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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

First time smoking weed stories

- Wed, 11 Sep 2019 20:39:38 EST DNUD1QS2 No.4928144
File: 1568248778075.png -(305259B / 298.10KB, 652x365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. First time smoking weed stories
Made this post about 3 years ago. Time to start it up again. Everyone is welcome to share!
Here is mine
>Be me.
>Sophomore year of high school, around Christmas break I believe.
>I have been obsessed with researching weed, and really wanted to try it.
>Bring up idea to my friends who have also never smoked.
>One of them end of smoking one weekend and say they have some left over.
>Hell yeah.jpg
>Friday night comes, and I head to my friend's house.
>Could not be more excited.
>We wait till his parents go to sleep, and he pulls out the stash.
>It was my first time seeing weed in person, never even smelled it before.
>"Smell this shit bruhhhhh."
>Takes whiff.
>"That stinks wtf?"
>"Hell yeeaahhh brrrrooo."
>Looking back on it now, that weed was dirty as fuck, and didn't even smell that strong. Despite my past research, I honestly thought this was some dank shit.
>Friend doesn't have a pipe, and shows me the good o'l soda can trick.
>I think it's the coolest shit ever.
>Friend also doesn't have a lighter, so we use fucking matches.
>We literally smoke shit weed on a coke can with matches.
>Cough like a bitch.
>Goes back inside.
>"Woaaahh I'm high ddudee."
>No I wasn't, massive placebo effect.
>Realized later that weekend I probably didn't get high, but still happy I got to try it.
>Wait til
Fucking McFuck - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 22:36:01 EST Z0SvI2d5 No.4928147 Reply
So, I'm in, like, ninth or tenth grade. A friend of mine notices that I'm a little wound up, between schoolwork and some drama from my parents and shit. He decides to smoke me out for the first time. That Friday, I ride the bus home with him. He pulls his little metal pipe and stash out, then we head out behind his shed. Dude lives on, like, eight or ten acres, and there's a bunch of privacy bushes along the property line, so we're only really hiding from his parents.

He packs the pipe, pulls out a lighter, and hand both to me. He goes over the basics of how to hit it. It's just a basic small metal pipe, so the procedure is just light it and inhale. I spark it and inhale like a boss.

About two seconds later, I start coughing like the fucking newbro I was. I'm able to pass the lighter and pipe back to my friend. He finishes off the bowl, because I'm catching my breath, and realizing I may be high just from one hit.

We pack another bowl, and I get another two or three hits. Yep, I'm blazed like a mother fucker. We go inside, grab some snacks, and then head over to our other friend's house for video games and shit.

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