or even WOTLK, that are willing to pay for this junk. People are so impressionable!
Kid Ying - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 23:21:22 EST p3ii5NPa No.741497 Reply
THANK YOU. I played WoW all the way untill the end of wrath and I seriously don't know why people constantly overrate and jerk off vanilla and the older expansions so much. Yeah it was a decent game when it came to MMO's and the newer expanions/current game which is an unholy abomination, but people act like it was consecrated and sanctified by the blood of christ by how much they praise this fucking game. Hell I would even say it was more of step back when you compare it to older games like everquest and shit, but thats just my opinion.
Kid Ying - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 23:30:57 EST p3ii5NPa No.741499 Reply
Game wasn't shit, I just think people overrate and suck it off a little too much is all, beyond that I have fond memories of playing the game when it felt like traveling the world and meeting and grouping with people actually meant something.
Cinder - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:32:25 EST ibYdpFJc No.741520 Reply
You outgrow things.. I played probably 5000 hours and I think the game is shit. I couldn't even stand Nost by the time it came around.
Blanka - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:35:14 EST ODvQYxdn No.741521 Reply
1565620514545.jpg -(138955B / 135.70KB, 1000x1022) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But you had a good time, didn't you?
You can't play for 5000 hours without having bit of fun, right?
Cinder - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 12:18:37 EST ibYdpFJc No.741523 Reply
the older I got, the less fun it was. At some point I started to realize the pvp was bullshit and not skill based, and that the 2v1s, 3v1s I would occasionally win were more luck than anything.. then later on it hit me that all the classes are the same template with a few different spell visuals for each & different text on the hotbar

leveling/open world pvp is bullshit. we all feel good when we're on the upside but not when some shithead 5 levels higher with better gear is whomping us

whatever. to each his own
Serious Sam - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 13:53:16 EST xH3Qk3i8 No.741592 Reply
>You can't play for 5000 hours without having bit of fun, right?
Much like cocaine, it's a regrettable kind of fun. I can still torture my friend by mentioning the legendary rogue daggers he spent months of effort and wasted nights raiding to get only to have them be outstatted by greens 3 days later in the next expansion.
Clyde - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 15:27:07 EST IsHXwqHu No.741597 Reply
Its like any addiction, at some hard to spot moment you stop having fun and start filling the hole inside with whatever it is you crave. Except unlike with physical addictiin its pretty easy to snap out of it without lasting damage. Might even be refreshing and satisfying.
Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 12:00:11 EST ibYdpFJc No.741621 Reply
Tru.. tru. I spent so many days just hanging around in pvp spots not even having fun. The game filled a social void for me when I was young. I used to think I was good but I can see now that the skill ceiling was never that high - like most games. I played WoW from 13 to 20 and I think it's bullshit that after everything I went through with the game, there's still a huge consumer audience that is ready and excited to pay blizzard for this. They're young people or were/are "casuals". No need to apologize for not being as much of a nerd as some people were, or having put your time/money/effort elsewhere, but I feel like this is, not quite a scam, but something similar.
Xana - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 13:53:55 EST gwRzN0cv No.741622 Reply
>you need a 15$ WoW monthly subscription to play it

Holy fucking shit ahahahahaha
Dr. Wright - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 19:46:33 EST 6Au2mmqN No.741625 Reply
Might as play on Netherwing unless 2x XP ruins it for you (you can turn it off).
I'm suspicious of the Elysium group ever since the coup two years ago.
Raphael Sorel - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 12:11:52 EST /INFk1Kx No.741651 Reply
the private servers fucking suck. the scripting is balls, the mods are on powertrips and hope you like starting from scratch every time they fuck something up. Vanilla wow with all the content up to naxx with everyone starting at the same time? fukken take my money. stop being so scrub, scrub
Col. John Blade - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 13:05:15 EST y6AAp3J4 No.741655 Reply
I don't play pservers anymore, but they've been working on the code for over 10 years bro. I doubt there's that much wrong, if anything. I played pservers back in the day that were 100%
Shadow the Hedgehog - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 14:02:41 EST /y4Mtciv No.741657 Reply
feenix wow was a fucking great server to just get stoned and dick around on at 3 am. i was interested in blizzard bringing vanilla back but that magic is gone. im sure hardcore segments will enjoy it tho.
Mallow - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 14:44:00 EST TGTouO2E No.741658 Reply
They're not hardcore if they weren't already playing these servers long before blizzard declared they'd open their own and with warm, loving hands escort the goyim back to their farm.
Sir Daniel Fortesque - Sun, 18 Aug 2019 14:32:45 EST 4JtP3k7Z No.741709 Reply
Private servers are fucking unplayable.

One scandal, one severe technical hiccup and suddenly the server that was so social and fun to level on is compeltely dead.
It's happened time and again, nowhere is safe from it.

Except Blizz servers, that die long and slow deaths because Blizz won't cough up the free transfers and merges because they're absolute fucking cunts.
Lord of Shadowgate - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 08:45:12 EST BOhkzYNg No.741730 Reply
If you want something fun that also lasts forever, youre looking in the wrong places.
Try an exponentially increasing cocaine habit.
Tomba - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 13:22:37 EST 3VfuxPl9 No.741744 Reply
1566235357649.gif -(356612B / 348.25KB, 460x246) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What about a logarithmically increasing cocaine habit? Asking for a friend.

Also I am OP of thread. I found another stoner guild without y’all </3
And after reading this thread, I must say..

Vergil - Thu, 22 Aug 2019 00:57:09 EST rNk/Zlqz No.741865 Reply
there's a shit ton wrong, even down to the basic HP, damage, and armour values of mobs. Pservers are harder than vanilla was.
Mr. Game & Watch - Fri, 23 Aug 2019 07:35:18 EST i54d5ZjO No.741904 Reply
What kinda ultra autist are you that you have hp damage and armor values for an entire 12yo games worth of mobs? Also just go to blizzard then bye we won’t miss you 👋

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