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- Sat, 20 Jul 2019 10:29:26 EST 99kgUE1S No.36083
File: 1563632966441.jpg -(2126845B / 2.03MB, 3202x5000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Truckers
Anyone here a trucker?
What's that like?
How much can I make year 1?
Priscilla Goodforth - Sat, 20 Jul 2019 21:46:16 EST BKUctP1h No.36084 Reply
I don't do OTR like you're probably talking about but I've driven heavy duty and medium duty trucks for over a year now.

It's nice compared to the regular job. Getting the chance to drive shit and heavy loads around is a nice relief from my shitty job. You have AC and heat. A nice comfy air-ride seat, a radio, and nobody to bother you except other cars.

Driving a tractor trailer is aight but I mostly do heavy haul kind of stuff with 3 axle trailers and 3 axle trucks that have an air ride tag axle. It makes tight roads and shit a bit of a pain. Driving dump trucks, straight trucks, and flatbeds is the really nice thing to do. Especially if it is a load and drop and you aren't trying to stay under a moving conveyor or whatever. Spreading stone is a pretty sweet gig too.

Go to truckers truth or the trucker report and just start reading. I wouldn't get into trucking if you aren't mechanically inclined and good with man-machine interfaces with shit. I've seen dudes who can't drive a lawn mower try and get a CDL and it is a joke. You got few who can pass the written test. And usually even fewer who can do the pre-trip. Then you get to the backing test which a lot of people fail and then the road test which isn't too bad usually if you know what you're looking for.

Just a word of advice though. No mega-carrier is going to take you and probably no small job is going to take you if you don't go through a CDL-mill to get your license. I got mine a weird way and I've never done OTR but I doubt they would let me OTR at a mega-carrier without getting at least 30k miles with a trainer or whatever is equal to 2 months or so. CDL mills are expensive and you get shitty training typically. Community college trucking programs usually have a private tester so you bypass the DMV cunts and also you get way more seat time and better instruction and more knowledge of being on the road and doing runs OTR.

I do heavy hauling and flatbed shit and need to know how to tie shit down safely. Flatbedding is a whole different world than just dry van or reefer loads. You really gotta be on point shifting too if you got a manual. I also drive split rear-ends often too so I have a hi-low rear axle and a hi-low trans shifter hanging off my stick. It is a must with under-powered trucks pulling a lot of weight.

I've thought about getting into OTR the past few months and if I did I'd go with Jim Palmer or Wiltrans. Stay away from CRST, CR England, Swift, Covenant, CFI, and Marten/Walmart. Fedex and UPS jobs are cock too. Swift takes on felons I think though and they pay for their own training they give you after a year or something I think. Jim Palmer/Wiltrans will put you through their school but they don't take any old fucktard. You gotta want it. Also, any company that puts a big emphasis on Jesus is going to con the fuck out of you, work the shit out of you, have terrible equipment, and fuck with your pay. Avoid anyone who mentions Christianity as part of their business.

I stopped in the middle of this post and lost my train of thought. I can answer other questions though.
Priscilla Goodforth - Sat, 20 Jul 2019 22:03:57 EST BKUctP1h No.36085 Reply
Oh yeah. I didn't even answer your questions.

>What's that like?
Quiet and boring. Pretty easy. They hype it up like it is some hard thing but it is just a lazy mans job. You're going to get fat and grizzled. Your life will basically be...

>Back roads, back roads, backrods.
>Interstate, interstate, interstate.
>Back roads, back roads, and some more backroads.
>Get into town or terminal or whatever.
>Sit and wait a while.
>Catch another load there or bobtail to another load near by. Do the same thing again. Maybe get stopped by the DOT along the way one day or have something break and fuck up your day.

>How much can I make year 1?
Depends. If they con you into a lease or are terrible with money you'll maybe make probably somewhere between nothing and a pittance. If you don't lease a truck and drive a company truck and don't fuck yourself with per diem you'll make about 600-1000 a week give or take. Usually around 700-800 if you aren't a complete fucktard and are with a company that has decent dispatchers. Most companies are starting around 30-33cpm. Some do other things like longevity bonuses, tarping pay, tiedown pay, safety bonuses, layover, holiday, Northeast Bonus etc. If you run as much as you can and get a decent dispatcher at a decent company you can put 850 dollars in your pocket every week of the year all year long. That is mid-40's in gross pay. Now what you net is a different story. Some companies don't provide you with shit as far as benefits and others are unionized and I have no idea how they work at all. It is really all over the place since it is such a weird industry.

Once you get decent and can put down somewhere near 500 mi a day. So legally around 2500-3000 miles per week. Then assuming you are making over 35 cpm you can get about 1000 dollars a week. If you are really new to this, the days of meth fueled speedballing truckers is over. Everything is e-logged now with the feds and you can't cook the log books. The days of a week long bender bumping coke and putting down 7000 miles are long gone and are never coming back ever. The days of bringing lot lizards into your truck and fucking their STD riddled cunts are also long over. Most trucks have cameras facing the driver and forwards ahead of the truck. Many have trackers that go off if you hit a bump or whatever and dispatch then tunes in to watch what you're doing or whatever. The vast majority of mega-carriers keep a driver for 6 months and treat them like steering wheel holders. You are just a number in this line of work and nobody gives a fuck about you or your truck or anything. Just get the shit there on time with what you have and that is it. OTR fits some people but it is an extremely high turnover career field. You're also really on getting paid like 2-3 dollars an hour too if you factor in your time. Unless you run day cabs or local jobs it is tough being a truck driver. It isn't like what they advertise on the radio. You don't just up and get your CDL in half a day like you did your car license and then start making 80k a year.

Most successful guys run and learn the ropes for a couple years at most and then buy their own truck and run owner/op or get a cushy local job where they are home every night.
Jack Chupperman - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 11:56:56 EST 99kgUE1S No.36087 Reply

Oh and why would I avoid Christian companies? I'm not Christian myself, but they are usually happy and caring folks. Definitely my favorite out of all the religious people.
Priscilla Goodforth - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 13:45:03 EST BKUctP1h No.36090 Reply
They usually use Jesus to draw in people who are push-overs and shit. Not always the case but usually they are using their religion to hide a bunch of bullshit they do behind the scenes. There is always some bullshit where they are fucking with pay or giving you complete turds for equipment and giving you shit routes etc. There are just better companies out there.

It isn't meant to be a shot at christianity or christians. You just got a few folks in any business who will do that shit. It is like working for a church or whatever. Most of them are going to be cheap as all fuck and expect you to do shit for the kindness out of your heart.

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