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Militaryto Denmark

- Sun, 25 Sep 2016 07:53:31 EST uKlzap+S No.34310
File: 1474804411429.jpg -(49118B / 47.97KB, 690x388) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Militaryto Denmark
I'm in the USAF and I hate it and I've always hated the US. The decisions I've made are entirely out of necessity. I am currently working as a flight line mechanic. I am married. I want to move to Denmark because that country looks just so nice. Me and my wife are both dead set on moving to Denmark. How is that done? What opportunities might I have? Should I learn to speak their language? I just need all the info please. I got about three years until I can get out of the military. In the meantime should should I get a college degree? What should be my focus?

Pic unrelated
Phyllis Blarringford - Sun, 25 Sep 2016 11:17:51 EST 7XgmYQIK No.34311 Reply
go live on a sailboat instead. idk man I've tried this and the grass is always greener, I don't know much about denmark but just make sure it's not supposed to be some panacea. maybe you can join their air force?
Doris Fandock - Sun, 25 Sep 2016 11:38:35 EST fH6+NGWP No.34313 Reply
Don't know much about moving there, but I work as a tour guide and met people from all over the world.
In general I've found all the Scandinavian countries to be very competent and speaking English, other than a handful of elderly people I've met. I don't think it's quite as extreme as Berlin is, where you can get by not knowing any German, but it would obviously be polite to learn, AFAIK danish is the most difficult of them though, so best of luck!
Denmark is also one of those countries where most people live in the capital, by quite a large margin. I just googled it there and Copenhagen has a population of 1,153,615 and the next closest to that is Aarhus, with 237,551. So pretty much everyone is in Copanhagen which means it must also be the most international city that Denmark has, making it the easiest one to move to.

The only real advice I can give you is for you to go through with it though. Think about it. Start saving up money now, and by the time you leave the airforce you're be rich as fuck. Use the money to go traveling through Europe. Start in portugal, make your way through spain, france, switzerland, italy, through to croatia, up the czech republic, poland, then into germany and finally up to Denmark. That's how to do it.
Sarah Silverman - Sat, 01 Oct 2016 10:48:45 EST nfKXrY20 No.34333 Reply
You're a faggot harry
Hugh Wengerkotch - Sun, 02 Oct 2016 03:32:35 EST 3HEEkmaZ No.34336 Reply
>I want to live in a foreign country with my wife.
>Should I learn their language?

Wow, you couldn't sound more like a stereotypical American if you tried.
Emma Gezzlemedging - Mon, 03 Oct 2016 21:01:54 EST gq15jzc1 No.34344 Reply
Dane here.
Most Danes, especially the younger generation, speak English very well, but you can take classes to learn the language for free if you live here I think. Generally the living cost is high compared to the US, you pay a lot of taxes off of whatever you buy, and getting an apartment or house in any of the bigger cities is costly and very hard without having been on a waiting list for years or 'knowing someone'.

A college degree is a good idea, but maybe take it in Denmark if possible, I know plenty exchange students who don't know any danish attending their classes with no problems (they are carried out in English of course) If you are a student you will have a much easier time finding somewhere to live in the city. If you get a college degree either go for something teacher related or natural science.

Or you could move to the country, or live on one of the less populated islands like Samsø.

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