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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)


- Wed, 06 Sep 2017 18:33:36 EST qffTpFCC No.35419
File: 1504737216212.jpg -(231435B / 226.01KB, 1300x957) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. China
So I might be moving to China fairly soon, like potentially within the next few weeks or so.

I'll be waaay down south and just a few hours ferry ride away from Hong Kong Zhongshan. Looks pretty neat but I am fucking OUT OF MY ELEMENT and wondering if anyone here has any tips for living in the great peoples republic.

Pretty lazy thing to ask but does anyone know the drugs scene at all down there? I hear ket is pretty big in some parts, I can defo get into that.
Jarvis Cussleway - Thu, 07 Sep 2017 09:41:34 EST 2+/mQCxa No.35420 Reply
1504791694531.jpg -(99053B / 96.73KB, 600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Forget about drugs, forget about 420chan (and any Western sites).
Henry Nopperwell - Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:50:02 EST qffTpFCC No.35422 Reply
I'm not forgetting about any of those things.

VPN's are most definitely a thing and I'm pretty sure like 100% of research chemicals come from either india or china. There's also pretty huge clubbing scenes around and there's obviously gonna be some drugs. My pal that's down there atm was always a bit of a stoner so I assume weed isn't too hard to come by either.

Whatever, I'll find out if it's happening in a few days and when I'm down there keep you guys updated.
Matilda Fanbury - Sat, 09 Sep 2017 14:36:14 EST sBI+3mYH No.35424 Reply
1504982174473.png -(877685B / 857.11KB, 1400x5552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
what city dude? kinda makes a huge difference. big cities like beijing, shanghai, guangzhou etc are pretty modernized but more rural areas are very backward. get ready to see a complete disregard for all traffic laws. you will be approached by strangers trying to scam a quick buck off you all the time. "need taxi sir?" "i carry your bag sir" "oh your train not coming but i can take you to better train" just constant spam bullshit, ignore them all. chinese people are really loud too. their inside voice is yelling. there is no such thing as lines, just mobs. dont be shy about shoving your way to the front, or asserting yourself if someone tries to inch ahead of you. you will see 3-5 fat men with their shirts pulled up exposing their bellies each day. also you will forever and always be known as "lao wai" (outside person/foreigner/white person) no matter how close of a friend you become. protip: dont bring up taiwan (almost got stranded at the great wall when i did one time). just go with the flow and start brushing up on your mandarin
Fanny Geddlecocke - Sat, 09 Sep 2017 18:35:16 EST qffTpFCC No.35425 Reply
It's Zhongshan. Not exactly major but it's still in Guangdong and only 2 hours away from Hongkong and Guanzhou.

I'm from the UK and still have British sensibilities, but from all the homework I've done I'm expecting a lot of scamming and incompetence. Also double checked with my dude over there and he knows a decent VPN we can use to get on 420chan.

Gonna apply for my visa on monday and then hopefully hear back mid-week. Then it's pretty much booking the flight.
Martin Fimmerstut - Sun, 10 Sep 2017 19:24:18 EST sBI+3mYH No.35428 Reply
uhh it took me about a month to get my visa from the consulate in calfornia. maybe in britistan their consulates process them faster. also if you are going to a 2nd tier city like zhongshan (zhong mountain), be ready to be the only white person almost always, and to hear "laowai" muttered wherever you go

it traces back to chinese medicine, in china and japan they believe the belly is like the central "sea of chi" where all the vital organs are and the heat is generated, so low class out of touch men still walk around with their gut hanging out to cool it off
Thomas Trotshaw - Mon, 11 Sep 2017 04:29:20 EST qffTpFCC No.35429 Reply
Expected time is 3-4 days, that's from the website. Once again though, everything suggests that it might take longer because they could say
>oh no, 3-4 days for processing, application takes 1 month!

But the guy who got me the job is an old uni friend, he said it takes just under a week, and also that the center I'm going to tends to me more generous and gives you 2 years instead of one.

Also there's actually a pretty big expat community in Zhongshan, I've been told to expect lots of people asking for selfies and trying to buy me drinks when I'm in clubs. I'm fine with Laowai, I'm not trying to BE Chinese.

Generally though my friend (whose opinion I trust and is actually over there) has done nothing but talk about how awesome it is, he's been there 18 months and says he's gonna be sticking around for as long as possible.
George Sebblestock - Sat, 16 Sep 2017 01:05:14 EST sBI+3mYH No.35437 Reply

oh i got a 10 year tourist visa it was a pretty sweet deal
George Dunkinstock - Sat, 16 Sep 2017 03:56:49 EST BaRV67Zu No.35438 Reply
Fuck me man, how did you get that? I've got 2 years for 90 days at a time, but like I said, all I need to do is go to HK every 90 days to get my passport stamped.
Albert Smallfield - Sat, 16 Sep 2017 20:06:27 EST sBI+3mYH No.35439 Reply

yeah mine is only in 90 day increments. idk why they gave me 10 years, i was expecting a 2 year but got a 10, i think they were being generous that year or something for tourist visas. maybe to bump up tourist income. but yeah HK is the well-established reset spot for 90 day visa stays, people do it all the time from taiwan, SK, japan, singapore, etc. in fact HK doesn't even have passport stamps or proper customs tickets, they just give you a little square of paper with like 2 chinese characters on it, and you give it back when you leave lol because so many people pass through like a revolving door. also dude if you didnt know (I didnt because it didnt even occur to me to check), hong kong has its own currency, and hong kongers will get super pissed and offended if you try to pay with yuan and most will not take it
Edwin Goodfuck - Sat, 23 Sep 2017 02:04:49 EST fXvEkvI3 No.35449 Reply
Fuck me man.
I really, really, REALLY like it here. It still feels just like a Holiday so I am open to this all changing, but at the minute things are pretty much just about perfect.

It's fucking HOT down here, and super humid. But when you come from Scotland that's a welcome change, especially since autumn over there right now. The job I've got seems like a really good hustle to have. I don't get paid a huge amount but genuinely I can kinda live like a king off the wage here anyway.

It's a private boarding School, and the kids already have a proper Chinese English teacher who does tests and things like that. The foreigner taught classes (that I'm doing) are looked at as the "fun" classes the kids get, and those poor children are up at like 6am every day and get to bed at 9 (with "home" work lol) so our classes are basically a chance for them to play some games, listen to music, and watch movies.

Seriously, the only way you teach is by playing games. Usually the class gets split into boys and girls. So my new job is basically playing with a bunch of adorable hyped up Chinese kids. For anyone wondering, it's an English only classroom and so far I've been able to get by without any Mandarin, the school provides free classes though so I am going to start those soon. The Mandarin teacher we have is a wee cutie too.

We all went out and did karaoke last night and ended up at the club. Didn't buy one drink the entire time I was there because there were trays of half shots of brandy available to everyone to drink. Also Chinese EDM is fucking ridiculous, big stupid huge bangers played by a bored looking dude sitting on his phone. Literally NOBODY but me dancing.

I really feel like I've lucked out with this move and the placement I've got. In a super wealthy well off area with low crime rate and loads of great places to eat. I'm sure there's some brutal places to teach english but Zhongshan really isn't one of them.

I doubt I'll get much of a response here but if anyone has some questions or anything let me know and I'd be happy to explain. One last thing I'll say is that if you're thinking of doing something similar, just go for it. This is shaping up to be the best decision of my life so far.
Fucking Crecklehit - Sat, 23 Sep 2017 07:29:34 EST sBI+3mYH No.35451 Reply

lol good to hear it bud but i want to hear an update in a month of how you feel then
Jenny Brinnerville - Sat, 23 Sep 2017 21:33:16 EST fXvEkvI3 No.35453 Reply
Oh yeah don't worry about that. I had planned to have an anonymous travel blog just to act as a sort of diary, but unfortunately the website I was planning to post on is banned here. 420chan isn't though lol.

Also wechat is the total ONE over here. So bizarre to hear your boss asking you to "Add them on wechat".

For anyone wondering it's like whatsapp but with legitimacy. So far I've seen it essentially do the job of uber, just eat, pay pal, apple pay, messenger. Because you can use it to send money, there's little games you can play. Like, the boss sends out a "red letter" or some shit and if you click the message quick enough you can earn money. Just like 30 pence worth of stuff or whatever but it's still really bizarre.
Molly Buzzway - Mon, 09 Oct 2017 10:40:31 EST nTIrRein No.35481 Reply
if you get a break from work you could go to Yangshuo, it's a few hours by train. Its really touristy but also beautiful. There's a bar there called Monkey Jane's rooftop and its the definition of a dive bar. You can smoke weed all you want there and play beerpong with the bar owner. I forgot her name but she has alot of coffee-cup tattoos and some of Dutch football teams. I hung out there one night and at sunrise we all climbed a mountain to watch it.
Charles Findermudge - Sun, 15 Oct 2017 12:03:45 EST Sw/x1Bwf No.35489 Reply
Guilin is 100% on the agenda at some point. Legit I'll keep your suggestion in mind. This board is pretty slow and it's not as if your suggestion is going anywhere.

I'll be mostly sticking to Zhongshan until Chinese new year where I'm planning on going further north, but yeah everyone has told me about how amazing Guilin and the surrounding areas are so I'll defo get down there at some point.
Cyril Clayridge - Wed, 25 Oct 2017 10:48:53 EST ptiUYtr+ No.35498 Reply
I'll go through my post one point at a time.
>Really Really like it down here
Yup still enjoying myself, every day at some point I smile to myself and think "fucking china..." and it's just great.
>Fucking hot
Cooling down now but things are gonna get ridiculously hot next summer. It is insane how hot it can get, I don't know how anyone got anything done back in the day.

Everything I said about the classes still stands. Although it is kinda chaotic sometimes, lots of last minute changes. I'm also struggling with discipline. The Chinese teachers come and take control if things get out of hand but it's not a good feeling to just hand your authority off to them.

I've been out every weekend and am yet to buy a drink. Other than when I went to Hong Kong. The culture here is table beers and if you're white you can take them, that's the vibe I've got.
>I really feel like I've lucked out with this move and the placement I've got. In a super wealthy well off area with low crime rate and loads of great places to eat. I'm sure there's some brutal places to teach english but Zhongshan really isn't one of them.
Yeah this is exactly how I feel about it now. It's not a walk in the park but I've got Chinese friends who can help me out and the mandarin classes are helping.

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