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- Sat, 30 Nov 2019 05:55:34 EST qjvekwXP No.746806
File: 1575111334240.jpg -(114298B / 111.62KB, 736x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. /vg/-girl
Who's your fave /vg/-girl?
Nightwolf - Sat, 30 Nov 2019 19:59:07 EST j4dqRSlA No.746848 Reply
1575161947716.png -(1138298B / 1.09MB, 781x1105) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fucking asstards. We have threads like this from time to time. Get your heads outta your butts.
Ashley Graham - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 00:50:48 EST ad/EhG4w No.746860 Reply
Nah homie, waifu threads are not welcome here.
Cinder - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 06:19:52 EST 0A/7mWP2 No.746863 Reply
I remember the last waifu thread, it was very gay
M. Bison - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 10:12:29 EST 8md5aTIY No.746875 Reply
Why is this gay shit not locked yet? Did the guy posting waifus on /b/ become a mod?

Literally nobody but one guy wants to see this shit up the board for months again. This board is slow enough without cancer dissuading your desire to post every time you check for updates.
Nightwolf - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 14:11:24 EST j4dqRSlA No.746884 Reply
1575227484716.png -(1260334B / 1.20MB, 800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are you all new here? There was a waifu thread going strong for like six months earlier this year. Don't worry, it'll all be sfw so you won't have to see the thing you fear the most (the vagina).
Magus - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 20:43:26 EST DHezT4Lv No.746897 Reply
Would be a good idea if the hide thread feature actually worked numbnuts
Yo-Yo - Sun, 01 Dec 2019 21:59:36 EST ad/EhG4w No.746902 Reply
It's been broken for tons of users since Kirt overhauled the site, lurk more.
Zerg - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 00:46:09 EST 8md5aTIY No.746906 Reply
You're all being obtuse. Web development relies on hundreds of different possible browsers. They can't all act the same, though god it'd be great if they did. Hobby coding is always gonna be broken in some ways. Live with it or pay him $9000 a month to dev it full time or something
Nicole Brennan - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 21:01:58 EST hbTBWsD6 No.746919 Reply
1575338518155.png -(17055B / 16.66KB, 260x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Angel or Cossette, can't decide.
April Ryan - Tue, 17 Dec 2019 02:42:41 EST xeGdxQNX No.747454 Reply
1576568561842.jpg -(147094B / 143.65KB, 850x1046) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Street Fighter V
Dregs - Thu, 19 Dec 2019 01:16:35 EST AaQteG9s No.747497 Reply
Probably because his shitposting stays mostly contained now. Also because bans are like locks. They only keep stupid and honest people out.

Kill On Sight. As in ban you immediately.
Soap MacTavish - Fri, 20 Dec 2019 05:40:22 EST xeGdxQNX No.747523 Reply
1576838422902.jpg -(73451B / 71.73KB, 432x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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