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high stories

- Wed, 12 Aug 2020 15:02:34 EST kQlVPVfH No.4940292
File: 1597258954730.jpg -(5590B / 5.46KB, 224x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. high stories
>at home with some friends
>2 joints on full blaze flying around the living room
>good bud tho
>go to the kitchen
>come back
>sit down to play 'who am I' with the boys
>mouth feels super dry
>go to the kitchen to fetch me some water
>friend is warming up leftovers
>find a perfectly full glass of water with ice next to the jar
>'you just read my mind, dude, I am thirsty af'
>friend starts laughing his ass off
>he tells me that I poured the water and ice and just left it there 5 minutes ago
Eugene Sonkinfoot - Wed, 12 Aug 2020 21:27:20 EST ukEVIuZL No.4940300 Reply
>Be me
>Be high as fuck
>Can’t decide if I want to order pizza or just watch Netflix until my GF gets home
>Fuck with Pizza Hut options on website, then put Star Trek on
>GF walks in with pizza
>”How did you know I wanted pizza?” I ask.
>She says the delivery guy told her.
>MFW I simultaneously ordered pizza and decided to let my GF choose dinner.
Shit Lightdock - Wed, 12 Aug 2020 22:47:02 EST 7gYVf4t3 No.4940302 Reply
1597286822210.jpg -(119896B / 117.09KB, 900x1768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>live in dorms
>good friend rolls blunt
>8 of us go out to share it
>walk to bridge on campus
>Light blunt
>goes around
>passed to me
>cops walk on bridge
>were fucked
>drop blunt
>cops walk by
>look for blunt
>it is on the railing between the feet ground and outside pillars
>pick up blunt
>pass again
Not my wildest but a good story
Boris Hellgaizer - Sun, 23 Aug 2020 23:29:00 EST ulc5ynTO No.4940632 Reply
>be at smoke sesh with my bros
>smoked almost all of our stash so we end it with a spliff
>we pass it around and start laughting at some random busllshit
>after few minutes we realise that the boof is gone
>the guy whose house we are in falls asleep with a blunt with his hand
>we give him a res and continue with our high af activities
>he wokes up, looks at his hand and says "damn, blunt!", its it and passes
>he doest even realise that he slept
>we all laugh even more
Max Power - Mon, 24 Aug 2020 11:13:35 EST +Mu88CPn No.4940643 Reply
>be with cousins and friends on a camping trip
>passing bong around, grooving out
>get really high, probably smoked too much
>also had a few drinks
>having some stupid conversation
>people keep interrupting me whenever I try to say anything
>get really pissed off
>finally ask why people keep interrupting me
>"dude you haven't said anything for like 20 minutes"
>realize I hadn't even opened my fucking mouth, just thought I was talking in my head
>apologize and go back to being quiet
Ben Dover - Wed, 26 Aug 2020 00:22:33 EST RBv0WIve No.4940653 Reply
one of my first high experiences was insane this is back in 2012

>be me, 17 and dumb, with 2 other stoner friends
>smoke a bunch of weed from my friends shitty water bottle bong
>we start walking around in the middle of nowhere
>at my friend Jesus's house (we call him that cause of his long hair and beard)
>the more we walk the higher we feel
>start to feel like im walking on autopilot
>everything suddenly becomes funny
>even jokes made by a guy who isn't that funny
>start feeling a little too high so my friend hands me the bong "just get more high bro it'll help"
>we eventually come across an old abandoned building
>"bro we should check it out"
>we approach the building and we get closer to it we realize it used to be a church
>my friends and i casually go inside through a broken window
>we see a bunch of old junk, various hats with flowers on them, a bunch of chairs on tables, tons of knick knacks, paddy whacks, give your dog a bone
>my friend finds a sombrero and puts it on
>my other friend finds a cross and asks me to take a picture of him pretending to light it so he can be remembered as "Weed Jesus"
>we smoke up inside and sit on some old folding chairs
>for some reason i find an issue of mad magazine on top of a pair of tennis shoes and cant stop laughing
>i start blasting Born to Be Wild and take my shirt off
>dance around and get more high each moment that passes
>we hotbox the fucking joint
>we all die laughing and i start cry laughing
>my one friend says hes about to shit his pants for real so we gotta go
>eventually realize we should leave so we book it out of there
>laugh our asses off as we have the sudden realization we got high at a church

One of the funnest highs of my life. Back when I used to smoke a shit ton of weed lol
Barbecue Hernandez - Sat, 29 Aug 2020 13:35:23 EST RDnVdHZn No.4940742 Reply
1598722523965.png -(179661B / 175.45KB, 500x596) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>at home with my roommate smoking
>he says we have to we act sober because his gf is coming over with her parents
>I'm already kinda high myself
>I take another hit to make this 'a challenge'
>roomie's gf and her parents arrive
>I don't even introduce myself because I'm a trans and im feeling paranoid
>I enthusiastically move around silently like some gentle giant retard and help roommate's gf move in
>when her parents leave I confess that I'm high
>she says she knew all along, which I should have expected
Rolando Mota - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 08:07:39 EST GNguW63v No.4940753 Reply
1598789259332.jpg -(133615B / 130.48KB, 291x257) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> be me
> be living with parents
> be sitting at computer high as fuck
> mom tells me she is going to bed
> "but mom it's only 4:30"
> "no it's not"
> she looks at clock
> it's actually 10:30
> "anon, it's 10:30, wtf"
> mfw i was high and the numbers deceived me
Clara Padgeforth - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 05:29:54 EST izEDpnZS No.4940773 Reply
Interesting so you likely didnt fit in/ feel comfortable in your skin before rhe transition, and now after the transition you still dont feel comfortable being who you are around others?
Henderson Crumple - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 03:16:02 EST FDBxifO+ No.4940836 Reply
>be me
>smoking in park at night with 6 friends and drug dealer
>sitting in a circle on a trail passing joint around and rolling another
>hear police radio through some bushes where a park road runs adjacent to trail
>dealer dumps weed, we take off running for our cars parked just outside park
>4 get in dealers car, me and my 3 bros get in other car
>fat white nerdy bro William is driving, pulls away from park
>cop exits the parks main entrance and is about 200 meters behind us
>cop turns his emergency lights on from about 150 meters behind us
>Fat nerdy william whips into a neighborhood and floors it
>Flying through some neighborhood, friend in shotgun seat turns on radio
>Ready to Die by notorious BIG is playing, friend turns volume super loud
>We all begin laughing like maniacs
>Nerdy white friend william makes a series of random turns until we exit the neighborhood
>We go back to my house and eat all the delicious junkfood my stepmom bought
>The next morning me and 1 other friend return to the spot we were smoking and find the dealers stash in a bush

That was probably 12 years ago at this point. Sadly never see those guys any more. Getting old sucks
Sticky Nips - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 15:40:11 EST zL5WSiDO No.4940845 Reply

>Sadly never see those guys any more. Getting old sucks

In the same boat. Sometimes I look backwards at the glorious nonsense that my friends and I were living and get really sad that it's over. I guess that's what happens.
Debbie Mulkwood - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 19:55:02 EST 7gYVf4t3 No.4940855 Reply
1599090902407.jpg -(64374B / 62.87KB, 500x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
dude I completely understand.
>be me, also about 12 years ago
>saturday night in college dorms, hanging with friends
>friend rolls blunt
>go outside to smoke
>walk to nearby park
>park has bridge that is well lit, empty at night, and away from the street
>go to middle of bridge and light blunt
>pass around the circle once
>look to street, stopped car and cops walking towards us
>blunt is in my hand
>reach over bridge and drop blunt
>cops walk up to us
>they're campus security guards, not actual cops
>they walk past us out of sight
>i look over bridge ledge
>blunt is just barely teetering over the edge about to fall off, still lit
>gently pick blunt up from over the edge
>smoke, pass, get another two full circles of passes around
>walk back to dorm laughing
>party the rest of the night

great times, great friends that i don't see anymore but remember always.

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