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Travelling with molly

- Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:58:36 EST pnrAXTMP No.34960
File: 1490223516242.jpg -(95741B / 93.50KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Travelling with molly
Girlfriend and I are planning on flying to Key West in December this year and she wants to bring in four points of molly and a nug of weed. Best way to smuggle in?
I'm not the FBI I swear guys.
Angus Brommerstet - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:17:31 EST ueApcpbO No.34961 Reply
What's with everyone trying to smuggle drugs at an airport?
IT'S FUCKING RETARDED. Iif they catch you with it, I bet the punishment and the whole scenario isn't worth it. Imagine the time you and your gf would be having, about to go on a nice holiday, then spending the day at the interrogation room, probably getting banned from the airport, for a fucking nug of weed and shitty molly. Why can't you get your drugs locally travelling in your own country? Wherever I went in the world, let it be the Balkan, London, Eastern Europe, the US (Im from EU) I've always been able to find drugs locally. It added to the adventure and wasn't very hard at all. Why would you smuggle molly and a nug of weed... its not fucking worth it... just drink a few beers there or something if you can't get any. But you should be able to get drugs at tourist destinations pretty easily, and most people aren't out there to kill or rob you contrary to popular belief. Obviously, not being retarded and not looking like a fag helps. Still man, with all due respect, i think what you're planning to do is fucking stupid and plain not worth it.
Fuck Duckville - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:36:30 EST pnrAXTMP No.34962 Reply
We've since decided against bringing weed with us, but the molly we want to bring because we have a trusted dealer and don't want to buy some laced shit from a stranger in a place we're not familiar with.
Following your train of thought though what's your tips for buying locally? Never done it before and kind of socially retarded. The only reason we have a dealer now is because we live in Seattle and literally everyone has a hookup, girlfriend just talked to her coworkers.
Priscilla Crinnerdire - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 21:02:06 EST ueApcpbO No.34963 Reply
Man it's stupid to bring mollies to an airport. You can get in even bigger shit than with weed. don't do it man. its not worth it.
I only smoke weed so i wouldn't know about the synthetic side of things, but with weed, I was always able to score a decent bag literally anywhere in the world, most of the time for double the local price though, but still, it was weed and it got me high, and i was on a holiday so money was meh. The people who hooked me up also had access to molly and the like most of the time.
I'd always hang around smoking areas of bars, or see people smoking weed in parks and just talk to people. Just scan the crowd, look for some chill white dude, approach him, maybe offer a cigarette and ask "Sup man I don't wanna bother you but i just got here, any chance you can help me out with some <drug of choice>", this sort of thing, i was always straightforward, but friendly, and I would always only ask white people. No racism, but you have to be safe with this kind of thing. Don't ask huge groups, don't ask white trash, just people who look like college guys or wannabe rastas.
Most of the time people even tried to give me their dealers number and shit. Some other times it was quite obvious the other person saw me as an opportunity to take me to some shady place and rip me off. But you can usually see that a mile away and just back off, and that aint gonna happen in Florida anyway, place soft as fuck.
I've scored weed in foreign countries at least 10 times in my life, and I've only been scammed once (was given a shitload of spice instead of weed, i think the value was actually close lol), and I was gonna get scammed like twice. Most people (especially slightly drunk ones) are keen to help out someone who shares their love for some drug, is what I've gathered.

Yeah well, it's hard to get real molly if you don't know the source. Best choice would be just leaving the molly home, scoring some weed there and enjoying that with some beers in the sun. I don't know about molly but i think that's a pretty good experience to have and there are no risks involved. Whereas you risk going to jail (with your girlfriend), getting banned for life from your local airport, for a few hours of rolling. Logically, taking risk and reward into account, smuggling some molly for personal use makes 0 sense. I'm 100% sure you'll be able to score decent weed, even if a bit overpriced and short bagged, it's gonna get you high. It'd probably be easy to get a similiar deal on molly too. Just ask some random, nice looking people, be straightforward but don't act like a junkie, and 9 out of 10 times you'll end up with drugs 15 minutes later. It's worked everywhere from Bulgaria to New York for me. You're almost always a conversation away from weed literally anywhere in the world, fact. With molly, as I said I understand your worries, and while I still think you should be able to get some kinda molly fairly easily, to stay safe I would just leave out the mollies from the story.
It's your decision after all, if this is too much of a tradeoff for you you can always try and smuggle the molly, just know that you're gonna get in deep shit if they find it and you're in for a huge explaining session with the police officers at the airport, and they will charge you with a crime.
Or you might get away with it. You can always try and swallow it in a condom or stuff it up your butt or some shit, even try to hide it in your luggage.. I mean man... Is this worth it for you? Just forget about smuggling molly at an airport, it's as stupid and dangerous as it sounds. You do you though.
Priscilla Crinnerdire - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 21:07:59 EST ueApcpbO No.34964 Reply
I don't wanna sound like I'm just off from the DARE meeting, so i gotta say, one time my friend had a literal joint in his shirt pocket, he forget it was there the last day, got through security and everything without anyone batting an eye, only realizing he was an international weed smuggler the moment he arrived at his local airport at home. So in theory, it should be possible to smuggle small amounts of drugs in your clothes or on/in your body, however there is still a huge chance of getting caught (airport security is p good after all since 911) and if you do get caught, you're in for a fucking ride, trying to smuggle molly on a plane...
Caroline Duckbury - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 01:39:33 EST pnrAXTMP No.34965 Reply
Look I appreciate you trying to be a good guy, white knighting if you will.
Your friend was very lucky, and you seem to think that I must be as stupid as he. I was asking for advice, because this is 420. Much like you, I have a mother. Remember, no one knows everything my friend.
Priscilla Crinnerdire - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 04:02:03 EST ueApcpbO No.34966 Reply
As you can see, no one will really give you advice on this, as its an extremely stupid and unnecessary idea with an unnecessarily high risk. Every time a thread like this pops up, people tell OP the same thing as I told you.
Priscilla Crinnerdire - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 04:03:05 EST ueApcpbO No.34967 Reply
I also think you misunderstood me, my friend got away with it as he said, that's what i was saying
Hamilton Claylock - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:21:15 EST oWfWw/gm No.35207 Reply

I like how you say no racism but assume if the person aint white you're gonna be less safe. Its just about knowing how to read people and who to trust. OP bringing shit on a national flght is just as risky as asking random people when it comes to Molly. Its a felony to have in every state and there are thousands of narcotics agents in the u.s. and even more informants who exist in major party cities and festivals. You can never tell by someone's looks who's a cop or scammer its all about body language and reading between bs.
Matilda Chopperpuck - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 13:24:51 EST i7I+xHuU No.35215 Reply
I was flying to fucking Colombia with klonopin, kratom + extract, plus random weed particles scattered on my laptop and shit.

dumb fuck TSA pulled me aside and started tearing my shit up, just pulling all my bags of kratom out giving the hugest what the fuuuck is this look like he just caught some big time smuggler. As I'm silently shitting my pants, he starts to test everything with his stupid swab test for drugs. Dude swiped EVERYTHING, including my laptop that acts as a rolling tray everyday. Swiped my half-eaten protein bar where I had crushed klonopin hidden inside it, swiped all the kratom etc.

Nada bitch. It really made me second guess the efficiency of TSA, they're a bunch of morons. I mean nigga, this was an international flight to COLOMBIA of all places. You'd think after pulling out bag after bag of sketchy green powder in an unlabeled ziploc that would've been enough to get a little more thorough check but nah. He got the results back, stuffed it all back inside, and I proceded to eat my laced protein bar and conked out for the entire flight with zero recollection of even falling asleep.

tl;dr if you don't look like a sketchy fuck and aren't acting sketchy, you can get away with quite a lot. Look up all the studies they do on it, they're fucking useless at actually finding shit. They are only there to preventatively scare off the retards.

And don't bring weed to key west wtf man. Do you know how easy it will be to cop down there? Molly, ok, but come on.

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