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Is Wonderful 101 a bad game?

- Mon, 01 Jun 2020 09:22:39 EST gTOdZfFQ No.753026
File: 1591017759694.jpg -(45864B / 44.79KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is Wonderful 101 a bad game?
I think I might just throw Wonderful 101 out after having finished 4 of the operations. It's a fun game with great artistic design and fundamentally a great battle system, but it's just so bloated with so many horrible game design choices.

>the stamina management is absolute shit
>the camera is either zoomed in too much to see anything around you or zoomed out so far you have no idea where your dude is, so you can't react to enemy attacks at all
>the drawing system is just an abomination, even with touch screen support, it's tedious, slow and unresponsive
>so many weird levels where half of the screen is obstructed because you're inside a tube or something and they wanted to give you some weird action cam
>getting juggled by enemies because you get shocked and lose half your team when you get hit once, and without your team together you can't block or dodge, so you have to spend half the battle running away trying to pick up your fucking teammates
>really unfun puzzles that either tell you exactly what to do, so there's no point in having a puzzle, or don't tell you a single thing, so the game slows to a crawl while you randomly guess which morph is supposed to get you through some random obstruction
>T E D I O U S bossfights where you have to dodge and wait several cycles to get a chance to defend at just the right point so you can get a reaction command that lets you open up an attack cycle, and sometimes you miss the window and have to wait 3 more minutes because you had 10 seconds to draw a weird shape with an analog stick and you couldn't get the fucking thing to respond because Kamiya is a godamn nip and DEMANDS you use stroke order
>really boring and unfunny dialogues where your subordinate gets away with insubordination, some fat French asshole sexually harasses a teammate, a female teammate reminds you that she has a vagina, some nip fuck recites unskippable haikus, and a Russian guy acts uguu kawaii shy for some retarded reason
>dumb subplot your subordinate runs away from the team and you have to control him first and then find him later without your team's help, so the game rips away most of the essential mechanics just to have you control one dinky little shit with no reach, no weapon select, nerfed block and dodge, and the most horrible stamina management, to the point where you'd swear they were making you do an unwinnable boss fight, but you're actually supposed to win it
>made with zero regards for controller health: button mashing sequences, forced joystick twirling, etc. It shouldn't have even been in the original, but Platinum has no excuse for not noticing the huge amounts of complaints about joycon drift and not changing the control setup to respect the durability of our shitty modern Chinese controllers that cost 80 bucks apiece
any game that says "fuck your controller" is gonna get a fuck you from me
Trevor C. Belmont - Mon, 01 Jun 2020 11:35:12 EST ZRYh0qUr No.753029 Reply
Not gonna bother with a point by point rebuttal but
>the drawing system is just an abomination, even with touch screen support, it's tedious, slow and unresponsive
You should be using the right stick for the Wonder Liner and treating it like fighting game inputs but with the added twist of actually being part of the world and therefore positioning becomes important to consider too. Even back on WiiU, it was always considered the better method to use the stick.

Fantastic game btw
Alex Mercer - Tue, 02 Jun 2020 08:06:54 EST gTOdZfFQ No.753045 Reply
yea, I usually use the stick because it's faster, but it's so much less precise. The hammer is extremely awkward to angle just right and becomes hard if you have too few teammates (can't reach the end stroke) or too many (moves too fast and you lose track of where you are). The variable zooming and the difficulty of seeing where you are makes it that much worse. It's not like fighting game inputs, you need a visual on it; if it were fighting game inputs it would be easier. Anyway, the horrible input response of weapon swapping was probably the least of my frustrations. I gave up on the last boss of operation 4. Just can't deal with this with all the stress I got going on right now.

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