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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
Starting a career in weed Ignore Report Reply
Jarvis Sasslewell - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 18:50:13 EST ID:j8xsesE/ No.4919915
File: 1553640613304.jpg -(82008B / 80.09KB, 670x767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 82008
I'm moving out to Seattle in the summer, and being in a legal state presents me with the opportunity to make weed my work. Anyone got advice for someone wanting to get into legal weed? Any useful skills or background knowledge? Open to farming/processing/storekeeping
Penis McHard - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 21:21:32 EST ID:4upWakLx No.4919922 Ignore Report Reply
I honestly don't know much about the legal weed business, but I'd imagine its a tough market to get into. Just because every other stoner out there wants a career in the cannabis industry. But again just an assumption for I still live in a illegal state.
Xane Perosteck - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 21:43:13 EST ID:VrJ6ziKL No.4919923 Ignore Report Reply
I hear it sucks. At least I hear working for NETA sucks
Caroline Chidgespear - Tue, 26 Mar 2019 23:54:52 EST ID:n/e4eHKE No.4919925 Ignore Report Reply
I feel the same, to me it's the adult equivalent of kids going "I want to make video games when I grow up" and then it ends up being oversaturated and far more stressful while paying less than alternatives (other programming/farming jobs)
Fucking Dumblefuck - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 04:25:14 EST ID:mmN+ueqv No.4919933 Ignore Report Reply
>to me it's the adult equivalent of kids going "I want to make video games when I grow up"

this. "expectation versus reality" meme waiting to happen
Clara Clayshaw - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 05:36:02 EST ID:1alzr1qz No.4919938 Ignore Report Reply
Reality, you would be trimming weed. Working in a warehouse grow Unless you really know weed or are a fast learner of strains, etc. It's basically a mundane job as far as trimming goes. Growing would be pretty fun, gotta know something though. Here there is a basic turnover for trimmers.
Reality, perks may be free weed? But can't be all high and work. Reality is, weed is almost free anyway.

I did though have an opportunity to jump right into the business when it started as a medical marijuana 'experement,' it was all there. I would have had a high level position and be driving a expensive car, have a nice house, everything. I presented myself well, not applying for a job
though, they came to me to do technical work for them. Noticed my abilities, my sincerity.
I screwed it all up by losing direction. I would have been handling finances, accountant, legal stuffs, that was the first dispensary in our state. But drinking showed my weakness, when I should have been excelling I wasn't, was taking things too leisurely, casually at the time.
Thinking everything was just put there for me. I should have been serious about my
opportunities and surroundings 100% at the time. Which I was mostly. But,

Yea as person said, especially (I assume) in Seattle, everybody and their mother wants in.
So have a backup plan until you find something in the weed business.
Clara Clayshaw - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 06:21:56 EST ID:1alzr1qz No.4919940 Ignore Report Reply
Oh yea, dude, or dudette, DO NOT TOUCH HERION, Seattle does have a scene that is quite open. I did it twice, could have had a free dope for life.

My best friend, my girlfriend died from an overdose. She always took the doors off the hinges to the bathrooms she lived at and put up a curtain because,, obvious is obvious.

Only one person who was a long term h addict I liked, he was pretty cool. Smiled and joked a lot, talked a lot.
All others had no personality.

The west coast basically gets black tar heroin, the most efficient way to do it is injecting it.
Don't even think, yea I'll just try it once. regardless of how you can do it. Stay away from
anybody that does it, plain and simple. Not trying to be MR this or that. Just know it can
be easy to get caught up in something that really isn't the person that they were
supposed to or could be. Good luck on your adventures.
Martin Gashlock - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 06:23:15 EST ID:9BUbqUew No.4919941 Ignore Report Reply
you don't need to know anything to grow weed, its a minimum wage job. people grew weed in the 1800s without advanced degrees, how the fuck do you think they did that?
Archie Clibblesten - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:59:28 EST ID:qTQ7ZgzK No.4919943 Ignore Report Reply

Good advice, my addition is if you are going to do it know full well what you are doing. Using a highly addictive substance that has ruined and ended more lives than it has helped. I tried it quite a few times with a friend who was a responsible user (it's possible). It's fun, but only do it once at a time (at least a week or two between sessions) and be very, VERY careful. Know everything about what you're doing and what you're putting in your body. And be in a safe place where you know you're safe to sit and not be bothered for a good long while.

Sorry I know no one was asking about Heroin, that was a cool short period of my younger years though.
Miles Edgeworth - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 11:27:59 EST ID:sYrsqHhW No.4919946 Ignore Report Reply
This is now a heroin harm reduction thread. Have a sober friend with you and some narcan just in case it's fent. It's always fent

Don't do it more than once every two months, and even that shouldn't be consistent. If you find yourself thinking about the next time you can dose, drop it all together.

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