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Urban Camping General

- Tue, 26 Mar 2019 07:16:17 EST ZZWaHc37 No.35993
File: 1553598977108.png -(1919054B / 1.83MB, 1332x631) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Urban Camping General
I've been camping and traveling and living the vagabond life since 2015.
This is my thread on how to advice you on how to find a place to camp in nearly any city while traveling.

First you need to consider the weather and what you need from your camp spot.
Will it be cold, will it be windy, will it be wet, will it be dusty, safe etc?

You should also get familiar with several camping techniques and some light bush crafting skills such as how to make a lean to that can hide your tent for example, make small hard to detect fires and so on.

Once you have that you want to start scouting for a location.
This relies heavily on the country and town your in on what you should be looking for. I live in a very population dense city so the best options are on the edge of town for example.
A less populated city will allow you to live closer to town.

Usually long term actual homeless people take up the best spots that are also usually the most visual. They rely on their stigma in society to be left alone.
You don't have this benefit. So we need to look a bit further off the beaten path.

In Europe I find some of the best easiest to find spots are under inaccessible highway overpasses.
Not big major ones either as they are loud, viable and usually covered in litter.
Go to one that isn't visible from the road or is between a bunch of weird highway connections for example.
They are usually totally over grown and litter free.
No one will ever bother you there. You can stay for months on end with a full camp site.

For more in the city, look for abandoned buildings obviously.
Other wise head to your largest park.

There are about 100 people or so living in this park full time. But most of them live in the far north part of it where no really goes much.
I managed to find a spot right between two walking paths that was about 1/4 and acre but it was so dense no one bothered going in. I hollowed out the center area with my hatchet and and made a small camp.
For stealth camping like this get a portable gas burner.
I stayed in this camp nearly 6 months totally undisturbed.
If I had to leave my camp for more than a few days I would break down the camp, wrap all my stuff in my black tarp. I had a shallow hole that I put it in then covered it with branches.

Another tip is to scour google maps for totally ruined buildings you can camp in.
Europe seems to have alot of abandoned stuff scattered around. I've more than one time camped for a week in a house with no roof and just set up my tarp and found some chairs

Camping in plain sight.
In an emergency I've literally put a tent up on peoples yards and in apartment complexes if i felt i was in a dangerous area.
In these cases dont make a fire, if police come explain that your traveling (even if you aren't) and you needed to sleep for one night. Every time they have let me go.

Camping where others are too scared to camp.
Abandoned military bases are rarely actually checked up on by their owners and most people are too afraid to go in for being caught.
Spent a month in a half abandoned navy base in brindisi italy.

If your city is near the water you can find alot of little inaccessible corners near the water. Not all water front property is ideal for building on and can just be left to rot. Islands are also very good if you have a way to get back and forth from the island.
I stayed on a small island in italy that had a public boat going to and from it a few times a day. The population of the island was pretty small.

Most interesting spot, Once on the roof of a Mcdonalds in the Cz republic on the high way.

Places to avoid in my opinion
Construction sites
Churches unless you ask specific permission
Open feilds
Active military bases
Places with alot of polution 36.777065, -2.727760 map coords to the dirtiest place Ive ever slept, in Spain. They make these plastic sheeting greenhouses to grow tomatoes and it just flies around in the the wind and gets every where

Im finding it hard to give specific advice, so ask me some questions.

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