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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

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ITT: Things that happened

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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:41:56 EST DscG2zXg No.6374106
File: 1585525316935.jpg -(15177B / 14.82KB, 236x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ITT: Things that happened
>Hulk Hogan pinned The Rock on TV 6 days before WrestleMania 18
>At the height of the Attitude Era The Big Show and the Big Boss Man fought for the WWF title on pay per view
>Bret Hart wrestled in a match with Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 2
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British Bulldog - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 05:50:41 EST tIoiW2aI No.6374209 Reply
Finn Balor debuted in WWE on a random taped NXT show as Hideo Itami’s pal.
The Demon’s first appearance was for a tag match vs the fucking Ascension.
Jasmine St. Claire - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 05:58:43 EST bfeDpgny No.6374210 Reply
Balor's debut was not some random debut. Hideo had been teasing for weeks that he had scouted the best tag team partner and many people believed it to be Finn. And at that time, The Ascension were a dominant team who had been attacking Itami, leading to said Balor debut.

The Boss

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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:39:20 EST DscG2zXg No.6374103
File: 1585525160935.jpg -(202738B / 197.99KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The Boss
God she was so over this night. The crowd loved her and she had a literal rap legend perform her entrance and walk her to the ring. WWE could have made a bona fide star that night if they'd just put her over and not spent the next 6 months having her go 50/50 with Charlotte.
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Alex Riley/John Cena

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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 01:41:22 EST U1deh3d8 No.6373878
File: 1585460482778.jpg -(18822B / 18.38KB, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Alex Riley/John Cena
I always hear of Cena treating Alex Riley like shit and what not. But a handful of wrestlers have mentioned a specific incident that was pretty big between the two. Ryback in particular said when it comes out people will really see Cena in a different light but opted not to elaborate because it isn’t his story to tell. That being said Riley skirts around the topic a lot in interviews. Does anyone know what that incident is? Or any other information on the heat Cena had towards Riley?
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Bob Armstrong - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 11:16:38 EST ItDzfamr No.6373940 Reply
Cena has a history of being an asshole to younger guys around the 2007-2012 era. He ribbed RIley out of a career, prevented JTG from getting a t-shirt made, buried Tyler Rex because the burning hammer was too close to the AA, slept with Dykstra's fiance (Mickie) and had him moved to Smackdown so he could keep doing it and then eventually just politicked him out. According to Dykstra he tried to mend the fence a few years ago but Cena refused to talk to him or shake his hand supposedly because he felt like Dykstra shouldn't have told everyone what happened. There's also the infamous burial of the Nexus which Edge, Jericho, and Bret all suggested was a bad idea but Cena pulled rank and insisted on winning after the DDT onto concrete spot. To his credit he has since admitted that was a bad idea.
Gorgeous George - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:52:15 EST Dt7eGiun No.6374205 Reply
>has since admitted that was a bad idea

something something beg forgiveness something something ask permission

Getting legit heel heat

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- Thu, 26 Mar 2020 13:16:12 EST zIJMJ+hI No.6372777
File: 1585242972440.jpg -(17108B / 16.71KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Getting legit heel heat
Has any wrestler, especially recently, just tried being a full-on controversial heel to gain heat and attention? Must be really easy these days with people being so easily upset over anything, just say feminism sucks or something and the average crowd probably would be on your throat already, or is this considered some kind of taboo in the pro wres business?
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Gorgeous George - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:46:53 EST Dt7eGiun No.6374203 Reply
Aren't you that guy that wanted Cedric to get a racebaiting S&M gimmick?
The Esperanza - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 04:27:13 EST aDVoKFee No.6374206 Reply
I still want it. Would be SO much better than what he's done since I suggested that months ago.

RAW Circa 1994-1995

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- Fri, 27 Mar 2020 01:39:11 EST 5Q9hJy8k No.6373222
File: 1585287551643.png -(234175B / 228.69KB, 646x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. RAW Circa 1994-1995
Been binge watching episodes of RAW from the ‘90s and holy shit this is exciting and entertaining. What the hell happened to WWE? It’s like once the early 2000’s Ruthless Aggression era passed it started getting stale and boring.

This makes me sad.
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Zardoz - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 20:40:51 EST G0uyKAOX No.6374126 Reply
You forgot to mention how basically every match has to end facing the hard camera. Pinfalls, submissions, finishers, whatever. FACE THE HARD CAMERA WE WANNA SEE YOUR FACE

Mean Gene thread

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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 03:30:38 EST RG0Tz1rk No.6373894
File: 1585467038358.png -(375636B / 366.83KB, 888x466) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mean Gene thread
>What about the rest of you pissants?

Can we have a based Mean Gene thread?
Norman Smiley - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 03:57:33 EST RG0Tz1rk No.6373897 Reply
1585468653358.jpg -(40429B / 39.48KB, 320x401) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Bobby Heenan: He's wanted in 9 states.
>Mean Gene: Wait a minute, here's an update, it's 11 states now.
>Bobby Heenan: 11 states yeah, and only 12 cases of rape..that ain't bad for the weekend!

My fucking sides.

Women's Wrestling General Thread: Cutest in the World Edition

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- Fri, 07 Feb 2020 16:12:39 EST LUMg+nxK No.6355699
File: 1581109959432.jpg -(712082B / 695.39KB, 1536x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Women's Wrestling General Thread: Cutest in the World Edition

>WOW - Women of Wrestling, when in season, airs weekly on Wednesdays at 10pm EDT / 3am BST in /wooo/tube - http://taima.tv/r/wooo. Replays air on Thursdays at 10:50am EDT / 4:50pm BST in /wooo/tube.
>Joshi Tube airs on Saturdays at 4pm EDT / 9pm BST in /wooo/tube - http://taima.tv/r/wooo and is a great way to discover what joshi is all about. People in the chat will be able to answer questions as you ask them, as we do on this thread.
>But if you're ever in the mood to watch joshi outside of Joshi Tube, there is joshi wrestling channel for streaming live events such as TJPW and Stardom - http://taima.tv/r/joshi. Furthermore, there is also a non-joshi women's wrestling channel - http://taima.tv/r/wooomens

There's a variety of women's wrestling available around the world. The West features many, such as the WWE Women’s division, AEW's Women's division, Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts division, ROH’s Women of Honor division, AAA's luchadoras, CMLL's luchadoras, WOW Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, SHINE Wrestling, WSU, WWR, RISE, Sabotage Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling EVE, HUMO, and more!

Eastern Promotions to watch
Tokyo Joshi Pro, Stardom, Gatoh Move, Pro Wrestling Wave, SEAdLINNNG, Marvelous, OZ Academy, Diana, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, Pure-J, Actwres girl'Z, and more! All nonsubscription shows are available at PuroresuDream - https://puroresudream.wordpress.com/ or https://twitter.com/PuroresuDream for the latest joshi shows.

Classic women's wrestling to watch: The Legendary AJW, classic JWP, ARISON, GAEA & FMW's female deathmatch division, and GLOW if you want over the top female characters and promos.

>Useful links:

http://www.diva-dirt.com/ - News, Gossip and rumors from the world of women's wrestling
http://enzuigiripuro.tumblr.com/ - latest results and match cards
https://pastebin.com/nMyby4Hk - Pastebin for all the subtitles and subtitled episodes of Tofu Pro Wrestling
http://joshicity.com/ - Joshi Reviews and stuff
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOvrH-DPO5ROUIiyem8ySA/videos - Youtube channel filled with classic Joshi theme songs
http://falconjoshi.blogspot.com/ - English language Joshi blog
http://www.dailymotion.com/Mosquitopilate1 - Dailymotion channel that uploads Joshi shows and matches by the barrel-full
http://www.dailymotion.com/user/JAHMAL1111/1 - Also uploads Joshi shows and matches
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL53kKJBMWATcFGQFDJeUHiV_hWzHb6TJw - Playlist of ROH-uploaded Women of Honor matches
http://www.dailymotion.com/f100000089423529 - Another channel with loads of western women's matches
http://www.dailymotion.com/therackattackvideos - Channel showing a bunch of WWE/WWF women's segments
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq4o415dCRi5zJFwUTmXJHA - SHITLOADS of joshi matches from far away ago to now
http://pastebin.com/u/NaziClown - Joshi pastebins from thoughout 2015
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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 01:56:16 EST iLbHyNyv No.6373881
File: 1585461376667.png -(518257B / 506.11KB, 897x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. MOTY
5 stars. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Just go watch Fujita vs Shiozaki.
24 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Starman - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 00:07:58 EST cz7QLr62 No.6374180 Reply

Holy fuck that's way harder than what KENTA did to Kobashi in their other match in NOAH.
Shayne Hawke - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 00:14:35 EST CR6zktB8 No.6374181 Reply
Fujita punt kicking the shit out of Go & drinking hand sanitizer is gonna stick with me for the rest of the year


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- Fri, 27 Mar 2020 12:37:58 EST m2rrTKdj No.6373354
File: 1585327078881.jpg -(70823B / 69.16KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. WHAT WRESTLER WOULD YOU SELF-ISOLATE WITH
In some countries including mine you have to stay at home unless for emergencies.

If you could pick any wrestler (alive or dead) to self isolate with, who would you pick?

For me it would Raven as he's one of my favs and would have a ton of stories
35 posts and 16 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Rich Swann - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:37:48 EST GXHNtkkw No.6374102 Reply
seriously chilling with 2020 Missy Hyatt watching old lucha tapes from Roy Lucifer would be comfy as fuck even without and sex stuff
Shane McMahon - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:06:56 EST lmCY5v6v No.6374196 Reply
1585552016805.webm [mp4] -(541394B / 528.71KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
YOU KNOW she's down for some freaky shit. I don't care if she got the biggo fake titties and the lips that are also almost absurdly large. Don't care if she's all beat up to Mickie James roast beef status.

If it has to be a dude... I dunno, Scott Steiner might be fun to hang out with.

Jushin Liger's YouTube channel

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- Mon, 30 Mar 2020 00:26:33 EST Er3OUSzB No.6374183
File: 1585542393108.jpg -(48715B / 47.57KB, 750x438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Jushin Liger's YouTube channel
Damn the man is hilarious. The morning ritual one is particularly good. Kinda impressed he doesn't need 30 minutes to get out of bed.

Drew Gulak - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 01:51:30 EST RG1TGghT No.6374191 Reply
>with subs
hell yeah based grandpa liger

SOcIaL mEdIa threed - end of the world fuck you

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- Thu, 26 Mar 2020 21:42:51 EST XjzLSbOC No.6373127
File: 1585273371253.jpg -(44999B / 43.94KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. SOcIaL mEdIa threed - end of the world fuck you
Its the end of the world. New social media threed. No religion or politics plz plz.
236 posts and 44 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Daizee Haze - Mon, 30 Mar 2020 00:49:28 EST HR1WEDne No.6374185 Reply
why do most guys gettin TV time in WWE have to be bald in doing so?
> Haitch
> Rusev
> beeg
> Benthusiasta
> Cesaro
> Gallows & Anderson
who else am I forgetting?

is this part of the cult requirements?


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- Fri, 27 Mar 2020 10:37:11 EST z+c6DKUE No.6373309
File: 1585319831292.png -(276894B / 270.40KB, 660x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. THE DIRT SHEET THREAD: THE LATEST FROM MELTZER AND MORE - 27TH MARCH '20
The first few posts are from this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. For the full newsletter and much more get a subscription at http://www.f4wonline.com/
Dave Meltzer's star ratings will also be posted in this thread should there be any.
Use this thread to post news as it comes through. Do not use the old thread for anything new, please move discussion to here instead.

> WWE finished all its tapings through the 4/6 Raw after WrestleMania this past week, with empty arena shows taped at both the Performance Center in Orlando and Full Sail University in Winter Park. Whether coincidence or not, the tapings were already underway when the county announced a stay-at-home order going into effect at 11 p.m. on 3/26, through 4/9. The first TV show that would not be covered at this point would be either NXT on 4/8 or Smackdown on 4/10. Included in the taping was most if not all of WrestleMania, which was taped on 3/25 and 3/26 at the Performance Center. There are a few WrestleMania bouts that will be done on location, notably Undertaker vs. A.J. Styles. That will be what is billed as a boneyard match, stips not to be announced ahead of time it appears. From promos, sounds like it will be taped in a mock cemetery setting.

> At least two WWE talents were pulled from WrestleMania due to what were described as symptoms, Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio. Brooke was supposed to be in a six-way match for the Smackdown women’s title. She arrived for the 3/20 taping at the Performance Center and after being checked medically was asked to quarantine herself. Mysterio had symptoms and stayed in California and quarantined himself. There is no indication either has the coronavirus and it was just a matter of being cautious. We’re told that as of 3/26 nobody in the company has tested positive.

> The WrestleMania card has also changed. Names are being kept confidential because so few know, but it’s been confirmed that multiple people on the card either said they were sick, which meant instantly being pulled off all shows this week, there were others who did not feel sick but had fevers above 100.4, which was the WWE’s cut-off point of not allowing people to work, and others who, on their own, said they didn’t feel comfortable flying in. Both AEW and WWE had told people that if they don’t want to come, they don’t have to come and that the decisions made now won’t be held against them when it comes to future booking. Jerry Lawler was not used due to his age, although Vince McMahon, who is four years older, was presiding over the shows.

> At this point we know of 16 scheduled matches for WrestleMania, with the elimination of both the men’s and women’s Battle Royals because that would simply be too many people together at one time. On the Raw side, the confirmed matches are Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE title, Edge vs. Randy Orton in a last man standing match, Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler for the women’s title, Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the NXT women’s title, Undertaker vs. Styles in a boneyard match (shot on location), Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins, The Street Profits vs. Andrade & Angel Garza for the tag titles and Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley.

> On the Smackdown side, the confirmed matches are Bill Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal title, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (this may be a gimmick match shot on location), Bayley vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks for the women’ title, Miz & Morrison defending the tag titles against the winners of a New Day vs. Usos match that will air on Smackdown on 3/27 and Elias vs. King Corbin. There were three other scheduled matches not announced. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler is likely to be finalized this week with some sort of stipulation involving Mandy Rose. At one point Rose was to be the referee, which explains Rose not being in the women’s title match. But that was changed weeks ago and her role is not known.

> There is to be a women’s tag title match. The plan was the Kabuki Warriors vs. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya & Beth Phoenix, but the last word we had was that Natalya & Phoenix were not a lock and things were not finalized. Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan for the IC title is likely, but the stipulations were that Drew Gulak would have to beat Shinsuke Nakamura on the 3/27 Smackdown in a singles match for Bryan to get his shot. The loss of Brooke took …
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Atlantis - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:07:45 EST 74S21DJ6 No.6374094 Reply
But still one of the lowest rated FOX Smackdowns and only beat one USA Smackdown from last year and this is WM season. WM is in one week!
Atlantis - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 19:22:45 EST 74S21DJ6 No.6374098 Reply
Let me rephrase that obviously wrong statement. Was beaten by one USA Smackdown which is bad when you consider the amount of homes FOX is available in.
Test - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 23:57:26 EST 4pyknXit No.6374179 Reply
1585540646342.jpg -(52737B / 51.50KB, 502x407) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Austin Theory who has been on a losing streak every week since he started being on TV is literally only getting this big name, main roster championship match because Almas somehow got hurt in his match with Alexander and Ricochet

>Theory, while athletically gifted is exceptionally boring and /wooo/ has a strong persona bias towards Evolve talent namely due to how much the head proprietor of Evolve is a massive mark for NXT and wants the companies to fuse together

Just fucking cancel all the Midcard Championship matches. Just have a 3 hr Mania and just get the main drawing shows out of the way just lump them all over the course of a single show

At the /wooo/vies: Jumanji: The Next Level

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- Sun, 29 Mar 2020 13:11:43 EST VfUs3h25 No.6373973
File: 1585501903697.jpg -(897147B / 876.12KB, 1920x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. At the /wooo/vies: Jumanji: The Next Level
>Watch At the /wooo/vies at 8pm EDT / 1am BST in http://taima.tv/r/wooo

The second Jumanji will be shown tonight along with Paths of Glory afterwards since it could not last night. I heard the second one is better than the first. So we will see.

In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to rescue one of their own, the players will have to brave parts unknown from arid deserts to snowy mountains, to escape the world's most dangerous game.

>Paths of Glory

When soldiers in World War I refuse to continue with an impossible attack, their superior officers decide to make an example of them.
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 20:12:24 EST iLikEToleARn No.6374116 Reply
NOW this is a laughing stock because its negative.

2020 /wooo/ World Cup - Hype Thread

View Thread Reply
- Sun, 15 Mar 2020 11:32:56 EST Ye2okCT5 No.6369235
File: 1584286376094.png -(41296B / 40.33KB, 197x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2020 /wooo/ World Cup - Hype Thread
It's that time of the year in the Wrestlemania season where 16 of the fiercest wrestling promotions and imageboards take to the pitch for the 6th annual edition of the /wooo/ World Cup! Not got enough wrestling to watch because of cancelled shows? Not enough sports to watch because of cancelled shows? Tune in on the 28th-29th of March to witness the greatest e-sports entertainment trophy with as much value as a Saudi Arabian house show be contested.

Following NXT's success in becoming the first team to win two /wooo/ World Cups in 2019, after Velveteen Dream's player of the tournament performance in the final, a largely unchanged field will look to dethrone them. The major change this year is the addition of AEW to the competition, competing in their first ever tournament

Here are the pools for this years tournament
>Pool A
AEW, Impact Wrestling, Dragon Gate, newLEGACYinc

>Pool B
NXT, Lucha Libre, Puroresu, /wooo/

>Pool C
RAW, Joshi, British Wrestling, Botchamania

>Pool D
Smackdown, NJPW, The Indies, /mma/

Want to view the 2020 lineup for your favourite team? Check out the rosters here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WoCZiCn7r_KR37LJG5h4UYoYW_LlEwovHJc0h8zU4sw/edit?usp=sharing
103 posts and 64 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
MountainDrewMcIntyre - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 20:36:09 EST EBdHEFLx No.6374125 Reply
Thanks for tuning in to the 2020 tournament! And as always, our end of season awards.

Team of the tournament - AEW
Most improved team - Lucha
Least improved team - Joshi
Underdog of the tournament - Smackdown
At least you tried - /wooo/
Most Exciting Team - AEW
Least Exciting Team - Britwres
Best Kits - RAW (Ribbie)
Best Model - MMA (Ben Askren)
Best Overall Aesthetics - nL
Match of the tournament - AEW 3-2 Lucha
Booking of the tournament - NXT (Heel Run to 2nd place)
Biggest upset - Smackdown (Every knockout game)
Goal of the tournament - RAW (Seth Rollins lobs the keeper from 30 yards)
Biggest spaghetti moment - /wooo/ (Vince McMahon costs /wooo/ the knockouts with 2 blunders in 2 minutes)
Player of the tournament - Smackdown (Oldberg)
Best music - DG
Best alt-horn - AEW (Judas)
Ass Of The Tournament - Smackdown (Bayley wins the tounament with 2 assists in the final)
Ball of the Year - Flippy The Midget (Ricochet does a 720)
Olimpico - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 21:43:16 EST qw/cMc+F No.6374148 Reply
1585532596119.jpg -(97636B / 95.35KB, 1200x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
We did it Smackchads, we killed AEW in a slaughter.

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