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Ju1cebox Press & Nail

- Sat, 04 Apr 2020 21:23:30 EST wfiq2XtP No.4936152
File: 1586049810299.png -(231554B / 226.13KB, 516x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ju1cebox Press & Nail
Ju1cebox Rosin Press with E-Nail Package

Was $187 for Black Friday...

Ayy, I'm waiting to see if this will go on a crazy 420 sale, has anyone used it?

I am BRAND NEW to concentrates, is this everything I need? Will I be wanting something else soon after? Any easy cheap upgrades or tips? Thank y'all and smoke on
Valentina Smegtooth - Sat, 04 Apr 2020 22:41:14 EST ue/mEDeD No.4936154 Reply
Looks like it should work, just put the weed in
Bongdrop Macgyver - Mon, 06 Apr 2020 00:15:46 EST 33EFZ5eA No.4936186 Reply
Judging by the clearly fake reviews I would guess it's not going to be a good experience
Michael Fucktart - Tue, 07 Apr 2020 10:11:53 EST ZahuaqYc No.4936226 Reply
It's great but only works well with small buds.
I just used mine this morning. It's far better than a hair straightener but definitely not effective for making bulk. It's best for producing resin for individual sessions.

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