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Home extracts

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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 23:04:05 EST JiO4Kc7n No.4929314
File: 1570590245556.jpg -(93126B / 90.94KB, 887x1049) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Home extracts
I just made a vape cart and the cart was leaky so I screwed it on my pen real quick and ripped it a few times to seal it up, now my head has expanded beyond the confines of what a normal person would consider to be within limits. Anyone else out there get hoist by their own petard? Any recipes / tips for good home extracts?

Picture is unrelated to the post.
Marley Hashington - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 01:08:22 EST 9mTTSp/D No.4929325 Reply
1570597702397.jpg -(7665B / 7.49KB, 300x159) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
rosin from dry sift is about the best hash oil you'll ever smoke, thats my opinion anyway, it takes a lot of weed to make a decent sized stash of the stuff. the best thing i ever dabbed was dry ice hash from fresh bud that pressed into a large flat disk and dabbed off a large platter at low temp to prevent the particulates from burning, tastes exactly like what the fresh plant smells like, that was really mind-blowing, the guy who showed me that trick is a really inventive dude.
Frederick Brocklebury - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 10:47:37 EST qT7hHub/ No.4929337 Reply
1570632457150.jpg -(404485B / 395.00KB, 1600x1892) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well the truth is that dry ice hash is good shit, and less complex than homebrewing... Less mess too, and less time.


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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 22:21:20 EST 7YqTTny6 No.4929313
File: 1570587680606.jpg -(164609B / 160.75KB, 1536x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Detox
I havent smoked weed since labor day (Sept 2) which was 36 days ago. I got a piss test on monday the 14th. Ive been taking practice tests and they return as passes but with a very very faint line for the passing area. Im scared that i wont have a convincing pass come monday. What is the secret to getting the devils lettuce completely out of me? I really need this job so please /weed/ help me out, youre my only hope.
I'm at 6ft 210lbs, 27% body fat
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Marley Hashington - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 01:13:27 EST 9mTTSp/D No.4929326 Reply
>ass bitch
a female donkey is called a jenny
or are you referring to a male donkey/female dog chimera of some sort?
Charlotte Nattinggold - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 10:26:45 EST Bp76w3Fb No.4929335 Reply

are you enthusiastic ?
I don't imagine any other way you would not understand the implications in what he was saying.


Prefilled THC Oil Vape Carts

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- Tue, 03 Sep 2019 18:15:01 EST jeF9Bz22 No.4927827
File: 1567548901389.jpg -(19672B / 19.21KB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Prefilled THC Oil Vape Carts
So I'm typically a flower guy and my buddy turned me on to the prefilled carts recently.

For 60 bucks I got 2 Carts saying thc 92% one was Zookies and the other was Forbidden Fruit or something like that. The label says Vice Cannibus Co and has sclabs on it so it looks like it's been tested. So far, totally great. I'm getting blazed on them and they last twice as long as my usual stash of flower. I've noticed I cough less and don't need to smoke as much to get high. The smell is almost non-existent, high is pretty similar and the taste is arguably better though this is abit subjective.

I've been reading about how vape oil is putting kids in the hospital but I wonder how much is propaganda from cigarette companies and how much is real. I've heard bootleg carts can have pesticides and aren't tested and those are what are making people sick. Let me know if I'm on the right track here?

Also my buddy said he can get me 4 carts instead of 2 for 60 but the brand would be different. He showed me the box for Dank Vapes. These are one of the fake untested ones from the news if I remember correctly? I checked the label and it's holographic and seems genuine however it doesn't say sclabs on it making me think it hasn't been tested or licensed. Also the thc percentage is 80something percent which seems lower for a concentrate. Not sure if that matters.

Obviously would rather pay more to get the one that seems tested and safe. Let me know what you guys think and I appreciate it. Cheers.
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Walter Clappersig - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 18:35:56 EST uULHbMr7 No.4929302 Reply

I havnt been on this board in over 8 years. what the fuck are you kids doing nowadays?
Hamilton Perryson - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 19:44:15 EST pd8XDlSp No.4929309 Reply
1570578255750.jpg -(2826167B / 2.70MB, 4128x3096) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
if the percentage is printed on the box its 100% fake the testing results are always a sticker on the box i wanted to go to the dispensary today to take some pictures and show you what i get here but it was late when i got done work also 80 isnt low for concentrate ive had great live resin that was 68% also some good thc cbd mixes that were like 46%thc 36% cbd in the picture the one on the left is terrapin fruit stand 81%thc and 41$ here and the one on the right is green crack from standard farms 60$ and 69.8%thc i get 20% off though and those are pa medical prices

Drug test

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- Thu, 12 Sep 2019 16:43:14 EST 5Jd1SBa7 No.4928182
File: 1568320994340.jpg -(30260B / 29.55KB, 720x482) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Drug test
I just got hired for a warehouse job and I really needed this job badly, it's been weeks since i last smoked but i want to minimize risk, any last advice for maximizing cleanliness without diluting my piss too much? I was gonna do the 5 hour energy and fatty food method but I'd like more suggestions if any. I really can not fuck this up
16 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Hamilton Crippernedge - Tue, 24 Sep 2019 03:18:57 EST BBqJ9gBH No.4928703 Reply
warehouse worker here ive worked hella jobs and was high every day for all of them. only the darker skinned island people noticed. indians africans and asians
don't have the slightest clue.
that being said drink tons of water , hack tons of darts if you also eat a bunch there isnt a more cheap and legitimate way to remove the substance from your kidneys before youre tested. and find a new job
Edith Ethelbert - Tue, 24 Sep 2019 07:20:54 EST 4NXZCktU No.4928707 Reply
Others have recommended synthetic urine and I will too. I’ve used it twice to pass 10-panel pre-employment drug screenings. Drug tests are a fucked up invasion of privacy.
Fucking Derryham - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 18:56:39 EST Qb/CO0Gj No.4929306 Reply
Generally pot can be detected up to 30 days after your last use. There are a lot of variables like how often you smoke, how much, how strong and your own weight. The detectable chemical in pot is stored in your fat cells. If you are skinny your body holds less of those chemicals.

How to (hopefully) beat the test.
Put as much time between when you last used and the test, if possible. Every day helps. Exercise is the best way to get the fat cells to give up the detectable stuff, but don't do it on the day of the test, for exactly that same reason.

Water down the sample by doing the following, The morning of the test, piss in the morning, and then drink anything (water, juice, beer :) and include creatine, which is available anywhere. The creatine help the diluted pee not fail for other reasons.

In my own opinion, everything else is wishful thinking.

Weed is so much better than alcohol

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- Thu, 03 Oct 2019 16:31:23 EST Ql4kYLdY No.4929125
File: 1570134683929.jpg -(98138B / 95.84KB, 1120x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Weed is so much better than alcohol
Glad I made the switch

>healthier, doesn't harm liver or brain
>no hangover
>comfy feeling lasts and doesn't cause a headache after a few hours
>doesn't make people get angry or be assholes
>doesn't cause people to yap yap YAP all night, makes people shut their damn mouths and chill tf out
14 posts and 3 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Khan Spacerider - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 03:07:34 EST /KD6uIvX No.4929280 Reply
Alcohol has its place. A drink or two and you can really easily socialize confidently, makes pulling girls easier. Weed feels better, but is anxiety inducing and makes me lazy. And stupid.
Creaton Jiveturkey - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 09:24:34 EST 2oy8CcoN No.4929286 Reply

>makes pulling girls easier

Maybe your game is just weak. And being inebriated helps pull dumb sluts maybe, but that's not good for you either.

Free weed

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- Sat, 05 Oct 2019 20:40:23 EST i36GDVUj No.4929201
File: 1570322423849.jpg -(724717B / 707.73KB, 2560x1929) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Free weed
Found a baggy on the ground in front of my flat (where mostly only students live) when I came home tonight. Someone must have dropped it. Hopefully by accident.
Question is, do I smoke this mystery weed?
4 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nell Dorringkock - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 01:29:46 EST 175vB7Ye No.4929212 Reply
If I found weed and someone came around asking if I found weed, there's no way I'm answering that question. Smoke it or throw it back.
Augustus Grandstone - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 00:54:33 EST 9mTTSp/D No.4929240 Reply
Did you smoke it yet, Lillian or are a gaymosexual faggit?
Clara Chinninggold - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 05:06:02 EST i36GDVUj No.4929248 Reply
I did. Must have been some good stuff cause I barely remember anything from the gig.

Is Norml a good nonprofit?

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- Thu, 03 Oct 2019 01:33:34 EST 4q/KFMcc No.4929106
File: 1570080814275.png -(30965B / 30.24KB, 1150x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is Norml a good nonprofit?
i need to get out of the house and i want to help with the legalization effort but ive never worked for a charity or nonprofit.

are they reputable? im skeptical of most of these groups. sometimes they are crooked and i dont want that on my conscience.
11 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Betsy Noddleberk - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 10:45:27 EST SbmWXSpK No.4929227 Reply

It is illegal to make hard spirits in any US state without a license, however.

But mostly because if you brew beer wrong then all you're left with is a bunch of smelly, yeasty gunk ... If you run your distiller wrong then you'll probably blow your house up and kill yourself.
Comma Collon - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 12:25:43 EST lR2Ym+XJ No.4929228 Reply
Well yes, this is a rule because people were burning down whole neighborhoods running still. There are limits to how many pot plants you can grow in your house for similar reasons.
Augustus Grandstone - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 00:51:46 EST 9mTTSp/D No.4929238 Reply
Oregon has the strictest mandatory cannabis testing of any state with legalization and thats where people are, for the first time in all of recorded history, dying as a result of ingesting marijuana. What does that tell you about the trustworthiness of commercial products? The corporate model for product safety testing in most industries is to test the wares on the general public and let the lawyers, insurance, lobbyists and politicians save your ass if something goes wrong.
Go to the licensed and tested dispensary and smoke those thalidomide haze and boeing 737 headband MAX carts.
If you really want to put yourself in a position to be confident about whats in your stuff, the only way is to either grow your own or learn about spectroscopy and start running your own tests.

Best way to smoke?

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- Mon, 30 Sep 2019 14:45:40 EST Le090fJY No.4929000
File: 1569869140297.gif -(656141B / 640.76KB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Best way to smoke?
What do you guys think that the best and/or most economical way of smoking is?
I've been smoking for about 15 years, but typically I just pack a bowl in a pipe or something. I'm not into dabs and smoke about 1 gram per day. Weed is legal here and I rarely pay more than $10 USD per gram. So over a month, that is about $300. If I buy an ounce, I can expect to pay over 50, but I usually just buy a couple grams at a time, because I buy an ounce, it is gone in about two weeks.
Is there a better or more efficient way of smoking?
29 posts and 10 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nigel Clerringlure - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 15:27:55 EST O0nyoMIg No.4929197 Reply
I smoke a long thin pipe like that, but its got a bigger bowl because i'm usually smoking ground flower rather than stronger stuff. I've tried a lot of other paraphernalia over the years, but the long skinny pipe is what I use almost always, king of the mountain since before the turn of the 20th century.
David Sarringdere - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 13:11:59 EST 1Mnxsqew No.4929229 Reply
Gravity bong, tbh. most efficient way possible.
Shitting Momblewirk - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 22:36:27 EST 2kIyOeL2 No.4929236 Reply




T Break

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- Fri, 04 Oct 2019 17:54:06 EST q09OTuWo No.4929165
File: 1570226046877.jpg -(66824B / 65.26KB, 490x648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. T Break

I have been using marijuana for a month, and I have been taking 150 mg thc everyday. I can’t get high now. How long should my t break be?
4 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
George Sibberbedge - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 01:51:41 EST sYodTGzO No.4929215 Reply
dont listen to these retards dont drug test yourself just take a couple weeks off
Barbecue Hernandez - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 07:31:36 EST O4895+K7 No.4929223 Reply
>I can’t get high now.

quit altogether. if that short period ruined your tolerance then your body is fucked up. switch to alcohol/

look at all that tar

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- Fri, 27 Sep 2019 21:06:17 EST gwXEqG7w No.4928833
File: 1569632777875.jpg -(1525777B / 1.46MB, 1840x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. look at all that tar
This is what we are putting into our bodies.
25 posts and 7 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nell Worthingson - Sun, 06 Oct 2019 03:03:39 EST O6qW6vSB No.4929217 Reply
I live in a place where weed is still very much illegal.
I walk around in public and in bars openly using this thing and nobody bats an eyelid/has a clue.

High terpene and CBD percentages in extracts?

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- Fri, 04 Oct 2019 00:48:08 EST yIWZx875 No.4929150
File: 1570164488409.jpg -(57227B / 55.89KB, 620x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. High terpene and CBD percentages in extracts?
What are the higher ranges of terpenes and CBD ratios in extracts?

The highest percentages I usually get are 6-7% total terpenes and 2.5% CBD from the extracts I buy.
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Edward Brinningbury - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 07:36:27 EST Dasl1H4E No.4929186 Reply
Sadly this nerd is correct. If you want all the cannabinoids, you need fspec or flower only.
Beatrice Blytheshit - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 10:04:06 EST aPMPqpTH No.4929188 Reply
You can get extracts that are almost all CBD and no THC if you want or anywhere in between. As for terpene levels the highest terpene extracts are usually live resins, 6-7 is good but it can go even higher for some strains.

Government Weed

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- Thu, 19 Sep 2019 17:55:14 EST phHKcE5r No.4928484
File: 1568930114602.jpg -(1500137B / 1.43MB, 1840x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Government Weed
Actually really like these government packaging. Gives you a neat little bottle you can keep joints fresh in!
27 posts and 6 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Right Said Dredd - Thu, 03 Oct 2019 17:43:27 EST AcvRJ0FC No.4929131 Reply

The irony of the situation is that this specific weed is grown in Ontario :)
Mab Splattershit - Fri, 04 Oct 2019 00:41:28 EST yIWZx875 No.4929149 Reply
I hate the packaging of legal weed. It's fucking wasteful. Just put in it a brown bag or wax paper for extract.
Raymundo VonRibbentropp - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 00:41:01 EST ll3iiyDa No.4929178 Reply
I've bought a bunch of different ones now. Some are harsher than others, I'd like to think it's reflected in the price and it seems to be but who knows.

I vape that shit. the flavors vary a lot. but they seem to all have pretty much the same effect for a given thc content. The exception is the low thc high cbd stuff which makes me pretty chill and mostly clear headed

poop correlation

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- Thu, 03 Oct 2019 21:45:31 EST 3opeEoIe No.4929139
File: 1570153531958.jpg -(13802B / 13.48KB, 570x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. poop correlation
What's up with my poop looking like the bud I just smoked?
Like, if I smoke popcorn buds, my poop is small and fluffy.
If I smoke pre-ground, my poop comes out in tiny specks by the hundreds.
If I smoke foxtail, my poop is lumpy.

Why is this happening?
Eliza Bushpudge - Fri, 04 Oct 2019 00:37:24 EST jDnmDx2N No.4929148 Reply
Your latent mutant powers have finally shown up, your power is to alter the shape of your poop depending on what you've consumed. Dr. Xavier and his X-Men will be there soon to enlist you in their mutant terrorist organisation, so you may use your gifts for their twisted purposes.

Your nickname shall be Brown Bomber.

Reminder if you're a Virginia resident, spam vote Democrat this November

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- Wed, 02 Oct 2019 21:04:18 EST pXX9tqev No.4929102
File: 1570064658920.png -(1721697B / 1.64MB, 1440x2880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Reminder if you're a Virginia resident, spam vote Democrat this November

Other than legalizing weed, there are other reasons you should never vote republican and I'll list them

>>They'll raise your taxes if you're poor or middle class give it to the military and continue to plot against legitimate based nation's like Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, north Korea, syria, and china
>>They're mostly Protestant and papalist, people who took a beautiful, oppulent, and aincient religion and fucked it like an octopus raping an anime female
>>They're inbred rednecks who's ancestors had slaves and fought for the Confederacy like Mitch McConnell
>>They'll take your tax dollars and give it to Israel to genocide the Palestinians
>>They want to take away your choice to abort your down syndrome retarded deformed fetus
>>They wan to keep you poor and miserable
>>They want to take your social security and welfare away
>>they think vaccines cause enthusiasm
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Abner Grovile - Fri, 04 Oct 2019 12:52:09 EST 0A9KQ5ZG No.4929160 Reply
I'd be surprised if VA legalizes weed before NC does.
Martha Peckleshaw - Fri, 04 Oct 2019 14:19:34 EST 6QNI8La3 No.4929162 Reply
Dude. Fuck. Off.

Political parties are brands. When you go to the voting booth, vote your conscience. Anyone who tells you to do otherwise for any reason should murder themselves immediately.
George Febblehood - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 16:48:09 EST 3BhFQCyC No.4929199 Reply

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