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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Now Playing on /wooo/tube -

ITT we post shit from our local indy

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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 03:18:48 EST Qp/4y1Vi No.6307707
File: 1570519128106.jpg -(140113B / 136.83KB, 720x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ITT we post shit from our local indy
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Aurora Rose Levesque - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 14:02:45 EST hkaInAli No.6308776 Reply
Those streamers were embarrassing
Aurora Rose Levesque - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 14:02:45 EST hkaInAli No.6308777 Reply
Those streamers were embarrassing

Official press release and rules on the WWE Draft

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- Thu, 10 Oct 2019 14:56:20 EST hfWlpRie No.6308801
File: 1570733780675.jpg -(26182B / 25.57KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Official press release and rules on the WWE Draft
Star-studded celebrity lineup, including Alex Rodriguez, Michael Che and Colin Jost, to take part in WWE Draft

The stars will be out for the WWE Draft.

Fourteen-time MLB All-Star and FOX analyst Alex Rodriguez, “Saturday Night Live’s” Michael Che and Colin Jost of “Weekend Update” segments, “Mr. Robot’s” Christian Slater, “NFL on FOX’s” Joe Buck and Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, and “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer are among the celebrities set to take part.

The WWE Draft will determine the rosters of Raw and SmackDown. It begins tomorrow on Friday Night SmackDown at 8 ET/5 PT on FOX and continues Monday on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Additional personalities scheduled to appear include:

Kevin Burkhardt and Frank Thomas — FOX MLB analysts
Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and Tony Gonzalez — FOX NFL Sunday
Ronde Barber, Charles Davis, Chris Spielman and Daryl Johnston — FOX NFL analysts
Charissa Thompson, Michael Vick and Peter Schrager — FOX NFL Kickoff
Rob Stone, Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Urban Meyer — Big Noon Kickoff
Joel Klatt — FOX College Football analyst
Dulé Hill of USA’s “Psych” and “Suits”
James Roday of “Psych”
Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit”
Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”
Rodney Harrison and Chris Simms — Football Night in America
Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Mustoe and Kyle Martino — Premier League Live

Below is the full list of WWE Draft rules:

Over 70 Superstars, as well as tag teams, are eligible for selection in this year’s WWE Draft
SmackDown will draft 30 Superstars, and Raw will select another 41 Superstars
Since SmackDown is a two-hour show and Raw is a three-hour show, for every two picks SmackDown makes, Raw will receive three
Tag teams will count as one pick unless FOX or USA Network specifically wants to pick only one Superstar from the team
Any undrafted Superstars will immediately be declared free agents and able to sign with the brand of their choosing
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Penny Banner - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 11:38:52 EST 7ZkLLCFc No.6309260 Reply
1570808332288.gif -(1973015B / 1.88MB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's bothered me for the longest time. There's literally nothing to be lost and far more to be gained from both of them (especially at this dead spot directionless point in their careers) by bolstering the tag division if they finally had the sense to put Akira & Apollo together as a tag team.

But will they probably do it?
Penny Banner - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 11:45:21 EST 7ZkLLCFc No.6309261 Reply
FYI: If my post was posted 3 times, it said 420chan was down and experiencing errors.

Which is very evident now. lol

I'm not seeing it displayed, but can see it popped up as a reply as, oddly, because I pressed Enter, it registered as a submitted post? That's new.
So three different versions of it, before the actual version which included a gif for whatever reason were posted.
Brooke Tessmacher - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:30:25 EST xRPb2TFv No.6309277 Reply

What if someone from USA Network get pissed that they are getting shafted for FOX and call for a different person to be drafted to Raw.
What can Vince actually do at that point?

/wooo/ hypocrisy

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- Fri, 11 Oct 2019 05:59:42 EST 07Mto2h7 No.6309195
File: 1570787982829.png -(270126B / 263.79KB, 599x405) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. /wooo/ hypocrisy
Dudebros on /wooo/: lmao Jim Cornette is just working you grow some balls

Also Dudebros on /wooo/: Nyla Rose burned my crops and killed my parents. She is a menace to society and must be executed.
17 posts and 3 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
RegalMachine RGM-79 !Ro1w0thJao - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:13:45 EST F0Ox2SDr No.6309270 Reply
On the testicle it's self or the sack?
One is a red flag you should get looked at ASAP, the other might just be a ingrown pube or some shit. Either way get it looked at.
Also getting worked up over a shit posting old fart and a botch machine cutie.
OP you have to go back.
British Bulldog - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:22:09 EST U28QmYT+ No.6309274 Reply
>expecting internal consistency from dudebros who want to dehumanize people they've never met because of which bathroom they use

WWE NXT: 205 Live has been drafted to NXT evidently

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!BzcOsK03.w - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 17:32:36 EST t5MM0qnM No.6308255
File: 1570656756422.jpg -(490833B / 479.33KB, 1300x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. WWE NXT: 205 Live has been drafted to NXT evidently
>Watch WWE NXT at 8pm EDT / 1am BST in http://taima.tv/r/wooo2 and http://taima.tv/r/woooalt2
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship bout: "The Philadelphia Stretcher" Drew Gulak (c) vs. Lio Rush.
  • WWE North American Champion Roderick Strong vs. Isaiah Scott.
  • WATER vs. KUSH
  • Tommaso Ciampa and Finn Balor to talk some shit
>Lio Rush challenges Drew Gulak for the NXT Crusierweight Championship tomorrow night
> Lio Rush will face one of his first major tests since returning to action when he challenges NXT Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak tonight on WWE NXT. The Man of The Hour made his return to the ring after a sabbatical on the Sept. 18 edition of NXT, defeating Oney Lorcan in a thrilling battle to earn the right to take on Gulak for the title. During his dominant reign, The Philadelphia Stretcher has declared himself the law when it comes to the Cruiserweight Title. Will Rush be able to enact his own change in the Cruiserweight division and dethrone Gulak? Find out when the NXT Cruiserweight Championship is on the line next tomorrow on WWE NXT

>Kushida and WALTER to clash on NXT
> WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER and Imperium have made their presence felt in NXT since its debut on USA Network, mainly at the expense of Kushida. Tonight, the Japanese Superstar will get his chance at retribution when he goes one-on-one with The Ring General. When Imperium first wreaked havoc on NXT three weeks ago, Kushida put a stop to their mayhem, taking out Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, before slipping out of WALTER’s clutches. However, he would not be so lucky the following week. Though he and Breezango bested Wolfe, Barthel & Aichner in Six-Man Tag Team action, Kushida ended up on the receiving end of a big boot from the WWE United Kingdom Champion. Will the outcome be the same when Kushida and WALTER lock horns? Tune in to NXT, live tonight

>Isaiah “Swerve” Scott to battle Roderick Strong
>NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong will be in action tonight on USA Network, when he takes on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in non-title action. The match was announced on WWE’s The Bump, which streams live on WWE Network, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Wednesdays at 10 a.m. ET. nScott has made major impressions since his arrival in NXT, with big performances in the NXT Breakout Tournament and against NXT Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak on 205 Live. Strong has made waves himself, dethroning The Velveteen Dream as North American Champion on Sept. 18 and bringing The Undisputed ERA one step closer to completing their prophecy of gold. Despite Strong’s victory, Dream has vowed to reclaim the title.Will “Swerve” continue to show why he’s one of NXT’s fastest rising Superstars and fast-track himself toward a title opportunity, or will Strong smash his speedy foe’s back into pieces and send a message to The Velveteen Dream?

> How will Finn Bálor’s arrival impact NXT?
> Last Wednesday, Finn Bálor shocked the world when he confronted NXT Champion Adam Cole with a simple message: “As of now, Finn Bálor is NXT!” What does The Extraordinary Man’s arrival mean for the future of the black-and-gold brand? Will he be looking to dethrone Cole and become a two-time NXT Champion?

>How will Tommaso Ciampa’s quest to regain the NXT Title continue?
> Adam Cole’s night didn’t get any easier after Bálor’s arrival. As the NXT Champion arrived on the scene to celebrate with The Undisputed ERA after Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish’s successful NXT Tag Team Championship defense, the party was cut short by the return of Tommaso Ciampa. Unlike Bálor, The Blackheart had nothing to say upon his return from neck surgery. Instead, he slowly paced around Cole, his eyes locked on the championship he had to forfeit because of his injuries. Will Ciampa’s quest to reclaim “Goldie” continue this week?

>Can anyone stop Shayna Baszler?
> Despite a spirited effort from Candice LeRae, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler retained her title in a thrilling battle. As The Submission Magician’s reign rapidly approaches the one-year mark, will a new challenger emerge to try and dethrone The Queen of Spades? Find out on WWE NXT, live tomorrow at 8/7 C on USA Network!

This post was edited by Celt on 09-10-2019 17:33:47
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Drew McIntyre - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 06:55:28 EST JC9WWRCu No.6309208 Reply
Why the fuck does Mauro pronounce "iron" like that?

Women's Wrestling General Thread: Threedom Ace Edition!

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- Mon, 25 Feb 2019 19:14:58 EST yDxjeO9a No.6191738
File: 1551140098095.jpg -(410419B / 400.80KB, 1333x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Women's Wrestling General Thread: Threedom Ace Edition!
New general so sufferers of lunchmeatophobia don't have to scroll past a sandwich for 6 months.

>WOW - Women of Wrestling, when in season, airs weekly on Wednesdays at 10pm EDT / 3am BST in /wooo/tube - http://taima.tv/r/wooo. Replays air on Thursdays at 12:10pm EDT / 5:10pm BST in /wooo/tube.
>Joshi Tube airs on Saturdays at 4pm EDT / 9pm BST in /wooo/tube - http://taima.tv/r/wooo and is a great way to discover what joshi is all about. People in the chat will be able to answer questions as you ask them, as we do on this thread.
>But if you're ever in the mood to watch joshi outside of Joshi Tube, there is joshi wrestling channel for streaming live events such as TJPW and Stardom - http://taima.tv/r/joshi. Furthermore, there is also a non-joshi women's wrestling channel - http://taima.tv/r/wooomens

There's a variety of women's wrestling available around the world. The West features many, such as the WWE Women’s division, AEW's Women's division, Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts division, ROH’s Women of Honor division, AAA's luchadoras, CMLL's luchadoras, WOW Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, SHINE Wrestling, WSU, WWR, RISE, Sabotage Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling EVE, HUMO, and more!

Eastern Promotions to watch
Tokyo Joshi Pro, Stardom, Gatoh Move, Pro Wrestling Wave, SeadLINNNG, Marvelous, OZ Academy, Diana, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, Pure-J, Actwres Girls, and more! All nonsubscription shows are available at PuroresuDream - https://puroresudream.wordpress.com/ or https://twitter.com/PuroresuDream for the latest joshi shows.

Classic women's wrestling to watch: The Legendary AJW, classic JWP, ARISON, GAEA & FMW's female deathmatch division, and GLOW if you want over the top female characters and promos.

>Useful links:

http://www.diva-dirt.com/ - News, Gossip and rumors from the world of women's wrestling
http://enzuigiripuro.tumblr.com/ - latest results and match cards
https://pastebin.com/nMyby4Hk - Pastebin for all the subtitles and subtitled episodes of Tofu Pro Wrestling
http://joshicity.com/ - Joshi Reviews and stuff
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOvrH-DPO5ROUIiyem8ySA/videos - Youtube channel filled with classic Joshi theme songs
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaOLRxH3tvTkPjLtO7QZPw - NO Code's Youtube uploads
http://www.pwponderings.com/category/column/ - Posts collumns of women's wrestling in "Ringbelles Roundup"
http://falconjoshi.blogspot.com/ - English language Joshi blog
http://www.dailymotion.com/Mosquitopilate1 - Dailymotion channel that uploads Joshi shows and matches by the barrel-full
http://www.dailymotion.com/user/JAHMAL1111/1 - Also uploads Joshi shows and matches
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL53kKJBMWATcFGQFDJeUHiV_hWzHb6TJw - Playlist of ROH-uploaded Women of Honor matches
http://www.dailymotion.com/f100000089423529 - Another channel with loads of western women's matches
http://www.dailymotion.com/therackattackvideos - Channel showing a bunch of WWE/WWF> women's segments
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq4o415dCRi5zJFwUTmXJHA - SHITLOADS of joshi matches from far away ago to now
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lance Cade - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 16:27:00 EST v6/r3afC No.6309371 Reply
Miyu was even quoting Inoki in the video package before her and Miu's match against Bi-gun since they were making fun of her chin.
Gran Naniwa - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:52:05 EST yDxjeO9a No.6309428 Reply
1570834325186.jpg -(170008B / 166.02KB, 800x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Maybe, hopefully they can just run Korakuen Hall at some point through the week coming up if there is an opening. They could just move the match to an upcoming show but there doesn't seem to be anything suitable for the rest of this month. Anyway, they added an extra P's Party show since the last list, the last to be produced by Saya -

09/28: Tequila Saya & Giulia vs Ram Kaichou & Maika Ozaki
09/29: Yoshiko & Tequila Saya vs Tsukushi & Suzu Suzuki (Last Yankii Tag)
09/29: Risa Sera & Akane Fujita vs Rina Yamashita & Tequila Saya (Hardcore Match)
10/03: Maya Yukihi & Giulia vs Tequila Saya & Yappy (Yappy's Return)
10/05: Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Tequila Saya
10/05: Tequila Saya vs Ice Ribbon Roster (1 Minute Match x 13)
10/09: Tequila Saya & Tuskushi vs Suzu Suzuki & Yappy (Balloon Match)
10/09: Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hamuko Hoshi vs Tequila Saya & Giulia (Tequila Drinking Match)
??/??: Tequila Saya & Giulia vs Uno Matsuya & Satsuki Totoro (Last Match)

What do you want from the future inevitable N.W.A. wrestling game?

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- Fri, 11 Oct 2019 05:36:40 EST kptGKEiV No.6309190
File: 1570786600965.png -(12777B / 12.48KB, 500x455) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What do you want from the future inevitable N.W.A. wrestling game?
Hopefully they get a chance to cut into the market. Let's hammer out some ideas.

I would want it to be like the season mode from Legends of Wrestling II where you have to go from territory to territory and wrestle stars from the past and present for regional championships and experience points. It shouldn't be limited to the continental U.S. International N.W.A regions should be included.
Tommy Dreamer - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 05:41:32 EST 07Mto2h7 No.6309192 Reply
Video games make you hate women and minorities
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 08:44:39 EST It2BUKqt No.6309224 Reply
Pump your brakes, OP. The NWA is just barely getting back into some form of televised wrestling show. Maybe wait to see if the company can even get the show on television before thinking it's going to get a videogame.


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- Wed, 09 Oct 2019 17:29:11 EST z+c6DKUE No.6308254
File: 1570656551214.png -(660222B / 644.75KB, 740x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. AEW DYNAMITE - AEW DARK - 8PM EDT / 1AM BST
> Watch AEW Dynamite at 8pm EDT / 1am BST in http://taima.tv/r/wooo and http://taima.tv/r/woooalt
> AEW Dynamite is followed by AEW Dark at 10pm EDT / 3am BST, with the following matches from last week's taping:
  • Cima vs Darby Allin
  • Britt Baker & Allie vs Penelope Ford & Bea Priestley
  • Private Party & Best Friends vs Lucha Bros & Angelico & Jack Evans
  • SCU vs Jurassic Express & Marko Stunt
For anyone who does watch on TNT, there is a possibility of AEW being moved to TruTV due to baseball overrunning. If Cardinals/Braves ends on time, AEW will air in full at the scheduled time on TNT. If the game runs long, Dodgers/Nationals will start on TNT, with AEW airing on time and in full on TruTV. This should not affect the tube streams as they should be on the FITE feed which is commercial free as well.

> This Wednesday night, All Elite Wrestling returns to TNT at 8pm EST for another action packed edition of “Dynamite”! Last week fans witnessed the crowning of the very first AEW Women's World Champion when Riho bested Nyla Rose, they saw Cody being tested to his limits by Sammy Guevara, and Jon Moxley made an insane return at the expense of Kenny Omega. And who can ever forget the absolute chaos that unfolded in the aftermath of the main event when the unit consisting of AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, and the debuting Jake Hager left The Young Bucks, Cody, and Dustin Runnels laid out in the wake of their onslaught. Now all sights are on Boston and The Agganis Arena to see just what will unfold in the aftermath of that assault...

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Runnels & Adam “Hangman” Page
> The first match signed coming out of last week's mugging positions the AEW World Champion Jericho and Guevara against Page and Dustin, and stems from the video seen above. When the attack went down, Page was nowhere to be found and had very little excuse for his absence in helping his Elite brethren. Dustin, on the other hand, was right there to help his brother and The Bucks, even though it ending up with veteran on the receiving end of a Gutwrench Powerbomb across the ringside podium. So consider this a make-good from “Hangman”, as he unites with Runnels, to square off with the man who beat him to claim the AEW World Title and the young upstart Guevara. Dustin's head and heart are in the right place, will Page be the same come Wednesday night?

AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals Match: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)
> The tournament to crown the very first AEW World Tag Team Champions kicks off in Boston with this clash of the Bucks and Private Party. The track record of The Young Bucks in tag team wrestling is historic, capturing championships everywhere they have ever competed and innovating the game at every step. Praises for their pedigree in tag team wrestling could be sung for hours, and many consider them the odds on favorite to win the whole tournament. Yet, after last week, one has to wonder where their heads are at and just how focused Matt and Nick can be on championships when it must feel like they have it coming at them from all angles. Now, Private Party on the other hand, are singularly focused, laser-like, on becoming the very first AEW World Tag Team Champions and having their names hung in the annals of history, alongside Chris Jericho and Riho, as THE FIRST! Isiah and Marq Quen earned their way into a full-time contract with AEW with what they brought to the table at “Fyter Fest”, and this is their opportunity to prove they are the future by knocking The Young Bucks out in the first round of the tournament! And waiting in the semi-finals, set for 10/23 in Pittsburgh, will be the winners of the Lucha Bros/Jurassic Express match...

10/16 World Title Opportunity On The Line
> On 10/8, “AEW Dark” debuted as part of the official All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel , and offered fans an opportunity to see the bouts that were not part of the live “Dynamite” broadcast. As seen above, fans bore witness to Darby Allin defeating the legendary Japanese superstar CIMA in a one-on-one match, and now, in recognition of that victory, Darby Allin will compete in Boston in a match with World Title implications. This Boston bout will be to se…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
277 posts and 27 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Triple H - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 23:48:06 EST HBLWC/LC No.6309125 Reply
That still wasn't as humiliating as him admitting he didn't understand copyrights or know how to pirate correctly.

Drew McIntyre - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 04:44:16 EST JC9WWRCu No.6309184 Reply
I love Jericho and him talking up everyone else was great. Dude can talk and actually hold your attention. But the we the people jabs took me out of shit. You're a wrestler, don't refer to anything as a "shoot". So your shit just isn't legitimate? And for the love of god, don't ever reference creative. I know it's not a massive deal in the grand scheme but fucking hell, it irks me. Maintain the illusion. And it's weird when the we the people stuff was the only memorable shit he ever did, and Jake "legit MMA fighter #326 when all he did was beat up a fat dude" Hager isn't really a better enough gimmick for ya to throw stones.
Kevin Kelly - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 05:22:43 EST ABCMfJP2 No.6309188 Reply
I really liked this show. I wasn't sure if I was ready to start watching wrestling weekly again but after this show and NWA tuesday, I'm super aboard the hype train.

Dynamite this week made me a fan of Darby Allin. Dude has this Jeff Hardy aura that no one else has right now. He's so effortlessly cool. I popped so hard when he skateboarded down the ramp and beat Jericho's ass. I probably watched that clip over five times already! This dude is going to be a huge star if AEW plays their cards right.

And Private Party!! I was already liking those guys, however, I didn't get their deal with The Hybrid 2 last week, which made me think that maybe these guys are starting to cool down. I definitely did not expect a huge match and a huge win over The Bucks. They're green but they're awesome. I can't wait to see how they will be in one year.

This show is awesome. It's different from watching WWE and hoping something is good. No, here everything is good and you are on the edge of your seat waiting for something great to happen. Everything is an angle, everything has a payoff. I love it.

There will be 5 wrestling television programs on this week.

View Thread Reply
- Thu, 10 Oct 2019 17:39:28 EST dE/o8bMD No.6308912
File: 1570743568121.png -(364497B / 355.95KB, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. There will be 5 wrestling television programs on this week.
All 5 of them will do less than Austin vs Undertaker on June 28 1999 combined which did 10.8 million viewers
14 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
quality trip poster !wHUyuaRF3M - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 22:24:27 EST IOJUtiT2 No.6309089 Reply

oh god!!!! my thumbs are moving on their own!!!!
Triple H - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 23:28:43 EST HBLWC/LC No.6309117 Reply
Reminder that after Nitro was cancelled almost two-thirds of the wrestling TV audience vanished within a year.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 00:54:46 EST It2BUKqt No.6309146 Reply
And a good chunk of that jumped ship to MMA (and UFC in particular).


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!zWb42fBPMM - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 20:35:44 EST It2BUKqt No.6308374
File: 1570667744650.png -(466253B / 455.33KB, 1200x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. THE INNER CIRCLE
You're welcome.
30 posts and 7 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
R-Truth - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:38:31 EST bDreetB9 No.6308865 Reply
Someone take this over to /tinfoil/ and ask them if there is Satanic/Illuminati symbolism in this design
Mephisto - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 20:06:03 EST GXHNtkkw No.6309010 Reply
I took it to mean that there was some relationship between him and ESPN that went badly after the first game he called and refused to listen to their demands.
they'll see that in corn flakes
it's got an eye in a pyramid and a circle and snakes it's basically twelve pizzagates out of 10 already

Dragon Gate: The Gate of Victory 2019 Day 4

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- Mon, 07 Oct 2019 16:08:36 EST sK8BwNDg No.6307340
File: 1570478916322.jpg -(338904B / 330.96KB, 848x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dragon Gate: The Gate of Victory 2019 Day 4
>Watch Dragon Gate: The Gate of Victory 2019 Day 4 at 5:30 AM EST/9:30 AM GMT in http://taima.tv/r/wooo
>Replay to air this Thursday at 8:00 PM EST/1:00 AM GMT in http://taima.tv/r/mondainightryu as part of Dragon Gate Tube

The Gate of Victory begins as tonight, Dragon Gate returns to Korakuen Hall with a stacked card before the big Gate of Destiny PPV next month. In a match several months in the making, three of DG's best young boys in Kaito Ishida, Hyo Watanabe & Keisuke Okuda finally clash in a rare 3-way match, Ultimo Dragon looks to teach R.E.D a lesson in respect as he leads a team of Toryumon veterans against Real Extreme Diffusion in a huge 8-man tag, Shun Skywalker tries to turn his momentum around as he battles Masato Yoshino in a special singles match and in the main event, Ben-K makes his 2nd defense of the Open The Dream Gate Championship as he goes one-on-one against Masaaki Mochizuki!

1: Tribe Vanguard (BxB Hulk, KAI, Kagetora), Hiroshi Yamato & Martin Kirby vs. Natural Vibes (Genki Horiguchi, Punch Tominaga), Mondai Ryu, Dragon Dia & Jimmy
2: Tribe Vanguard (YAMATO & Yosuke Santa Maria) vs. Gamma & Don Fujii
3: Dojo Mochizuki (Yuki Yoshioka & Kota Minoura) vs. R.E.D (KAZMA SAKAMOTO & Takashi Yoshida)
4: Kaito Ishida vs. Keisuke Okuda vs. Hyo Watanabe
5: Masato Yoshino vs. Shun Skywalker
6: MaxiMuM (Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid & Jason Lee) vs. Natural Vibes (Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka & "brother" YASSHI)
7: Ultimo Dragon, Ryo Saito, K-Ness & Super Shisa vs. R.E.D (Eita, Big R Shimizu, Yasushi Kanda & Diamante)
8: Ben-K (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki: Open The Dream Gate Championship
15 posts and 7 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
quality trip poster !wHUyuaRF3M - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 18:10:02 EST IOJUtiT2 No.6308928 Reply
1570745402850.png -(957792B / 935.34KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
if u want to watch the replay of korak it will be on in 2 hours. unless gnb chokes on a dick or something. image for this bump post courtesy of darg crow member chansu.
quality trip poster !wHUyuaRF3M - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 18:10:30 EST IOJUtiT2 No.6308929 Reply
zounds!!! why did i click the "no bump" check box!!!!!

Rocky Mountain Pro is Live every Thursday! OCT/2019

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- Thu, 03 Oct 2019 16:43:00 EST aQJsKEV6 No.6304790
File: 1570135380449.jpg -(411020B / 401.39KB, 2655x984) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Rocky Mountain Pro is Live every Thursday! OCT/2019


"Join all your favorite Rocky Mountain Pro Stars as we head into [another] month of broadcasting LIVE every Thursday in 2019, with two action packed hours of Pro Wrestling...Elevated!

We kick things off with an hour of Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy "Ignition," as you see the students of MPWA develop, hone and master their skills on live television. Vote for your favorite stars on Twitch to help them earn a spot on Rocky Mountain Pro "Charged!"

Then, for the second hour, we change gears and bring you the best in Pro Wrestling with more Rocky Mountain Pro "Charged!"

The last Thursday of each month will bring you a special 2 hour Supercharged!"

Book The Draft

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- Thu, 10 Oct 2019 12:04:39 EST xRPb2TFv No.6308726
File: 1570723479306.jpg -(43322B / 42.31KB, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Book The Draft
Lets predict how much they will shit on Raw since SD is the A Show now
1st Pick :

S Roman Reigns
Raw: Daniel Bryan

2nd Pick :
S Seth Rollins
Raw: Alistair Black

3rd Pick :
S Brock Lesnar
Raw: Kofi Kingston

4th Pick :
S Becky Lynch
Raw: Lacey Evans

5th Pick :
S Charlotte
Raw: Natalya

6th Pick :
S AJ Styles
Raw: Richochet

7th Pick :
S Randy Orton
Raw: Rusev
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Wednesday Ratings

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- Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:31:34 EST I709qEtd No.6308856
File: 1570739494613.png -(21682B / 21.17KB, 576x202) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Wednesday Ratings
Annie Social - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:35:53 EST zNyQb9LL No.6308861 Reply
1570739753571.jpg -(4735B / 4.62KB, 288x126) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm deciding who Im going to mock
Hector Guerrero - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:38:44 EST sMhxA778 No.6308866 Reply
Imagine not being able to see the thread right above you. At least you got to post a screenie from a shit tier site

No third options

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- Mon, 07 Oct 2019 09:29:09 EST sC88lo0y No.6307143
File: 1570454949057.png -(520601B / 508.40KB, 1268x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. No third options
After yesterday's awful show it is important to note that WATCHING AEW IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL KILL WWE. Don't be fooled by "both sides are the same" bullcrap that leaking toilet bowl chaos agents spread in order to make up that "third option" fallacy. Watching wrestling shows that fetishize their female roster (Impact, lucha), employs islamophobic sexist homophobes (MLW, NWA), are straight up child p*rnography (any joshicon promotion) or simply refuse to have a women's division against all logic (NJPW) is never going to kill WWE. AEW is the only promotion with that tool, they provide comfort and escapism to those suffering in post-Nick Gage America with beautiful talent like Sonny Kiss and Nyla Rose. Not watching AEW is like being a centrist, you actively support WWE's institutionalized colonialism and just want to shit on AEW. WWE is Alt Right while AEW is Antifa. And yes, wrestling is politics you fucking babies.
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Matt Classic - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:12:08 EST GXHNtkkw No.6308710 Reply
we're making a pretty dumb strawman so I'm assuming he can't into interwebs
Jigsaw - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:19:57 EST tmdtWLR3 No.6308714 Reply
Imagine having waited for an alternative for LITERALLY 18 YEARS, and one that can actually compete comes along and you go "nah, i'll just wait another 18 years for something more tailored to me".

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