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What can You tell me about Ford vehicles?

- Mon, 18 Jun 2018 18:06:06 EST WqA0tUln No.35796
File: 1529359566067.gif -(1452580B / 1.39MB, 250x244) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What can You tell me about Ford vehicles?
> why should I trade my car in for another Ford
> why should I?
This is my first car and my mom gave it to me, the dealership wants me to trade it in for a newer one, but everyone tells me dont go for another Ford because they are like the McDonalds of car world. They are the first manufacturer but not the best.
This will be my first inquiry into cars, and could start me on really educating myself.

What about Ford makes you Not Want to have one? What do other car brands offer and can I trade a ford in to other dealerships or am I only allowed to trade in the dealership I got this one from?
Angus Sushcocke - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 01:00:23 EST kLBxN1J0 No.35797 Reply
bad depreciation, not the best reliability, i like chevy better
if your car you have now still works you should probably just keep it
William Bibberhadge - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 04:40:23 EST WqA0tUln No.35798 Reply
Its from 2003 and not working that great so im probably going to trade it
Might go with Chevy then, maybe Suburu, maybe Honda
Martin Blythedale - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 15:05:34 EST JtidlWLW No.35799 Reply
Just get a Honda bro. Cheap and easy will last you a while.
Matter of fact sell your crappy ford cash get a decent Honda paid off.
Save up for a nice Tahoe or wrx or whatever you really like.
Frederick Bebblebury - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 15:13:15 EST gUDmbrDd No.35800 Reply
fords were king for about 80 years, but lately all their shit has become bloated piece of shit plastic with transmissions that barely can make it to 200k miles. get a nissan or honda
Oliver Hopperdock - Thu, 21 Jun 2018 02:42:53 EST OuzmUcl/ No.35802 Reply
1529563373476.jpg -(15250B / 14.89KB, 311x162) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Exactly what brings me to making this thread

I had to get a new trans and im not even at 100k miles yet.

I am going to be trading this thing in sometime next year, because right now its what im living in and its design is sort of like a station wagon, not quite a hatchback.

Its got so many problems. Driver side window doesnt roll down, ubless i do a fucktom Of fidgeting like holding the button down while I flick my passenger window button up n down a bucnh which only works sometimes and only if the car has been roasting in the sun/cold freezes it completely.

Feels like i can barely exceed 40mph sometimes, others i have a lot of torque and can hit 70 without even pressing the gas that much.
Makes too many annoying noises for me, not from the engine but from the top of the car where a rack type thing for holding shit vibrates loosely all the time.

Point blank, i do not like my car. I am being offered a trade in without even asking, like, hey youre due for a trade in come stop by for newest model cuz yours is old!

However im done with ford, so, if not a WRX Subi then im probably going Chevy like the first reply told me. They seem to be fairly priced, and pretty good from what i read but who knows.
Oliver Brebberchit - Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:56:45 EST kLBxN1J0 No.35804 Reply
i still see a bunch of older malibus and impalas running around
Fanny Mumbleford - Sun, 08 Jul 2018 20:37:07 EST U4CpHt5A No.35816 Reply
I dont like ford because their modern vehicles cut so many corners in build quality and general robustness of the design. Just doing crap like sensors and headlights on my friend's focus would always result in cheap plastic breaking and finding almost every electrical connection melted. It also ate water pumps every 60k or so, and had the shittiest, most overactive abs ive ever experianced. Get anything japanese, or a chevy.
Fanny Mumbleford - Sun, 08 Jul 2018 20:39:46 EST U4CpHt5A No.35817 Reply
Also theyre begging you to trade it in because this is the last year for small cars from ford (except the mustang) and they wanna clear the lots out and sell your car themselves.
Shitting Grandridge - Mon, 09 Jul 2018 01:00:35 EST f6/Z58Ic No.35818 Reply
1531112435504.jpg -(264821B / 258.61KB, 793x524) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Okay guys OP here
> battery died earlier
> jumped it
> slow to start 3 times now
> decided to drive it to my workplace and park it overnight because i live in this shitty car solely for its station-wagon-like design and cant risk missing work
> someone i know who lives close by will jump me before i head to trusty repair shop in a few days to fix this

My question is; how do battery replacements work? I dont need to visit a Ford dealership and wait who knows how long do I? Will the place (Goodyear) have the battery I need or are batteries not specific and they just change mine real easy so i can be back to OK within that one day of repair work?

This car is going to ruin my life I swear
Samuel Chicklehood - Mon, 09 Jul 2018 05:02:59 EST gUDmbrDd No.35820 Reply

batteries are all the fucking same lol get one at walmart it has a 2 year warranty
Cornelius Hinningfuck - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 06:57:13 EST vSMdGn2B No.35821 Reply

This fucking guy


Car batteries have battery group sizes and those are based on the car's make and model. Check when the battery was made, the fresher the better and get it tested too (just ask a clerk). A battery on nominal condition should produce around 12.5 / 12.7 and even a tad more sometimes.

Also this is a good time to get your very own jumper cables (don't bother with chintzy cables) and get the old battery charged so you can jump your car yourself in emergencies.

To change the battery you unplug the negative (black) terminal first and then the positive one, when you have the new battery in place you plug it the opposite way (positive first and then negative). To jump your car you first hook the positive terminal to the car or battery that runs followed by the negative one then onto the dead car's positive terminal. When you're done with that you connect the negative cable on any metallic part in the engine bay of the dead car (not on the block or frame tho) the alternator is usually a good choice.
Shit Pittham - Sat, 14 Jul 2018 06:36:31 EST pNL6gxZF No.35822 Reply
just to add a bit, some later model fords have extremely compact engine blocks. My parent's 2014 escape, you gotta remove the airbox or the cowl to remove the battery. It's a big pain in the ass and i think it's intentional to encourage owners to spend more money at a dealership.
Eliza Hizzlesitch - Sat, 14 Jul 2018 09:19:05 EST 0ePV6l3K No.35823 Reply
lol you're fucking stupid, you can buy a battery for a specific car for $20 used, while you can get a new one for the same car for $400. There are different wattages and capacities you can buy. You also have to consider it's place in the engine compartment, some batteries are left side only, others are right side only.
Refer to your cars user manual, it will list what kind of battery you need
Simon Brookstone - Sun, 15 Jul 2018 00:44:24 EST gUDmbrDd No.35824 Reply

obviously voltage and amps should be checked you fucking ape monkeys. i mean if the specs are the same then get a cheaper one
Simon Nunkinfore - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 04:19:37 EST 0ePV6l3K No.35825 Reply
still gotta know which side its on lol
some batteries just don't fit. you gotta buy the right one for your compartment
William Tootfoot - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 10:07:17 EST GcBgHtQ8 No.35826 Reply
batteries, how do they work?
Edward Chommerspear - Wed, 18 Jul 2018 00:35:23 EST nyN0Ws6e No.35832 Reply
1531888523047.png -(1587655B / 1.51MB, 1363x708) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now that's quite different from "Hurr just get any betory" isn't it, you shit gorilla.
William Dimmerdock - Fri, 10 Aug 2018 07:44:34 EST XZ60kKny No.35837 Reply
1533901474109.png -(945303B / 923.15KB, 1011x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The steering wheel is so big, im confident they were designed for people suffering from Obesity.
Phyllis Cludgefield - Mon, 13 Aug 2018 20:55:14 EST 70Ybgb7U No.35838 Reply
keep it, you may be obese someday.

Seriously though, if you maintain cars they can last a long time.
Nigel Duckdale - Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:51:29 EST EYtSLv/x No.35995 Reply
This, OP. Battery swaps are ridiculously easy. Just walk your old battery into an auto parts retailer. They offer free battery disposal usually so that's a plus, AND they will show you which battery will fit your car. I did pay like $100 for a spankin' new one but it was worth it.

Honestly if your current car is WORKABLE you should watch YouTube videos about how to fix it up. I watched a LOT of ChrisFix vids when I was working on my last car. It's really quite easy to do regular maintenance on almost any car, provided you have the right tools. Get a hand me down socket set because that'll be your bread and butter. The only things I wouldn't personally try to upkeep are transmissions and engine blocks. Spark plugs, mufflers, batteries and the like are all basic fare for car maintenance.

As for brands, anything Toyota makes lasts FOREVER. Toyota is, to me, the ultimate consumer car company. Their stuff is built well enough to take a beating, and simply enough to be easily accessible for maintenance operations.

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