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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Amd gonna fuck nvidia up

- Wed, 01 Apr 2020 19:08:11 EST DhfcR2vF No.751003
File: 1585782491294.jpg -(149379B / 145.88KB, 1168x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Amd gonna fuck nvidia up
AMD Radeon RX Gamma XT GPU: A 26 TFLOPs Monster With 1.5 TB/s of Bandwidth And 21.2 Gigarays Ray Tracing Support. For comparison, the rtx 2080 ti does 10 gigarays. This nasty boy is gonna be targetting fucking 4k 120fps!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this don't make you say "aw shiieet dude", what does? Bruh. I wish I was rich enough to buy this shit when it comes out. Probably gonna cost like a million dollars.

Is this worth a thread? I don't fucking know. But I like looking at spreadsheets about tech, even though I usually have no idea what the numbers mean. I just like looking at them numbers in the spreadsheets and comparing them, it feel good. wish I was smart enough to understand the numbers, then i'd be an enthusiastic savant and not just regular enthusiastic

Anyway, can you believe it?!?!??!! TwEnTy SiX tErAfLoPs WOAH DUUDE eat my ass with barbecue sauce
the widdle boy everyone bullies so sad oh no ὢ2 - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 19:16:01 EST DhfcR2vF No.751004 Reply
oh no I fell for an april fools tech joke
Gitaroo-Man - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 23:43:00 EST s1Qfwnf5 No.751012 Reply
Just to be clear, even if it were real, it wouldn't deserve a thread because nobody here would be able to afford it. nb.
the widdle boy everyone bullies so sad oh no 😢 - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 00:27:53 EST DhfcR2vF No.751016 Reply
1585801673380.jpg -(76863B / 75.06KB, 620x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
don't get me wrong, AMD is indeed working on a card that has 80 compute units and is going to be silly powerful almost like the one in this particular april fools joke, which is why I believed the joke like a goddamn FOOL. Google "big navi" and you'll see that there are plenty of non jokey and legit leaks about it.
Gruntilda - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 04:35:22 EST IcB310ea No.751024 Reply

lol my corona stimulus check is going straight into a beast GPU what u talking bout son
Hwoarang - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:16:32 EST QG2iKnqT No.751074 Reply
Am I literally the only one here who's actually planning on spending my trumpbux on rent and utilities? I haven't actually gotten on unemployment yet and I want to pay off my May rent early, and if I can afford it my rent for June also. I mean if I actually won like $2,500 I know that I'd immediately take that chunk of money and sink much of it into rent. If I won even more money like $10k+ I'd probably just sink most if not all of it into paying off the entire rest of my lease so that I could basically live rent free for as long as possible and just have to worry about shit like my internet and electric etc bills. And then if I really came across a big chunk of money I'd just start paying off every single dime I owed anywhere to anyone for any reason, not be blowing all that shit on GPUs first. Fun things are for after your rent and debts are paid.
Dregs - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:48:23 EST Pzo7k+yX No.751075 Reply
My Trudough is going straight to drugs and food. Fuck it all, party hard. At a respectful distance from strangers, of course.
Four - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:54:01 EST mFkMHwnW No.751077 Reply
1585936441467.png -(156008B / 152.35KB, 347x252) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A lot of people are really dumb when it comes to dealing with money. People get mad at me for living comfortably but I'm just better at investing. Heck, I'm not even smart or anything, I'm just not stupid enough to waste what little money that comes my way on a fucking gpu while trying to survive a pandemic.
Besides, the US administration is counting on them to waste it anyways. The US is a debt nation, anyone who actually bothers to save his money is at a disadvantage. The economy punishes you for acting responsibly cause whatever you save drops in value every ten years or so. I have to keep my captial in stocks just to make sure in doesnt lose it's value.
Dregs - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 14:03:30 EST Pzo7k+yX No.751079 Reply
Money is an illusion. Invest in bullets, bottled water, and canned food. Those things don't lose their value when properly taken care of. Your stocks disappear the second people lose faith in keynesian economics. Which seems likely to happen in the near future, considering the destruction that this debt based economy has begun to cause.
Calypso - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 17:03:39 EST IcB310ea No.751084 Reply

Some of us aren't in debt and have a nest egg already. If you ran into 10k you'd just give it all to your landlord? Lmao you boring cunt


>I'm just not stupid enough to waste what little money that comes my way on a fucking gpu

You're stupid enough to spend money on anime memorabilia and figurines and shit though
Pac-Man - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 17:46:01 EST eM6kr/7t No.751087 Reply
>You're stupid enough to spend money on anime memorabilia and figurines and shit though
Yeah, Four's logic is all twisted and retarded. He says one thing here and another in another thread or he would say something that makes sense later. Take his shit with a grain of salt.
the widdle boy everyone bullies so sad oh no 😢 - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 19:06:28 EST zGLirPs0 No.751089 Reply
This will make me ssem like a Four stalker, but he said "I hate seeing anything in my room that might suggest I'm just a blind consumer" in this post (>>750956), so I don't think he'd be buying anime action figures. Anyway, why do y'all hate the guy? He seems to be a chill lefty like the rest of us. I'd peek at him taking a shower
the widdle boy everyone bullies so sad oh no ὢ2 - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 19:25:08 EST zGLirPs0 No.751093 Reply
but four doesn't fuck dogs, I MEAN, people don't think that four fucks dogs
Capt. Falcon - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:02:12 EST SqRyKQYz No.751094 Reply
What you're effectively saying is you want to give your landlord a free loan. Much like tax withholdings, if you're enough of an adult to hang on to your money for as long as possible then that's what you should do.
Simon Albert - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:11:46 EST QIlchn6S No.751095 Reply
I wasnt referring to you about that, I mean if that's your thing by all means keep violating dogs. I was talking about your shit threads everyone hates.
Tom Reed - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:14:51 EST IcB310ea No.751096 Reply

He was talking about his collection, his display, and not leaving his otaku-nest for days on end to fully engross himself. you're misreading what he meant by that
blockbuster thread architect - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:42:25 EST zGLirPs0 No.751099 Reply
1585960945616.jpg -(19433B / 18.98KB, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
but everyone is posting in my freds, they good!!!! i'd post a thread portfolio of all of my current successful freds, but everytime i do this i get banned, but you've seen them, it's all over the first page it's ALL ME>>751096 I dont get it nb
Tom Reed - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:53:53 EST IcB310ea No.751100 Reply

what do you not get? went and grabbed some quotes for you literally from the thread you quoted

>I'm a big fan of ALTER figures so i got both Black Heart and Purple heart, and I have both their NEXT form resting in the background

>It's not about passing down the collection its about enjoying it while I still live. There is tranquility in staying in you're OtakuNest for days to fully engross yourself in your niche hobby that I don't think a normie will ever know. It's kinda sad.

i rest my case nb
Four - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 21:39:31 EST lyXrXfHx No.751105 Reply
1585964371273.jpg -(30094B / 29.39KB, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Unlike you, I can afford it. I dont desperately wait for a check from a government to waste on a gpu. The money you're getting that you so desperately want, it's nothing to me.
Caius Cosades - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 21:54:56 EST RkFPGr4x No.751109 Reply

I’m not desperately awaiting anything. Spending my stimulus on something fun doesn’t mean you have more money than me. Stop trying to flex, you’re the most pathetic person on this board.
Four - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 21:58:43 EST lyXrXfHx No.751110 Reply
1585965523735.jpg -(85570B / 83.56KB, 663x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Money is an Illusion. Invest in bullets, bottled water, and canned food.

Man, do we even live in the same world?
What twisted mad max existence do you live in to say something like that unironically?

Listen, now is the perfect time to invest If you play your game right. you can walk out of this with huge chucks of cash. I dont know how much they're giving you, but if you're getting something, you need to invest it right or save it, whatever you do, dont spend it on fucking entertainment. If I was as desperate as some of you, I'd never waste my money on video games.
You cant waste that money on drugs either when you barely have any cash to begin with. Listen to papa Four, if you do, I promise you, you'll get to travel the world at your leisure and not waste your existence generating money for someone else.
Four - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 22:11:53 EST BqBpruW4 No.751111 Reply
Ok, fair enough. It's just, if I was getting a stimulus from a government in these difficult times, I definitely wouldn't waste it on something like a gpu. I would either save it or invest it on the right thing.
Simon Albert - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 22:40:05 EST QIlchn6S No.751115 Reply
Right about what exactly? Those are assumptions. Mean while he's the only fruit loop that's told us all about his anime/Japanese fetishes.
M'Aiq the Liar - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 22:53:21 EST 9TNLznc4 No.751117 Reply
Goldbugs been saying that for 60 years now, still waiting.
Pac-Man - Fri, 03 Apr 2020 23:43:21 EST lmeASA0D No.751118 Reply
Literally the only reason I reply to you is because your attentionwhoring ass IP hops
Kaim Argonar - Sat, 04 Apr 2020 04:13:46 EST uo28BM46 No.751131 Reply
1585988026785.jpg -(266943B / 260.69KB, 930x618) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Where I live they're saying everyones going to get $1000, even if you're still working. So an extra $1000 is nothing to you? I mean you flexing hard but ok. You're also single with no kids Im assuming. Kids would probably destroy all your precious weeb stuff, and teens are exspensive too.

Although if you dont have that many bills, and you work a decent job; I can totally see how $1000 is nothing to you.
Death Adder - Sat, 04 Apr 2020 14:48:31 EST XUc1sXap No.751142 Reply
1586026111317.png -(849620B / 829.71KB, 930x618) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Couldn't help myself.

This one's for you, Four, and your first post I legitimately hate. >>751105

Smug fucking cunt. Keep it to yourself.
Bayonetta - Sat, 04 Apr 2020 19:37:37 EST 2Fb9kySD No.751152 Reply
1586043457900.jpg -(22329B / 21.81KB, 367x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The pic i posted earlier is what im guessing fours room looks like. Its just a pic of the results you get when you search "weebs room"
Dr. Mario - Sun, 05 Apr 2020 01:41:23 EST snC+ylsh No.751170 Reply
>nvidia is gonna crush amd with their new card
>no, amd is gonna pulverize nvidia with their new card
>no u
>no you!
>okay lol
Lance Bean - Sun, 05 Apr 2020 02:17:47 EST wyPNgJBW No.751173 Reply
>8K support

So... are we done with resolution increase now?
I know the "640k oughtta be enough for anybody" hubris thing, but I think for any normal format displays... We're done. 8K is actually significant overkill for even pretty sizeable monitors.

We're down in the sub-perceptible area now. Maybe large format stuff like movies and ground-level jumbotron screens go bigger but I think we've made it guys.

Maybe newer display link specs go higher refresh rate and incidentally hit higher resolution support for large-format displays for free but this is as far as I can see it going.
corona varus fetishist - Sun, 05 Apr 2020 15:59:25 EST n+ol5U/h No.751187 Reply
1586116765077.jpg -(29643B / 28.95KB, 639x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I do't know. If you own a high end 8k projector you'd probably notice the difference between 4k and 8k in a gigantic 420 inch projection quite easily. And in VR 8k is probably not even high enough a resolution, since it's a display glued to your face. There's plenty of use for comically high resolutions, you're thinking of TVs and monitors, and these are displays of the past, maaan. But I don't blame you for not even remembering the existence of such expensive tech like projectors and high end VR since who the fuck has the money to buy this shit. Fuck, some people have tripple 4k projector setups for pc gaming, can you imagine being this fucking rich? And these people avoid paying taxes like it's the black corona
Agent 47 - Mon, 06 Apr 2020 01:21:38 EST wyPNgJBW No.751200 Reply
With VR it's really about the optics and how much they can concentrate the detail where it needs to be.
Periphery needs a ton less. It's a completely different area as far as that goes. We've already got anti-aliasing techniques that focus on the central view and basically give up toward the edges, which I'm pretty sure requires special hardware support, like the Nvidia 20 series does it but the 10s don't if I recall correctly.

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