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is weed a toxin?

- Wed, 29 Sep 2021 02:32:12 EST A6lReG09 No.4951556
File: 1632897132717.jpg -(25481B / 24.88KB, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. is weed a toxin?
i used to think that weed was the best thing in the world and the cure to everything etc but now i kind of agree with the schedule 1 listing. high potential for mental/physical abuse with no medical purposes.

i've tried smoking the best weed on the planet and hash and shit and whenever i smoke i ALWAYS get a pounding migraine for hours that makes my life hell. every time i smoke i think "this is going to be a relaxed nice experience and i like this feeling" and then it turns into a nightmare where i just feel anxious and thinking about everything too much and feel like shit. and then i just say fuck it im already high and useless and smoke for the small amount of euphoria hidden behind a bunch of panic.

i used to be able to smoke and just laugh at shit the entire time and i was with friends but i still had the same effects and i always came down into a huge headache. i really have to doubt why i smoke this shit. i think maybe im overdoing it? and really i need is 1-2 hits and not to smoke an entire joint but at the same time even half a joint gives me all of these effects. im thinking maybe weed is just some self induced toxin that we all lied to ourselves and pretend its good?

i think people are looking for a drug they can abuse without "addiction" or "negative side effects" and then everyone seems to think that weed is healthy and nothing bad can come from it and it's okay to smoke as much as you possibly can any time of the day and even smoking 8 grams at once is just having a good time. but it seems like most people are experiencing these same negative side effects on weed.

im trying to just keep it to a few hits before bed or something which feels fine but i get that preconceived notion that it's a healthy plant medicine and there's nothing wrong with smoking it and then i end up back with an 8 hour migraine writhing in pain after having a 6 hour panic attack. im just so fucking used to having the "thc feeling" before sleep and smoking all day thinking it was a harmless plant.
Jack Wammernidge - Wed, 29 Sep 2021 08:27:49 EST tRDMciwn No.4951559 Reply
I can relate to this.
Smoking is bad, very bad, dont blame the weed, maybe eddibles/teas dont have such effects.
Also smoking before bed has negative effects from my observations.
Clara Finningstick - Wed, 29 Sep 2021 14:38:47 EST htmDuKIe No.4951561 Reply
Maybe dont smoke it then fag lmao SLAYER
Gertrud Cuntskewer - Wed, 29 Sep 2021 16:23:01 EST BEYVYkn+ No.4951562 Reply
1632946981519.gif -(2128757B / 2.03MB, 448x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well weeds not for everyone. Don't understand why you have to be such a whiney little bitch about it though
DTMO - Fri, 01 Oct 2021 04:08:04 EST osaKclPK No.4951610 Reply
It seems like you think drug scheduling should be based upon whether you personally have a negative reaction to that drug. That's pretty fucked up, man.

Smoking weed can definitely have negative consequences, it's childish to pretend otherwise. That doesn't mean though that it should be illegal. Even if you think illegalising drugs based on harm is a sound idea looking at the evidence you would have to admit that weed is one of the least harmful substances.
User is currently banned from all boards
DTMO - Fri, 01 Oct 2021 04:09:56 EST osaKclPK No.4951611 Reply
To answer your question: yes, thc is a toxin. All drugs are toxins and all toxicity is dose dependent.
User is currently banned from all boards
Esther Fedgedetch - Sun, 07 Nov 2021 14:47:35 EST 9l4eDwhZ No.4952228 Reply
I've smoked every day for a big portion of my life, for me it's just not a big deal or really a negative influence in my life at all. But everyone's different.
Ian Sollerspear - Fri, 12 Nov 2021 08:09:27 EST 1H/ME36g No.4952287 Reply
“I had a bad experience so that must mean it’s bad for everyone else too” you’re retarded bro
Ian Sollerspear - Fri, 12 Nov 2021 08:14:23 EST 1H/ME36g No.4952288 Reply
This is an almost equally dumb statement to the OP. Toxins are poisons. Marijuana is not poisonous. I think you’re confusing toxic with intoxicated, which means to be under the influence of drugs.
Frederick Fottinghat - Fri, 12 Nov 2021 16:39:21 EST smNAlNHZ No.4952293 Reply
Every body is different OP, sorry to hear that you have such strong negative effects on it. Personally I try not to do weed too often because repeating it can make me irritable, and I definitely experience a bit of a hangover the day after using it heavily, albeit not to the extent you're describing. Strains do make some difference to me, but yeah it's not like a perfect drug with absolutely no side effects to manage at all, not for me anyways. I think it's hard to universalize personal negative experiences though just because of how individual drug responses are.

You could try herb vaping or edibles like other posters have suggested, because I've also noticed that actual smoking tends to be harsher on me physically than other routes of administration, plus you're getting the carbon and etc. from the smoke itself which in general isn't thought of as *super* great. But if you just have some kind of bad reaction to THC itself, it might not help unfortunately. Still could be worth a try if you haven't already though! Also super generic advice, but if you're doing it every day, a T break could be useful, I generally find that taking breaks of a few days to a few weeks helps make the side effects less prominent when I do use it.
Sidney Fannerfud - Fri, 12 Nov 2021 23:48:40 EST 0FJxt5lo No.4952299 Reply
1636778920788.jpg -(149031B / 145.54KB, 800x999) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
never had headaches. do get serious throat and lung issues from it and it produces an alarming ammount of tar.

perhaps yours is exceptionally tarry or contains mycotoxins (very common).
User is currently banned from all boards
Vincent Staraknaknix - Sun, 14 Nov 2021 19:02:02 EST ALHch3Fd No.4952314 Reply

The headache you get might be fatigue from all the stress hormones of the panic attack.

I've had panic attacks on weed a long time ago but it was mainly when I'd smoke so much that my consciousness was really altered and I'd panic about it. Every time this would happen would be a situation where people were passing it around and I'd take another hit just because it was my turn so I wouldn't really think much about the dose. It was also when I was in college/twenties and I didn't know much about navigating panic attacks.

I just started up again because it's legal in my state now and just have a puff or two and it's fine, just a little mellow mood and a slight buzz, that's all I really want. Having a one-hitter and a 16% strain helps keep things reasonable.
Lana Shinglefoot - Sun, 14 Nov 2021 22:37:02 EST e8FSF2Hr No.4952318 Reply
Honestly the extracts were the biggest mistake with cannabis. I think recreational use is fine but just like we can buy moonshine legally there's no reason why people should be able to smoke 100% pure THC.
Abner Grovile - Mon, 15 Nov 2021 03:06:10 EST +Chn22LI No.4952323 Reply
yes there is. what is you dont want to huff a bunch of other shit to get high but you wanna get high now? high % means less smoke as well as high abuse potential
Cornelius Lightshit - Sun, 20 Feb 2022 09:24:50 EST qhzQF0os No.4953713 Reply
I never experience any of the serious physical symptoms that you enlist. That can change in the future. But I don't think its effects on my life have been toxic. I think people are mainly confused about the substance still.
Jack Mammerpere - Fri, 25 Feb 2022 14:47:39 EST SEa7Fhnw No.4953775 Reply
God damn this is the gayest fucking post I have seen in a long time. All these old faggots suddenly decrying concentrates and calling for it to be outlawed because they had a panic attack once. Jesus dude, you are a fucking pussy
George Corringforth - Fri, 25 Feb 2022 19:20:56 EST /+Dm0x6S No.4953778 Reply

You sound like strong sexy courageous man. I wish I didn't have giant pussy genes.
Lana Shinglefoot - Fri, 25 Feb 2022 20:24:55 EST AeAzCFpW No.4953779 Reply
All medicines are totally different medicines at different doses. If you are just smoking however much you like, rather than going within a doctors recommendations, then it's very unlikely that it is going to have the medical benefit it is supposed to have.

This is just obvious stuff OP. This is what your understanding should of anything you choose to use as a medicine, and going by your logic, most effective medicines could be schedule 1.

Also, most effective medicines are addictive. They're addictive because they are effective. It just comes with the territory.
Smirky McFlash - Fri, 25 Feb 2022 20:35:41 EST YL7DVcFC No.4953781 Reply
Yeah, smoke is harsh. Experiences with cannabis change throughout life, for sure. I started out really enjoying cannabis, and after a few years time though, I would start to get anxiety attacks when smoking. It is hard to tell if it was anxiety because of life, or anxiety because of the weed, either way. maybe if my life was going better, I wouldn't have had that experience? Now weed is a mixed bag, just like life is for me, It's nice, but it's not the solace and escape that it once was for me.

The heat damages the cellular lining for sure. Your body goes through an immune-like response when you are smoking due to the damage. I.E. inflammation, etc.

I have noticed, as tolerance builds, edibles and concentrates are preferable because less hot smoke and irritation to my lungs, and the high is steadier and lasts longer.

In-fact I prefer edibles as they're less hassle all together, especially if you want to be buzzed daily. Just get some flower and make your own budder or oil, way more affordable.
Knuckles Freebasin - Sun, 27 Feb 2022 05:50:59 EST FWrL437q No.4953796 Reply
> Also, most effective medicines are addictive. They're addictive because they are effective. It just comes with the territory.

Wrong. Depends on the mechanism
Martin Gullerridge - Sun, 27 Feb 2022 07:12:43 EST /awurOVp No.4953797 Reply
1645963963233.jpg -(66159B / 64.61KB, 720x655) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>i cant take responsibity for my own actions so daddy gubbermints must do it for me!
you're holding us all back. hope you get migranes every time you smoke until you're a big boy who can think for himself.

everything else you posted is just flat out wrong, if you weren't so busy protecting your fragile ego you could have looked up any of the bullshit you just blurted out.
seriously it's so fucking embarrassing reading your obvious projections replaced with "everybody", "people just", "they". it's YOU.
Reginald Windsor - Sun, 27 Feb 2022 13:49:41 EST 3Rb8usUO No.4953802 Reply
1645987781060.png -(1399294B / 1.33MB, 1011x604) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So because you have an adverse reaction nobody should be allowed to enjoy it?
Skizzlepuss !dO744cvTW. - Thu, 03 Mar 2022 13:54:52 EST AB9FxKI2 No.4953853 Reply
Some people love weed. Gotta get that shmoke in, compulsively or otherwise. It's gooooooooood shit.
Some people can't injest cannabinoids in any way, shape, or form. No Bueno. Bad times.
I am definitely a member of the former. You might be in the latter group of people. Just drop the smoke and let others keep on enjoying it.
Alcohol is an actual poison, for reference.
Imahoe Dickweed - Thu, 03 Mar 2022 15:33:00 EST CDObpdBL No.4953854 Reply
its not a toxin and all things considered from 90% of all drugs its the one the least straining to your body.
that being said, weed has different problems.
mainly fucking up its users with chronic anxiety or, in rare cases, psychosis.
Neil Strongweed - Mon, 07 Mar 2022 10:28:38 EST Ap7xvtDO No.4953903 Reply
> and really i need is 1-2 hits and not to smoke an entire joint but at the same time even half a joint gives me all of these effects

yea bro that's called having a low tolerance, welcome to the world. I used to make 0.05g joints and smoke 1/3 or half of it and still get absolutely zonked.

Smoking retarded amounts of weed (w.r.t. your tolerance) will surely make you retarded for a couple hours. And give you the bad effects you mention, like pounding heart (which in turn gives you feeling of anxiety if you don't know weed accelerates hearbeat), dizziness, racing thoughts, paranoia, etc.

Many people go from smoking regularly and building a tolerance to smoking 0 weed for some time, resetting their tolerance (which takes ~1 month), and then go marvel that if they smoke 0.3 of dank they'll be too fucked up.
Fanny Senkinwatch - Sun, 27 Mar 2022 20:03:20 EST bHaP3FMK No.4954135 Reply
>>4951556this post is stupid. Just because you have an addictive personality and no self control doesnt mean weed is bad or a toxin. Is it a toxin? Probably, but there are toxins in just about everything you consume, especially medicine
Ronaldo McCornCunt - Mon, 28 Mar 2022 06:34:13 EST +vRSJmrn No.4954136 Reply
Weed is a toxin

I remember the saying

Weed before liquor you'll never be sicker
Liquor before Marijuana then you're a goner
hydrojin - Mon, 28 Mar 2022 23:24:27 EST RSgp32AV No.4954140 Reply
what do you even mean, heroin is a good example of a class 1 drug not fucking weed LMAO just because you can't handle your bud doesn't mean its a "toxin" or whatever
Ebenezer Grandson - Wed, 30 Mar 2022 18:30:30 EST eKMiXdWJ No.4954154 Reply
Whyd you bump this old ass unnecessary thread if its so stupid. Fuck off
Clara Cridgebanks - Sat, 09 Apr 2022 06:04:26 EST XgyiQZqv No.4954253 Reply
So you were cool with it, but the moment you get migraines from it you blame the cannabis? C'mon man. You probably are having a bad reaction to the super high as fuck THC percentage available today that is really sparse with CBD. Natural occurring landrace cannabis has more CBD then the stuff sold today. Try getting a CBD vape. It should do the trick.
Isabella Mummledale - Sun, 10 Apr 2022 05:03:45 EST t1o6Cosp No.4954274 Reply
What's your diet look like, OP? You're not some flesh robot who still eats seed oils, are you?
Barnaby Copperfedging - Sun, 10 Apr 2022 16:45:11 EST Qj5PhIO7 No.4954279 Reply
"Seed oil" hate is part of a marketing campaign to encourage you to eat bio fuel oils (derived from bacteria) without complaint due to supply issues starting to form around seed oil production. Without this marketing campaign there would be many people angry when oils start disappearing from the shelves. But because you have been harassing and shaming your parents, coworkers, etc. for consuming these oils you have worked to reduce the displeasure that will be caused by this scenario thereby protecting brand image as seed oil companies make the switch (many will claim the switch is for health reasons).

Remember how you built your whole identity around "I love bacon" ten years ago and thought it was actually your own opinion? Well, this is similar. You have been manipulated by social marketing campaigns into seeing another dietary choice as your whole identity, while feeling that you came to the opinion yourself. Bacon was unpopular before the "I love bacon" marketing campaign that created your previous identity.

I hope you will take this information seriously, and become more aware of the astroturfed sources of your strongly-held opinions that just seem to form in your mind out of nowhere. Of course canola oil isn't healthful, but by focusing on it alone instead of the holistic issues with processed food ingredients, you are merely engaging in a marketing campaign for competing oils. Why did you not build an identity around evangelising against overuse of sugar in the modern diet instead? When you realise the answer to that question, you will see where you have gone wrong.
David Bloshgold - Sun, 10 Apr 2022 17:02:02 EST qYFMf2zL No.4954280 Reply
seed oils are pretty garbage too bro. favour animal fats. sugar is energy. natural sugars like honey are best, but try doing any drug on a low sugar diet vs a diet with adequate amounts of healthy sugars. youll feel way better.
Shitty McCockerson - Sun, 10 Apr 2022 18:20:38 EST jwC5f2u/ No.4954281 Reply
Seed oils and sugar have the same issue - too much of them in the diet, causing nutritional imbalances that have complex effects on the body's functionality. But people consume large amounts of seed oils and sugar from processed precooked foods and cannot cook their own food, often not even able to access unadulterated raw foods at a good price, due to the nature of society.

Producers of processed foods all switched to these oils over animal fats because it was cheaper and the food lasts longer. And they astroturfed a social marketing campaign to make animal fats look unhealthy before doing it. Now seed oils are getting costly so suddenly there is much discussion about how bad they are.

But the producers of processed foods won't go back to animal fats, they will use the new oils being harvested from modified bacteria and insects. Obsessing over a single ingredient category is simply playing along with the marketing campaigns. It is causing division and resentment as anti-seed oil evangelicals cannot stop sneering at and insulting people who consume this ingredient.

The low quality of foods available to most people in society is the result of many factors, including overworking people, not educating people, confusing people with marketing, etc. None of this is solved by shitting on seed oil consumers at the behest of marketers.
Mab Splattershit - Mon, 11 Apr 2022 07:00:41 EST IeawIbNT No.4954291 Reply
difference between poison and potion is dosage, and your body endurance, I can take stupid amounts of weed and still function while my friend gets one hit from vaporizer and his IQ drops by 40 points, your body just ain't built too good for it like mine isn't built for other things yours can do, alter dosage or change drug
Samuel Lightwill - Wed, 13 Apr 2022 01:24:35 EST 2LnMhI/f No.4954329 Reply
according to proposition 65, literally everything has been found to cause cancer, so, yeah. it's bad for you, just like air, water, and other equally toxic compounds.
Anton Weirdfeatures - Fri, 15 Apr 2022 10:12:12 EST 1s7fnxp+ No.4954366 Reply
Nah it's Slayer
User is currently banned from all boards
Edward Stickletoes - Fri, 15 Apr 2022 10:53:28 EST cm75Rvu2 No.4954367 Reply
I've been getting headaches too, no panic attacks like OP's weak ass though
tried hydrating but it's still noticeable after a few hours of smoking
smoking less works but I want to get blitzed darn it!
Rolando Mota - Fri, 15 Apr 2022 11:31:32 EST Ra0XcKCl No.4954368 Reply
i've looked at every thread on this board and this thread isn't as stupid as the rest. i'm surprised no one cleans up the 10-of-a-kinds and the threads meant for other boards
User is currently banned from all boards
Fanny Hammerdere - Fri, 15 Apr 2022 13:32:56 EST bq08ftVC No.4954369 Reply
those threads get cleaned up, its just that either nobody notices or they bitch about their shitty thread getting deleted
David Tillingstock - Wed, 04 May 2022 09:39:45 EST kECD07lH No.4954759 Reply
stallion, just stop smoking for a while and get fucked after that.
Easty Beasty - Wed, 04 May 2022 21:55:13 EST vSM+aGWN No.4954770 Reply
Dude, just because YOU have had recent negative experiences with weed doesn't suddenly mean it's "a toxin" that sucks for everyone and deserves Schedule 1.

For most of us, weed IS fine. Your sustained migraines and panic attacks are a total bummer, but you need to pull your head out of your ass and accept that sometimes weed turns on people.

You seem like someone quick to adopt extreme points. Said yourself you "used to think that weed was the best thing in the world and the cure to everything". A little much, eh? Well so is your new stance.
Shitlick McSnifflewitz - Tue, 31 May 2022 18:10:40 EST lumpnxNC No.4955030 Reply
>Get panic attacks and bad vibes from weed all the time
>Still, inexplicable urge to smoke
>Realize I kind of like when it happens
>Realize I watch scary movies and listen to scary music and go on 4chan rekt threads and, y'know, I fucking like scaring myself
>Enjoy weed now

for me, it was sinple as
Phoenix Wright - Tue, 31 May 2022 21:08:51 EST /mGeErAM No.4955031 Reply
Holy shit are u me.i used to get off on triggering paranoia but o still like to listen to fucked up shit whilst tripping like video game corruptions. There is this one for the snes port of doom and the corrupted music is wild. I would post link but im a lazy phonefag atm
Smirky McFlash - Wed, 01 Jun 2022 09:07:35 EST 5xf2wKX2 No.4955034 Reply
try to half your dosage, or reduce it even further.
paranoia and anxiousness on weed are oftentimes connected to overdosing, like feeling sick and dizzy when youve drank too much.

also, weed has the effect to enhance feelings that are already present in you.
Petronella Stubblystitching - Sun, 05 Jun 2022 18:54:08 EST LaMDvrJq No.4955047 Reply

I used to do the same with hallucinogens. One time during a group trip I decided to put on a really weird/creepy video with strange music, as was usual when I took psychedelics, and everybody was essentially like, "What the fuck? Why would you watch that when you're tripping???"

It was a minor learning experience: trip alone.
John Nurringkin - Sun, 05 Jun 2022 21:15:50 EST LaMDvrJq No.4955048 Reply
1654478150549.jpg -(205148B / 200.34KB, 1000x687) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No, the saying is:

Beer before weed, help a friend in need
Weed before liquor, that's hella sicker
Easty Beasty - Thu, 09 Jun 2022 11:38:11 EST g4kxuJHB No.4955086 Reply
You're probably just dehydrated. Drink a liter of water before sparking up. If that doesn't fix it, mix in some magic mushrooms.
Samuel Tillingham - Thu, 09 Jun 2022 12:53:24 EST 8//IrQZc No.4955088 Reply
Yeah normies do be like that. I hate when people go wtf to anything that is remotely surreal
User is currently banned from all boards
Bubkins Jerrycurl - Thu, 09 Jun 2022 17:44:26 EST Ab7mBSNz No.4955092 Reply
I post this whenever I get the chance: what are the dos and don'ts of tripping alone. I seriously think a major reason for my anxiety about psychedelics is that I apparently need to have someone with me. I don't feel close enough to anyone to share that with them.
Bubkins Jerrycurl - Thu, 09 Jun 2022 17:56:25 EST Ab7mBSNz No.4955093 Reply
I post this whenever I get the chance: what are the dos and don'ts of tripping alone. I seriously think a major reason for my anxiety about psychedelics is that I apparently need to have someone with me. I don't feel close enough to anyone to share that with them.>>4955047

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