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Ideas how to advertise weed to my sick father ?

- Sun, 24 May 2020 10:02:48 EST EVLehT1J No.4938057
File: 1590328968234.png -(255907B / 249.91KB, 415x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ideas how to advertise weed to my sick father ?
Hey you all vibing :) Have a nice day !

Quick story and question.
My father just got out of the hospital. He has a parament liver damage due to drinking shit loads of vodka over 20 years. I am 26 and he is 55. He is a sucessfull man who has provided me my whole life with over the average benefits. Also a good person. When the corona wave hit and he started to work from home, it was the las drop needed since he could start drinking as soon as he woke up. I live in a different town 120 km away but we have a countryside home where we tend to meet alone.
It seems like he understands that he will lose everything when he starts it again but since my mother has the same problem i dont know...

I on the other hand have done all other ''soft'' drugs besides alcohol since i think it is the dumbest thing ever.(Not saying i havent been drunk its just dumb).
Since i live in the northern europe (baltics) it is still widely tought on people that age that weed is something bad. But i think it would be perfect for him to get over alcohol and help him recover because no shit he does not like being sober all the way.
I have started to send him artickles about the benefits both on liver and mental health.

How would you go about this ? Give him a notice that lets do it together ? He is quite open minded but i have doubts on the aproach plan.He knows i have done it many times. Also the weed sold here is a damn bomb. I do not have access to the lower end thc weed. Start with cbd ?(sold over the counter) or a really small hit? I really want to help him and am in trouble . If he would trade weed to alcohol he would get betteri know...
Sending SLAYER and good health to you all !
Emma Sublingcocke - Sun, 24 May 2020 10:13:00 EST w3APfKde No.4938059 Reply
Mavis Fudgecurl - Sun, 24 May 2020 13:43:57 EST 4jF1/CWA No.4938063 Reply
1590342237234.jpg -(398998B / 389.65KB, 1200x813) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you seem to have a good relationship with him and it sounds like he would listen well to you, so like anon said, just drop it like

so... dad [I want to help you]/[I'm worried about you with the stress of the whole corona thing] and I've been researching a lot about the benefits of cannabis for those who/with _(INSERT PROBLEM THAT REQUIRES HELP)_ and I wonder... Would you like to try smoking it once with me?

good luck, friend.
Barnaby Lotawitz - Sun, 24 May 2020 19:22:56 EST pp3GBroR No.4938065 Reply
a some edibles or thc tonic, be like "hey dad, want some gummies?" then bam he be high af
Coolington Faceoff - Mon, 25 May 2020 13:03:02 EST YyU+xtbD No.4938079 Reply
>making ppl high without them knowing
yeah no, that sounds like a dick move
EVLehT1J - Mon, 25 May 2020 13:32:22 EST F20Boxu5 No.4938080 Reply
Thx for the replyes . For sure i wont do it secretly . Will do the offer in 3 weeks and see how it goes. I will post back how it went :) Just worried that if he gets” high af“ first time there will be no second one . Thats why i was thinking about cbd first to get him into the circle and than really small hit real thing some time later (few weeks) but giving him a small amount of the real thing seems more reasonable with a straight move . Thx for the replyes !
Charles Dammershaw - Sat, 30 May 2020 14:18:32 EST vwhytbMV No.4938244 Reply
There's no guarantee that he'll quit drinking. He may decide to drink while high.

That said I gave my cbd stash and a dry herb vape to my dad when I found out he was gobbling painkillers (some rx, some otc) and he stopped doing that.

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