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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

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TEW/EWR/Booking Sim Thread

- Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:26:31 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6272045
File: 1563863191314.png -(101229B / 98.86KB, 555x365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. TEW/EWR/Booking Sim Thread
Last thread got cycled out it seems, but I've been sticking with my most recent save and have had a hell of a time booking 2001 WCW (using Genadi's WCW Lives Mod). Been slowly but surely righting the ship, and have some great angles that have been pulling in the ratings as of late.

>Booker T. vs. Ric Flair
Since Booker starts the save with the title, figured he'd prove his worth as a champion with a serious challenger in Flair; Flair's actually winding down his in-ring time due to age, so I'm trying to keep this going at least until Starrcade where Booker will make his second-ever defense in a "passing of the torch" moment, as long as the AI doesn't fuck me and decide to retire soon

>Kevin Nash vs. Shane Douglas
This is purely a vehicle for newer WCW guys (AJ, O'Haire, Helms) and ECW refugees (Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, Mike Awesome) to get over via association with two main eventers, leading into a War Games where it's WCW vs. the eWo (extreme World order; original, I know). Shane is actually killing it in promos, and Rob Van Dam has been putting on 70+ rated matches since his first day in the company

>Disciples of Doom
I've been marathoning old Nitros and this is a storyline that's resulted purely from osmosis. Vampiro introduces James Mitchell as "The Father", basically a reincarnated "Master" (King Ieukea's gimmick) who pulls Kanyon back into his Mortis gimmick. Since Vampiro just came back from a concussion and Kanyon from rehab, the current goal is getting Father over as a manager so the stable can be another vehicle for "monster" types like Khali, Snitsky, and Abyss (all currently in developmental) and so I'll have a rotating midcard-upper midcard stable for next year's War Games.

Anyone else have any storylines they're toying with? Crazy-ass random events/deaths? Are people still playing TEW at all? Post screencaps and shit in here!
Bryce Remsburg - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:36:38 EST IX5coWMM No.6272047 Reply
1563863798675.jpg -(169185B / 165.22KB, 874x723) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
WCW Lives is great. I ended up doing a 4 Horsemen takeover angle with Douglas leading his 21st Century Horsemen against Flair's old school Four Horsemen. The heels went over because - well, Shane has a few years left in him but Ric was fading fast. The spoopy stable around Vampiro and Mitchell is something I did too, though mine was Kanyon/Vamp/Dustin (Black Reign). Sadly, Booker hit age decline almost immediately so I let him leave for WWF and pushed younger talent.

What I really want to do with TEW - before I decide that it just isn't close enough to really booking - is conquer the New Blood scenario as WCW. I looked at it once, booking as Bret, but wasn't committed enough to the save.

Pic related, Joe got a Muscular size increase in my save so I pushed him to the main event.
Bryce Remsburg - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:43:57 EST IX5coWMM No.6272049 Reply
1563864237675.jpg -(167604B / 163.68KB, 1019x727) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The same save also saw me put actual WCW-tier effort into a fantasy gimmick and the game rewarded me with a Legendary rating.
Blackjack Mulligan - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 04:02:05 EST OpgJ2Vxh No.6272068 Reply
I don't have a screenshot of it, unfortunately, I just wasn't thinking of it at the time because I don't know anyone else that plays it who would care. Anyway, I was playing with a 1987 mod last month, and I had a program between Jake The Snake and Hogan, and after a couple months of good build up with both of them cutting fire promos they finally had their match -- this is just after Hogan bodyslammed Andre in front of 80 billion screaming Hulkamaniacs from all across the galaxy, brother,, so he has a shitload of steam behind him and is obviously the top worker in the world by a pretty wide margin.

I get to the match and Hogan somehow botches his fucking legdrop 10 minutes in and gets injured. "Oh no" I think. The event finishes and in the news screen it says that he is paralyzed for the rest of his life.

I couldn't stop laughing. It basically destroyed my roster for the next few months, but Savage, Steamboat, Harley Race, and a miraculously drug offense free Jake Roberts ended up carrying a lot of cards afterwards.

It still makes me laugh to think about the Hulkster dropping the leg and just utterly obliterating his entire spine somehow. Like, I know he's not the best in-ring worker in the world, but that takes a talent in it's own right.
Brian Adams - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:48:21 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6272209 Reply
I had a similar inkling to do the Black Reign gimmick, but I'm going to give Dustin more time as just "The Natural" for a possible WHC shot plus OSW completely ruined Black Reign for me so I can't see that gimmick as anything other than midcard-jobber.

I also have a similar Horsemen thing in the works (Millennium Horsemen) but the guys I want to use are either contracted to touring companies or freelancers that will only work 6-month non-exclusive P.P.A.s (until their overness gets above 40 and they suddenly start taking WWF's calls for year-long written contracts, Danielson you motherfucking fuck). That'll probably be an '03-'04 focus when more guys start popping into the game world.

Christ, that's the most hilariously unfortunate shit I've heard. I've yet to have a serious injury in my main event (knock on wood), but Mark Jindrak - who I was pushing with Shawn Stasiak for the tag belts - recently succumbed to a "stomach infection" in the middle of a match and has been out for the past week; all I could imagine was the Reflection of Perfection himself puking mid-match, and now I'm idly workshopping a potential management position for Droz.
Goldberg - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:51:38 EST KZR8FUww No.6272213 Reply
I've been playing Journey of Wrestling and it's pretty fun. A great on-the-go simulator, not too deep but with enough mechanics to make you think things through.

I just wish AJ Styles would stop getting injured.
Bryce Remsburg - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 17:10:03 EST IX5coWMM No.6272324 Reply
1563916203675.jpg -(155725B / 152.08KB, 1019x688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I cracked open my WCW Lives save to see how far it had actually gone. Three in-game years, 186 shows, still not as big as WWF because Canada hates me. (Maybe another long GolbergWinsLOL run will turn them around?)
Larry Sweeney - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 17:24:36 EST LUMg+nxK No.6272336 Reply
I ran a vanilla joshi fed where i was trying to get over some chick that i hired who always wanted to work for my company. I put her in 6 man tags to hide her flaws but she was a terrible worker, and the crowd fucking hated her and every match she was in suffered because of it, but i couldn't bring myself to fire her because she wasn't doing anything wrong and it was usually just to job to my main eventers. I don't think I still have that save but I want to find it now and start it back up. We had a pretty good build to the last ppv we were building up to, although i tried to make a tournament but it's so confusing.
Brian Adams - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 18:10:36 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6272387 Reply
A similar thing is happening to me; so far I've had Ric Flair, Booker T, and Rick Steiner message me saying that this Johnny the Bull IT'S "LLUB EHT YNNHOJ" BACKWARDS guy is going places. In every match I've put him in - even tag matches with ring generals to hide his dogshit wrestling skills - he has a solid 20 performance rating EVEN WITH the Protect note added to him. I'd send him down to developmental but he'd probably just bitch me out a month later and come back with an attitude problem, so I'm just resorting to negatively meddling in all his relationships so he'll fuck off.
Larry Sweeney - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 18:23:42 EST LUMg+nxK No.6272398 Reply
1563920622853.png -(186507B / 182.14KB, 1017x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i found the last card i made, the chick was faith mcgee

i think the game rated my main event too harshly, i built that feud up pretty well and the game shat on it
Tyson Kidd - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:33:10 EST XiYgIvBY No.6272433 Reply
I've got a question.
Would something in 80s Mania Wrestling be alright for the thread?
I mean you're pretty much making shows, but it's a wrestling TCG combined with making shows and such, not to mention the game itself is a 80s/90s parody machine, and not only in pro wrestling.
Brian Adams - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:44:40 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6272441 Reply
Sure! Never heard of it myself but it seems like something that would fit in.
El Gringo Loco - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 20:07:53 EST f3xEs8J9 No.6272477 Reply
Same. Addicting game. I’m playing the attitude era scenario as WCW and I’m having a lot of fun with it
Matt Classic - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 20:40:02 EST IX5coWMM No.6272500 Reply
1563928802349.jpg -(196598B / 191.99KB, 994x668) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gameplay story: it's hard to get a really great match out of Goldberg. He has a tremendous Overness potential, great SQ and Charisma, and his top row is fine. But his Performance skills are not main event level. So he needs an opponent who can compensate, especially with good Selling. Kidman is excellent at Selling and has decent Psychology, so the programme made sense. I also had plans to put the belt on some of the up and comers and didn't want Goldberg to put them over clean in case their potential Overness wasn't high enough to hold all that juice.

Kayfabe: Kidman had the Hindu monster, Giant Singh, on his side and Bill couldn't defeat the odds.
Leticia Kline - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 22:48:34 EST XiYgIvBY No.6272583 Reply
Well, if I can put a little backstory on what my fed in the game is doing right now. I'm in Jan 1982 and Lazer(Sting) and Jet Set Strutter(Flair) just had a 4 star Cage match for my world title. Copper Commander and Iron Mask(Cobra Commander and Destro from GI Joe) lost the tag titles in a Falls Count Anywhere vs The Dobermans(Duke and Denny). Duke is DBS and Denny is Dynamite. Also, I'm having a side feud with Dark Invader(Darth Vader) and Death Star Boy(The heel version of Star Boy who is Star Man) taking on Warhawk(Rambo) and Dangerzone(Top Gun/Maverick).

At the tail end of 1981, I threw Slashmaster(A Jason/Freddy hybrid who later turns into a parody of the Undertaker) up against Max Attack(Little Mac) in a casket match that got 3 stars.
Eric Bischoff - Wed, 24 Jul 2019 00:55:17 EST IEWTZ52t No.6272616 Reply

The best part is protecting Mike Awesome in the opener with a DQ finish. Really made me laugh.
Eric Bischoff - Wed, 24 Jul 2019 00:59:26 EST IEWTZ52t No.6272617 Reply

Oh damn, I read that as a booked show, not as the title defences. lol I dumb nb
The Sheik - Wed, 24 Jul 2019 01:28:33 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6272621 Reply
1563946113947.png -(59574B / 58.18KB, 825x505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Since the show following this was Saturday Night, I just decided to give a couple of my midcard guys from New York some wins and pop a rating by having all the main eventers open the show.

Totally would have put 911 in the main event if I had the foresight to sign him to a PPA.
Matt Classic - Wed, 24 Jul 2019 03:03:17 EST IX5coWMM No.6272628 Reply

The first win over Awesome was a TV Title match, so 'berg won by DQ to avoid putting the belt on him.
Rowdy Roddy Piper - Wed, 24 Jul 2019 21:05:38 EST bxblmmux No.6273223 Reply
1564016738537.png -(250771B / 244.89KB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Okay, my first 80s Mania Wrestling Show for the thread.

Promotion WOW(World of Wrestling)
Current Champions:
World: Lazer(Sting)
Tag Team: The Dobermans(British Bulldogs)
TV: Ninja Star(Ninja Gaiden/Snake Eyes)
Cruiserweight: The Piranha(The Amazon from NES Pro Wrestling)
Womens: Lyndi Harker(Cyndi Larper/Wendi Richter)

I have too many cards so I'm not going into detail of each one now, instead when they appear.

8MW breaks down three(default 5 segment unless you buy more) shows and then a PPV

Wk 1 Jan 1982 - Superstar Saturday @ San Juan Stadium
Sold Out ~30000

Opening Match:
Rad Racer(Excitebike Inspired) defeats Officer Chip(Big Boss Man somewhat inspired). via Tail Whip.
I'm a little pleased a bit with the opener, seemed like a fairly balanced fight, and since the two have a little feud going(Feud and Tag Team cards are available if you find certain combos and provide bonuses) they continue to bring decent ratings when booked.

Second Match:
Hammerhead(RUSSIAN GIMMICK/Soda Popinksi) w/Mother Russia(AGAIN RUSSIA GIMMICK) defeats Max Attack(Little Mac) via Russian Sickle.
3 *'s
Max just couldn't overcome the 2 on 1 in this feud match. Hammerhead wins fairly easily, stomping out an attempted comeback. Hammerhead got a nice skill point as well, good on him.

Third Match:
Michael T. Wolf(Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf) defeats Ruffian(Biff Turner) in an Ironman Match 3-2.
3 *'s
Micheal wins this match, another one given bonuses due to it being a feud match. Ruffian cheated super hard throughout the entire match but ended up losing in the end.

Fourth Match:
Buzzsaw(Ultimate Warrior) defeats Pierre the Enormous(Andre the Giant) in a Tables match via Splash through the table.
Really happy no one crapped the bed on this match. Sometimes these two can be a little wonky, despite both being the same wrestler type and having this match advantage. Buzzsaw even got +1 Skill, so good on him.

Main Event - TV Title Match:
Ninja Star(Ninja Gaiden/Snake Eyes) defeats Ace Of Spades(Heel Gambler gimmick, eventually becomes Steve Austin) via Katana Kick into Shinobi Slam
Ninja Star screwed the pooch on this one. He pretty much jobbed out Ace of Spades. I don't know if it was the matchup, the fact it was a regular match, or just a random fluke, but I should keep a close look at Ninja Star in the future. I'll give him one more title match to see if he can pull a good one before I end up pulling a forced switch.

Overall: 3*'s.
Money Gained: $2190.
Current Money: $84801.
Cary Silkin - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 16:48:05 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273689 Reply
1564087685660.png -(137587B / 134.36KB, 555x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Time to repackage Booker T as GI Bro and have him Freedom Kick the insurgent Ric Al-Fla'ir in front of 91101 screaming Bookermaniacs for the gold, sucka.
Tommaso Ciampa - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 16:52:15 EST LUMg+nxK No.6273691 Reply
>Having ric flair as champ in 2001

i know ric could still go but bah gawd you could have a steiner/book feud to last you into at least 2002
Cary Silkin - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:06:55 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273692 Reply
1564088815660.png -(14762B / 14.42KB, 310x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Referring to my OP >>6272045; Book's actually the champ, but he's been in a feud w/ Flair for the past year; actually, Scott - and a LOOOOOT of other Main Eventers like Sting, Luger, and Sting - have been in rehab for quite some time. Sting will be coming back in November, coinciding nicely with the closing of the Nash/Douglas (really, WCW vs. ECW at this point) feud, while the other guys won't be back until 02 at the earliest. This forced me to hotshot younger guys like O'Haire, Palumbo, Helms, and Styles into the Main Event/Upper Midcard range by pairing them with already established top guys.

Pic related, current list of guys in rehab; I waited FIVE MONTHS to sign Hawk - who was out with a kidney infection (did he have diabetes irl?) - and the first night back the fucker was popped by drug testing for hard drugs, soft drugs, AND painkillers all in one go.
Cary Silkin - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:09:53 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273693 Reply
1564088993660.png -(546733B / 533.92KB, 681x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Sting, Luger, and Sting
Meant to type Bagwell for the last one. nb
Tommaso Ciampa - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:10:49 EST LUMg+nxK No.6273694 Reply
Hawk had a heart condition around the early 2000s before he died

Odd that Sting got put into rehab, seeing as one of the reasons he was gone for so long in 97 was for his painkiller addiction

also when buff bagwell comes back, have him lose every match in squashes.

why? because i hate him
Cary Silkin - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:17:54 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273696 Reply
1564089474660.jpg -(12557B / 12.26KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think just having the "Is Known to Have Used..." thing on their behavioral sheet means a wrestler is more likely to relapse; for what it's worth, Sting's rehab period is a lot shorter than the other guys.

Buff for sure is going to just be an upper-midcard job guy; I like the guy despite the fact he's a complete goober irl though.

Hell Raiser and Adams are going to get fucking sacked if they fail a test again, though. Both had just come back from injuries lasting into August and I'll be goddamned if the fucking Wall is going to sit out the rest of his contract in a methadone clinic.
Tommaso Ciampa - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 17:20:47 EST LUMg+nxK No.6273698 Reply
But Wall isn't on your list of people in rehab

With that being said, you should push wall as an upper midcard. he was legit on of the best things in wcw in early 2000 and they dropped the ball on him when they fed him to Hogan
Elektra - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 18:17:17 EST dYhrmb6W No.6273735 Reply
> the eWo (extreme World order; original, I know)
To be fair, this is probably something the real WCW would have done

>Crazy-ass random events/deaths?
I had a long running WWE game that ran from February 2017 to May 2019 (then I lost interest). In 2017, I brought in Conor McGregor for a few matches. First actual match was him defeating Samoa Joe at WM33. Then I had AJ Styles defend the WWE Championship against him on Raw. Then I did a show in Ireland where him and Sheamus beat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Then he disappeared for an MMA fight for months, and while recovering was impaled on a flag pole.

I also had Jerry Lawler and Mauro Ranallo die while working for me (they were both my Smackdown announce team at one point).

One thing in my game was I had Dolph Ziggler do a crazy bump in the MITB Ladder match in 2017 and he broke his neck. He came back like a year later and he was a drug addict mess. I keep sending him to rehab, then as soon as I use him again, he shows up too fucked up to perform and I send him back to rehab. Not exactly a fun thing in my game, but it's a cool touch of realism.
Cary Silkin - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 18:33:10 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273748 Reply
1564093990660.png -(308455B / 301.23KB, 913x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Impaled by flag pole
I'd like to think it was a Russian flag thrown by Khabib.

As for the eWo, I just added Lance Storm to the fold mostly because he was doing fuck-all other than stretching jobbers on Saturday Night; at this point it looks like Starrcade is going to be mostly WCW vs. ECW guys in the undercard/midcard with Booker-Flair main eventing. Nash just recently got DDP - who lost a career vs. career match to JJ at Bash at the Beach - reinstated at the cost of his US HW title shot against Shane Douglas (meaning he's at least a year removed from being a WCW Triple Crown Champion). Probably going to put it on AJ Styles to finally cement his place in the upper-midcard.

Pic is my most recent show; highest TV rating in months, but just three points shy of the highest Nitro rating overall (88)
Wataru Inoue - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 18:52:09 EST IX5coWMM No.6273755 Reply
Rehab isn't very effective in TEW2016. Fine your addicts until they straighten up or leave.
Hardcore Holly - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:16:49 EST bxblmmux No.6273848 Reply
1564111009806.png -(148835B / 145.35KB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Alright, second show time.

Wk 2 Jan 1982 - Sunday Night Slam @ Canada Centre
Sold Out ~25000

Segment 1:
Terry Van Winkle(Kerry Von Erich) w/Franz Van Winkle(Fritz Von Erich)defeats Jet Set Strutter(Ric Flair) in a Submission match via Iron Claw.
3 *'s
Strutter continues to be a workhorse for me. Terry did well as well in this position, especially despite the fact there there was no feud bonus between the two. A great match and a fun opener to start.

Segment 2:
1 on 2 with Rex Spectrum(Max Headroom) Interview.
Queen of Mean(Sherri Martel) and Ace of Spades shoot on Ninja Star, calling him a dirty cheater, a loser, all that good stuff. Ace of Spades is especially angry he's not getting the next TV Title shot.
5* Rating
Best Segment I've done this year. Though it can be quite easy to coax out 4*'s at least if you're trying to succeed.

Segment 3:
Skullgore(Skeletor) defeats He-Beast the Barbarian(He-Man) in a no holds barred match via Crossbone Body Block through Table.
4 *'s
Heel wins this feud match. Both pulled out all the stops and just danced at the fringe of 5*'s. So close, and both still have a lot to prove. The match did benefit Skullgore, so maybe I'll give He-Beast a shot with a better matchtype for him.

Segment 4:
Chance Solar(Han Solo) cuts a dramatic promo on a fighting against Dark Invader(Darth Vader) in the upcoming 20-wrestler battle royale.. Super Dramatic, very wow.
The good ratings train keeps rolling. Feud's doing quite well for itself. I might do the Solar/Invader solo match at the p4v(PPV), but I think the Battle Royale will be something crazy.

Main Event - Tag Title Match:
The Dobermans defeat Slave Drivers(Big Thuggee and Lil Thuggee, which are middle eastern inspired gimmicks, Big is somewhat like OG Sheik, but Lil isn't Sabu, he comes later) in a lumberjack match thanks to a Running Doberslam by Denny.
3* Rating.
Not a bad ME, and there's no crap 1* match. I'm pretty happy with this outcome. I expected the Dobermans to win, and I'm pleased that they did. Dobermans will have a title match at the PPV, and I think I'm throwing The Executers(Mercenery and Spazz, who are Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) at them probably.

Overall: 4*'s.
Money Gained: $3515.
Current Money: $88616.
(I'm also getting bonuses for having highest rating TV right now at 19.98.)

All and all, we're moving on up.
I still need to debate who I'm having in the World Title match against Lazer for the P4V, and there is a ladies match also involved. We'll see. I don't know who I'm booking for that match at all.
Homicide - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:25:28 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273851 Reply
1564111528633.png -(37010B / 36.14KB, 495x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He was going to have a major push starting at Mayhem too :(

Is this like a freemium booking sim or a one-time purchase like Journey of Wrestling? Looks like something I could get into on long car trips.
Hardcore Holly - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:35:19 EST bxblmmux No.6273855 Reply
Free App with in-app purchases to get ahead.
Cash grind can be pretty slow in the early going, but there's plenty of lower end talent that can be cheap. The more higher card a wrestler is, the more expensive it'll be.

You'll get a few decent things for starting out, and there are some cheat codes that'll help you out as well, plus they added achievements that add more cash.
Truthfully, it's great for long stretches to play, as each year gets you a medal that can be traded in for 100K, which equates to 1 Main Eventer. It does have a rotating 12 hour window on 5 random cards to buy, plus a costly 'get an x' thing where you can pay a lot more for Upper Midcarders to Legendary guys to guarantee them.
Homicide - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:44:40 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273857 Reply
1564112680633.png -(82226B / 80.30KB, 500x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Seems like my bag then; I enjoy mobile games that can be played while listening to podcasts, so this sounds perfect.

In other news, O'Haire has basically guaranteed a title push for himself. I changed the finish anyway so Palumbo would eat a pin, but the fact it's a fucking six-man and the WORLD CHAMPION would be the one pinning Jarrett should have been sign enough to shut the fuck up.
Homicide - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:47:12 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273860 Reply
1564112832633.gif -(3553820B / 3.39MB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw Netjester is controlling my game
>mfw Netjester permanently crippled James Storm
NJ plz
Titus O'Neil - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:52:19 EST IX5coWMM No.6273862 Reply
Complaints about the finish always mean that the guy going over isn't as popular as the guy eating the pin. Depending on your Fog of War settings, this is somewhere between a helpful reminder and useful information.
Homicide - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:57:45 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273867 Reply
Booker is 90 across the board, JJ is 85. Granted it's a six-man so maybe that has more to do with Sean O'Haire pop?
Sendai Sachiko - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 00:03:21 EST b7NZg4wN No.6273869 Reply
1564113801613.png -(230229B / 224.83KB, 910x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I reinstalled TEW 2016 and was planning to book CHIKARA until I realized the database I was working with was incredibly outdated and still had 2015 show names for 2019

so I've been sitting back and letting the AI book shows on the company while randomizing their personalities/positions whenever I feel like it. My old 2050 save is gone but here is a CIMA-booked Wrestle Kingdom 19 in 2025.
Hardcore Holly - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 00:22:17 EST bxblmmux No.6273888 Reply
Yeah, everything's pretty much buyable as well. Wrestlers/Managers(along with push bonus cards like crooked ref), Match Types, Arenas, Skits. In fact, the only things not buyable are feuds/teams(which you gotta find yourself), sponsors(Which you unlock 1 a year and they can get extra cash for a match).

The best starting card IMHO, is Dr. B, who is a heel Mr. T Ripoff. He has a face version and in the 90s he turns into a parody of Vader. It gives you a few other great cards though, including two cards that parody The Rockers.
Homicide - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 01:44:23 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6273916 Reply
1564119863633.png -(126555B / 123.59KB, 556x364) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So far Storm is the only member of my roster to have something horrible happen to him; needless to say, not as horrible as this. NJ has to be watching me, since I was just mulling over a return to the Glacier gimmick for Kaz Hayashi for a Shane Helms/Kaz Hayashi tag team.
Eddie Guerrero - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 14:20:44 EST dvGsK4/M No.6274182 Reply
I think whoever on your roster with the least amount of neck is in a grave amount of danger.
Hardcore Holly - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 19:42:27 EST bxblmmux No.6274333 Reply
1564184547806.png -(252492B / 246.57KB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Another week going.

Wk 3 Jan 1982 - Weekend Wrasslin' @ Chi-Town Complex
Sold Out ~21000

Segment 1:
Zap(Breakdancing Wrestler Parody) defeats Soul Daddy(Sho'Nuff from Last Dragon, turns into Jules from Pulp Fiction in 90s) with the Electric Boogie
Zap wins this match, which did have a feud card associated with it.

Segment 2:
1 on 2 w/Honest Al(Mario) - Chameleon Kid(Koko B. Ware) and Dude Brohan(HULK HOGAN)
Pretty much running down the upcoming Battle Royale P4V and the 20-man Battle Royale. Dude's gonna do his best, bro.
I keep trying to increase Dude's mic stat but it keeps going like 'No.' Alas, once again he has failed. I'm gonna keep trying for maxout sake.

Segment 3:
Slashmaster(Freddy/Jason combo) and Dark Invader(Darth Vader) work out, both of them looking to show the other which heel is the strongest. It ends with a silent and heavy staredown.
Woop, I knew this was going to be 5*'s, both guys are decently popular and this segment was tweaked for them.

Segment 4:
The Insectoids(Mark and Mike Bugg which are typical masked team) defeat The Executors(Bret and The Anvil) with the Cootie Shuffle.
... GDI Executors. This was supposed to be your tuneup match for the Tag Title at the P4V, but I GUESS NOW I GOT THE BUGGS WRESTLING. GOOD JOB.

Main Event:
Mynx(Cheetara) defeats Chaka Crass(Grace Jones) in a Steel Cage match, via Escape.
These two had a feud card as well, and got the best match of the night. I was a little worried for the women's match in the ME, but hey, it all worked out in the end.

Overall: 4*'s.
Money Gained: $2910
Current Money: $91826
Rating: 15.0

Next time on 80s Mania Wrestling, we book our first P4V of 1982.
Battle Royale.
Including a 20-wrestler battle royale!
Trinity - Sat, 27 Jul 2019 20:48:28 EST bxblmmux No.6274771 Reply
1564274908480.png -(261547B / 255.42KB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wk 4 Jan 1982 - Battle Royale P4V @ Silver Stadium
Sold Out ~93000

Segment 1:
The Dobermans(c) defeat The Insectoids to retain the Tag Team Titles.
So, the two teams had a feud bonus and really started off the PPV on a high note. The only major issue that I can think that happened is that we lost Duke(Dynamite Kid) for 3 weeks due to injury.

Segment 2:
Countess(Evil Lyn) defeats Aurora(She-Ra) in a Weapons Match via Chair DDT.
The women failed me super hard this time. They have a feud bonus, they had a match bonus, and STILL CAN'T DRAW. These two are getting put back into the deck to wait until they improve.

Segment 3:
1 on 2 with Honest Al - Zap and Boombox(Zap's tag partner, who does the beatboxing and has a boombox) cut a promo on the tag team division about how they're going to climb the ranks and get a title shot.
At least it isn't the women's match. They did okay for their card placement.

Segment 4:
Lazer(C) defeats Valedictorian(Randy Savage) to retain the World Title with the Lazerlock.
No feud bonus here, I'm afraid. But that means Lazer and Valedictorian pulled out a 3* match with literally no bonuses, which is the best sort of thing I can hope for with this.

Main Event:
Pierre the Enormous(Andre the Giant) wins a 20-Wrestler Battle Royal to win a future World Title Shot.
List of those featured: Dr. B(Mr. T), Cobalt Commander(Cobra Commander), Buzzsaw(Ultimate Warrior), Average Guy(Dusty Rhodes), Dicky Thunderbird(Ricky Steamboat), O'Hooligan(Roddy Piper), Mighty Leo(Lion-o from Thundercats), Dark Invader(Darth Vader), Ninja Star, Dude Brohan, Mr. Tycoon(Ted DiBiase), Slashmaster, Jet Set Strutter, The Annihilator(Terminator), Terry Van Winkle(Kerry Von Erich), Ace of Spades, Chance Solar, Memphis Prince(Jerry Lawler), Exotic Rick(Rick Rude).
I'm a little sad this happened but it's alright, I was expecting a little low. Pierre went from #1 to victory here, so good on him. Mr. Tycoon, Dark Invader, and Buzzsaw all got a skill point, so great for them as well.

Overall: 3*'s.
Money Gained: $15440
Current Money: $107566
Rating: 16.38
Ernest The Cat Miller - Sat, 27 Jul 2019 20:52:09 EST LUMg+nxK No.6274776 Reply
>20 man battle royal drew 93000 screaming pierreamaniacs to the siilverdome
Trinity - Sat, 27 Jul 2019 21:09:01 EST bxblmmux No.6274788 Reply
Lazer and Pierre have a DATE WITH DESTINY!
And I'm not saying that because the next P4V is Valentine's Day Massacre.
Totally not.
Hayabusa - Sun, 28 Jul 2019 21:21:03 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275299 Reply
1564363263473.png -(215852B / 210.79KB, 932x671) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've been getting into it over the weekend. Finally got enough cash to buy a Legendary (Mercenary, who won't be up for use until 1990) and Freedom Fighter and Magnus Muscle. I stupidly used the gifted token from completing the tutorial to get Starboy out of injury, but other than that I haven't had any other tremendous fuckups.

The Adventurers have held onto the belts for a solid three years now, clocking in with 30+ defenses; they even routinely win against guys who dominate singles matches, like Chief Buffalo and Mr. B (even if I add a manager to their side). Arizona Chance himself has held every belt in the company at one time, making him the most decorated guy in the short few years I've been booking.

As for TEW 2016, I'm nearing the end of 2001; the eWo Storyline now comprises ten total workers (five with eWo, five against) and is likely going to fill the midcard for Starrcade (coalescing into a US Heavyweight bout between Shane Douglas and AJ Styles). Booker and Flair will have their first ever singles bout in the main event, and once Booker walks out champ, he'll have the MASSIVELY over Rob Van Dam to deal with in 2002 (seriously, the dude went from 50 to 85-90 pop in a matter of three months).

Sting's back, and while he spent the last few months mostly helping Booker and DDP stave off Flair and Jeff Jarrett, he'll have his hands full in the new year with the Disciples of Doom; however, he won't be alone, as Vampiro's corpse dust - which was used earlier in the year to disorient Dustin Rhodes long enough for the Father to turn back into Seven - was also blown into the face of the much more strong-willed Shane Helms. While he hasn't succumbed to the dark side, he has had rather large flights of fancy regarding an "alter ego" of sorts, and has been seen wearing a lot more green than usual...

More importantly, I've finally done what I couldn't do in 2013: make WCW a money-earner. In the previous iteration, I would manage maybe a couple 10k a month before things went to shit or I lost interest. Now, I've completed a full eight months and have made 5 million, all with just a handful of main eventers and a sparse upper-midcard. On the flipside, WWF is starting to see diminishing returns, and now even episodes of Nitro - while not having a larger tv rating - have routinely higher Show ratings than RAW (usually a five point difference in the 80s). Once this year is over, I'm going to go back to the drawing board, find guys who maybe didn't have a stellar year, and beef up the main event some more.

Scott Steiner also only has two more months in rehab. Any suggestions what to do with him?
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Sun, 28 Jul 2019 21:21:06 EST iLikEToleARn No.6275300 Reply
I wonder how accurately dave is completely filled with every iteration of the wrestling, but there's one where the executives want to give us the trouble, and wrote a comment about anything?
Greg Excellent - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 00:14:19 EST bxblmmux No.6275389 Reply
Mercenary's pretty good for the 90s, but the best legendary of that era is probably Ace of Spades(Since he turns into Stone Cold). As for the 80s, Jet Set Strutter and Memphis Prince are two good ones. There's no heel Legendary though for 80s.

Adventurers are fairly strong in the early game if you don't have a lot of teams or push cards, and it's mainly because Arizona Chance is so good. I had the same problem with Iron Mask/Copper Commander early in my run, and they got even MORE of a push bonus because of their tag team. I remember getting the 'screwjob' card to finally get them off the belts.
Devil Masami - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 02:51:02 EST lRs4v6CV No.6275418 Reply
Babyface Steiner. Put him on an undefeated streak, have him go against Flair, maybe Jarrett. By the summer either team him up with Booker for a pay per view main event, or book the two against each other, leading to a Booker heel turn.
Hayabusa - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 03:33:21 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275423 Reply
1564385601473.png -(216157B / 211.09KB, 650x329) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That pairs pretty nicely with Rick's recent heel run - could probably get a PPV or two out of a return feud, turn Rick face and give them a run with the tag belts until the latter half of 2002.

In a prime example of "Man Plans, AI Laughs", Vampiro has decided to take his ball and go home literally a month before the start of an angle he'd be instrumental in, all because I gave him a 75% raise instead of the full 100%. Most people, when requesting pay rises, either accept or are even pleased with getting 75%, but this douche - who's been a royal pain in my ass since I left him off ONE Nitro in August and fined him for being popped for drugs instead of sending his ass to rehab - decided not being paid 10,000 instead of 8,500 is going to be the final straw. If I can I'm going to deny his request, job his ass out to Mortis, THEN send him on his merry fucking way. At the very least, Abyss and Great Khali are just about ready so I'll maybe be able to kickstart the DoD storyline in May if not April.

Try not to fart in any live mics on the way out the door, jerkoff.
Big Bad Mama - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 03:48:12 EST LUMg+nxK No.6275427 Reply
>burying that no talent hack on the way out
>hiring Khali

That is considered a bad thing.

Also where the fuck is Sid and why isn't he in your main event
Hayabusa - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 03:52:11 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275429 Reply
I'm a Khali mark, and he fits with the general purpose of the Disciples of Doom (scary dudes scaring dudes); Finlay's the trainer at developmental, so he's actually got pretty solid starter basics by this point, and his Menace is 99 so he'll kill in promos.

Sid broke his leg in 2001, so he's out for the next two years; however, I've given him a commissioner role on Saturday Night because that's the funniest thing I thought of at the time; I have had him powerbomb an unruly cruiserweight or two to close out the show in angles, though.
Angelina Love - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 04:13:27 EST czkN67cY No.6275435 Reply
Only in extreme cases; right now his morale is at Very Angry, but I imagine once Mortis caves his skull in in front of 666 screaming Mortimaniacs at the East Tennessee Community College Gymnasium in a squash Saturday Night match, it’ll teeter on over to downright Furious.
Ron Garvin - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 05:42:39 EST jEGuiRVR No.6275452 Reply
I'm doing an IMPACT save I started in March and I'm currently in October. I've mostly booked this very similar to actual IMPACT i.e. the same feuds, but I started booking my own shit a few months ago.

Mox (and Tessa) is feuding with oVe. This is all going to end at BFG in 6 weeks where Mox and Sami have some kind of death match. The plan is to have Mox win and then Killer Kross returns to star a feud between the two.

I brought in Matt Hardy mostly to help the knockouts get over but lost interest with the division. I then planned to have Moose go over him on his push to the top, but they had awful chemistry. Brought in Alexander Hammerstone and by this point I had no use for Matt so I decide on the two having a short feud with Hammerstone winning and this point realise Hammerstone is only an E in popularity and I needed to milk this Matt thing more to have any hope of actually getting him over. I decided to throw them in a team and they ended up having excellent chemistry and Matt is now Big Money Matt and they're feuding with the Von Erichs for now, but will soon be linking up with Moose with the intention of building towards Moose vs Hammerstone at next year's BFG.

Also brought in Enzo and Cass because they're over and are helping me get my tag division over. I also got the Hart Foundation in and Contra Unit. This has left my roster a bit bloated, but it's going to reduce when LAX, the Lucha Bros and Enzo and Cass leave after BFG and Mox shortly after that. I'm still trying to play the game with some realism in the sense that I'm not going to be keeping hold of my stars long term.

Other higher profile matches at BGF include
Moose beats Swann for the X-Divsion title and uses Option C the same night to get in the World Title match between Cage and Eddie.
Contra Unit vs LAX
Davey Boy Smith JR vs Willie Mack, the Rascalz and the North end their best of 7 series and Elgin vs Rhyno.

I've got a few plans for 2020, but nothing huge. The Big Show has left WWE so I might bring him in as someone who could put over Cage after his title loss or DBS I dunno. I'm kinda thinking about starting a WCW lives save after reading this thread though.
Hayabusa - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 14:37:38 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275566 Reply
1564425458473.png -(481364B / 470.08KB, 885x595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
THREE STRIKES, YYYYYYYOU'RE OUT! Sorry, >>6273698, but I can't keep giving THE WALL more chances; even Jerry Sags - who wrestled high on a one-night deal - cleaned up his act recently.
Hikaru Shida - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 18:38:00 EST OpgJ2Vxh No.6275653 Reply
I'm running a custom promotion in 1985, just after Wrestlemania, and it's a really fun time period, but it's difficult to keep locker room morale up because almost everyone worth booking during this time period is an asshole and/or on drugs or drunk. I made the mistake of drug testing my roster and had to deal with half of them being on the juice and/or hard drugs.

I thought "I'll just sweep this under the rug and pretend I didn't test them." But then on the very next event Buzz Sawyer went to the ring all pilled up and pissed off everyone else in the match, so I just fired him. Morale really hasn't recovered since.

I think I would have let him get away with it if it wasn't during the match, which is the most annoying part.

Oh, also, Jim Duggan and Dutch Mantell hate each other now because Dutch almost killed Hacksaw with a botch. Mick Foley, who is a jobber right now who has only won maybe 2 matches the entire time he's been on my roster, is the only nice guy I have in the locker room.
Hayabusa - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 18:47:43 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275659 Reply
1564440463473.png -(217613B / 212.51KB, 910x656) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I did the whole "Comprehensive Drug Test" thing to my roster when I first started too, which popped about everyone for every kind of thing; I fined the Steroid Users and sent the Druggies to rehab, but now I've gotten into the habit (lol) of just fining for soft drugs and suspending for the hard stuff; pill-heads get sent to rehab but so far Sting is the only one who got popped for that and has been clean ever since. After a while (I think maybe 5-6 months?) the morale hit from all the test failures go away.

I've completed my first year (really 8 months but whatever) of 2001 WCW; Booker reigns supreme, DDP is bald having lost a Hair vs. Hair to JJ, Styles and Douglas have had the highest rated match of the entire company (so I'm definitely having them meet up again this year) and the eWo storyline has more or less solidified into Rob Van Dam's World Heavyweight Title Chase and Shane Douglas getting back at AJ Styles. G

oing to take a break for a bit to give the roster a once-over and hammer out some storylines for 2002, but I think my biggest focus will be getting Rob Van Dam to Idol status (perhaps even making him a Figurehead if it looks beneficial) and the Disciples of Doom taking on Sting + gimmicked midcarders. I was going to give Lex Luger a little chase for the belt but he got popped immediately after returning from rehab, so I suspended him; he's now Extremely Happy and is Loyal to Eric Bischoff, so I guess that's good. Would've preferred having him active since I kinda gave DDP a three-month vacation but that's TEW.
Hikaru Shida - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 18:58:18 EST OpgJ2Vxh No.6275663 Reply

My highest rated segment in my current save was a world title match between Curt Hennig and Rick Rude that got a 94. You got a 99 rating on Booker T and Ric Flair shaking hands. The Book is the most over man in the universe, brother, have him reign for the next 8 years.
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 19:08:32 EST iLikEToleARn No.6275684 Reply
He puts a lot better if he didn't talk about the audience never varied by more people to leave new japan cup?
Big Bad Mama - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 19:09:10 EST LUMg+nxK No.6275685 Reply
probably let his contract roll over as im sure the hulkster demanded tons of money
Hayabusa - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 19:21:21 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275697 Reply
1564442481473.png -(159161B / 155.43KB, 762x242) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hulk isn't a part of roster in May 2001, likely due to the lawsuit he filed IRL against Russo and WCW for the "YOU BIG BAWLD SUNNUVA BITCH" promo that he worked himself into a shoot against brother. He isn't available the first five months of the start of the game, and even now with my prestige and momentum he won't sign because "he feels WCW is too small for him". He'd be as pricey as Kevin Nash is right now (in fact just hiring him will force wage matching because Nash has that AND creative control in his contract), and he's also a massive prick in terms of behavior. While I'm not averse to hiring him for a run, at this juncture he wouldn't mesh well with what I'm trying to do. He has to be pretty toxic if even the popularity-hungry WWF isn't knocking his door down for a contract, he's been an available free agent since October.

This isn't even the first Booker-related angle to pop 99+ this year; every back-and-forth promo he's had against Flair has consistently been rated 99-100, and even minor throwaway single angles with him meant to just kill time on Saturday Night never dip below 95. I'm not going to drop Booker as champ for a good long while unless Rob Van Dam REALLY steps up in the promo department - which to his credit he has since having the program w/ Nash - but even then it'll be a slow burn before he drops the big gold. I just wish he'd jump a weight class since he can't stay above 95 pop for more than a week due to being a Light Heavyweight, while other guys who've jumped up a weight class - or down, in RVD's case - have seen their Star Quality stat increase considerably (i.e. Chris Harris, James Storm before he fucked his neck, Mark Jindrak, and Chuck Palumbo).
Cyrus - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 01:05:26 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275945 Reply
1564463126268.jpg -(42027B / 41.04KB, 960x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You know, I can't really explain why; they had just been feuding as long as Booker/Flair so without them having a belt to fight over, Hair vs. Hair seemed like a natural conclusion at the time. Fwiw, DDP's hair status isn't "Bald", but "Very Short"; probably more akin to his hair around actual '02-era DDP.
Cyrus - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 02:06:58 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275972 Reply
>why would you not shave Jarrett

Need him hot off a win at Starrcade to feud w/ AJ after the Douglas blowoff in either January or March; gave Page time off because he's in time decline at this point and had been carrying the main event even more than Flair in six-mans and tags, enough for the game to warn me he was approaching burnout.
Cyrus - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 02:15:22 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6275974 Reply
1564467322268.png -(198883B / 194.22KB, 666x505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Prodigal Sons are Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak; they've been in an on-again, off-again feud with the Filthy Animals but mostly existed to fill time on the cards with tag matches; Booker T., Kevin Nash, and Ric Flair have all said to push Jindrak (who also has a protege in Terry Funk), so I gave them the tag belts and am planning a revitalization of the tag division around them; the Spanish Announce Team, Naturals, Shane Twins (aka Gymini), and London & Kendrick are all approaching the end of their tenure in developmental, so adding them to the mix with already established teams should make the tag title chase mean more than just "four-way tag elimination match on the undercard of a PPV" like it kind of was in 2001.

Pic related, current teams on the main roster. Dirty Dancing are Chavo and Disco Inferno, paired because they have excellent chemistry (which I learned purely from teaming them in a slapdash Saturday Night card), and East Coast Linx are Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper.
Hillbilly Jim - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 18:27:10 EST ODvVLgix No.6277071 Reply
1564612030479.png -(253539B / 247.60KB, 910x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here's the future of AEW in 2025
Jervis Cottonbelly - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 18:30:21 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6277075 Reply
>Sonny Kiss and Avalon still doing the Buy-Ins
The more things change...
Chris Benoit - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 23:16:01 EST OpgJ2Vxh No.6277223 Reply

>nakamura and orton putting on a 5 star match in 2025

I wish this could happen in real life but the chances of both of them actually putting effort into a match at the same time is so low that I'd expect the Hulkster to be AEW world champ in 2025 first.

This would be a pretty hype card if it happened in real life outside of WWE, though.

>over one million ppv buys

I'm pretty sure that would be among the highest wrestling PPV buyrates ever. WWE's highest buyrate ever is apparently Wrestlemania 28 with like 1.2 million. u rich as hell dawg
Super Calo - Thu, 01 Aug 2019 01:40:36 EST 2PI+GjFz No.6277261 Reply
>Recently started a game as NJPW in April 2018
>Elgin injures Okada in a 6-Man Tag and Okada is out for ~4 months (after successful surgery)
>Fire Elgin publicly at the beginning of the next show
>locker room is happy about the decision
>Put the vacated title on Naito in the mean time
>Okada returns in time for Destruction Tour
>have Okada win the IC title at Destruction in Tokyo
>want to build up Okada vs. Ishii at WK for that belt since Ishii has become the defacto leader of CHAOS after Okada's injury
>on the next show Okada shows up wasted on painkillers
>decide to send him to rehab, so he doesn't fuck him self over with an addiction
>he will miss WK now
>both of my main titles have been vacated because of fucking Elgin

fuck Michael Elgin
Player Uno - Thu, 01 Aug 2019 20:31:08 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6277828 Reply
1564705868196.png -(193597B / 189.06KB, 912x684) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Finally got my first ever 90 PPV; obviously I had to do Douglas vs. AJ again (and will have the rubber match @ either SuperBrawl or UnCensored), and even with the diminishing returns of this match it was enough to bump AJ from Upper Midcarder to Main Eventer.

Rob Van Dam has been the biggest surprise of all, though; he consistently pulls out above-70 matches even from complete dead-weights like Ice Train, has killer promos, and at this point is even rated by creative as the NUMBER ONE WRESTLER in WCW. I haven't chosen a figurehead yet, but given that Booker's pop seems to stall at the high-80s and he refuses to go up a weight class - while RVD is already breaching the low-90s and even cut weight for a small Cruiserweight run - I'm inching closer to maybe putting the belt on him come Starrcade. By doing that, I can probably do an AJ vs. RVD feud in '03 depending on how the rest of the cards fall.
Dick the Bruiser - Thu, 01 Aug 2019 22:57:50 EST HBLWC/LC No.6277888 Reply
>force pushing Okada

The whole point of TEW is that you don't have to do what happens IRL.
Player Uno - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 00:33:45 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6277930 Reply
1564720425196.png -(174448B / 170.36KB, 750x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's the plan now? I'd assume Ishii gets the strap but it's not as fulfilling to either win it as a vacant championship or from a transitional champ than it would be to beat the top guy in the company.

Also as a minor update, I bought out ECCW; no logistical reason and it cost me $350k to pay off their debts, but now I have Don Callis and Teddy Hart and a bunch of Canadian NWA belts. XPW is also in debt for a lot less and is willing to accept a takeover buyout but I can't really find a place for post brain-trauma New Jack and Juventud "Fuck you... FUCK you... FUCK YOU" Guerrera in my roster. Still, should I fuck around and give Rob Black money in exchange for some ECW washouts, yardtarders and dubiously consensual adult films?
Scott Norton - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 00:49:56 EST 7H5Se1yY No.6277939 Reply
when I do those buyouts, I look at it this way: It's like buying their tape library. In-Game, there would be no real point, aside from having some XPW assets, but like, if it were me, I'd buy it for the sake of buying it, and releasing most of the roster. Maybe if you have a child company, send Juvi down there to work, to kinda give them some star power.
Dick the Bruiser - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 00:53:51 EST HBLWC/LC No.6277940 Reply
Just put Juvi in your cruiserweight division and let him do flippy shit

Put your main belt on New Jack
Player Uno - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 01:17:43 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6277948 Reply
That's a pretty good way of looking at it; a theoretical "Best of Juventud Guerrera" DVD would obviously need to have that promo, so I'm making an investment for the long term and, most importantly, Staying Juicy.

>New Jack beats Booker T at Starrcade, all while Natural Born Killaz blares in the background
>While celebrating, sirens go off
>A returning Scott Steiner and New Jack have a 60-minute mat classic all while both themes play on repeat simultaneously.

There's my 99-rated Starrcade then.
TAKA Michinoku - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 02:39:05 EST /5YyR0V8 No.6277963 Reply
If they (still) have Kaos, give him the big-time run he deserved.
Brian Hebner - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:43:08 EST b7NZg4wN No.6278011 Reply
1564746188936.png -(98505B / 96.20KB, 541x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
it takes until 2031 for byron saxton with a 96 color commentary skill to get good and win the award 4 years in a row
El Generico - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 09:58:50 EST Z04hp/vz No.6278043 Reply
1564754330945.jpg -(137627B / 134.40KB, 879x609) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
hey guys i'm in a bit of pickle

So I started a promotion in Mexico and in the mod I'm using they have real life people available as the player characters. Not really thinking about it, I picked Conor McGregor to be my booker.

Pretty immediately it became apparent that with his skill set, relative youth and drawing internationally that the promotion should be built around him. The only problem? Mexico is the ONLY region in the world where Conor isn't a bonified superdraw. In fact, he started autopushed as an upper midcarder.

After repackaging him as "The Mack" I've done basically everything I can do to get him over. Made him the leader of the repackaged Team Nick Gage (Sam Adonis, Teddy Hart, Karen Jarrett). Gave him the NWA Heavyweight title (which we bought) and the Trio's title. He's also had a tag title run with Adonis. Even put him over our biggest draw, El Mesias, in a storyline that majorly damaged Mesias moral.

After 5 months all this has gotten him from upper midcard to main event. Still, he's the 6th most popular wrestler in the world and only the 2nd biggest draw in the company. Moreover, our company is 17th in overall popularity. Frankly, it's embarrassing that we have the biggest name in America and are about as popular as AJPW.

Advice for monetizing on a big draw that isn't over in the companies base of operation?
Big Bad Mama - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 10:50:39 EST bxblmmux No.6278068 Reply
1564757439709.png -(250433B / 244.56KB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Admittedly, I've been too busy on other endeavors to type up a few 8MW shows.
Here's one.

Feb Week 1 1982 - Superstar Saturday @ San Juan Stadium
Sold Out ~30000

Segment 1
Tennis Pro(John McEnroe) defeats Slammer Johnson(Reggie Jackson) in a Bull Rope Match.
The jobber somehow pulls one over on his rival. I'm honestly surprised because Tennis Pro is so much lower than his rival, but it's nice to see him win something.

Segment 2
Jet Set Strutter defeats Dicky Thunderbird in a Submission Match.
I expected at least 4*'s from this match, though I am a little dissapointed 5*'s did not happen, but sometimes that's the thing. The game just says 'no'.

Segment 3
The Piranha(The Amazon from Pro Wrestling) defeats Star Boy(Star Man, same game) with the Outlaw Choke.
Train keeps on rolling on 4* matches, and I'm glad. Another feud match, another 4* match. Heels winning a bit today.

Segment 4
Queen of Mean defeats Spunky Sparks(Punky Brewster, I think?) with the Screamer
Another heel win, another feud match, 4* match, keep going. Queen of Mean does look like a future #1 contender to the women's title.

Segment 5:
Chance Solar defeats Ace of Spades and Mr. Tycoon in a 3-way match.
Disappointed. I wonder if it's because Mr. Tycoon isn't a ME, or the styles clashed or something of that like but there's no way that I can do a feud in a 3-way match so there's obviously no bonus there.

Overall 3*'s
Money Gained: $2305
Also, achievements reset so I got a bunch of money, spent it on 3 Foil Main Eventers and now my money is low again.
Total Money: $12171
Cibernético - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 11:03:33 EST pkrW7sEO No.6278072 Reply
I keep meaning to do a late 90s shoot style promotion in the US. A bunch of guys from the UWF, RINGS come over State side, bring in some MMA guys, nab Kurt Angle for the promotion, steal Shamrock from WWF, wait for Lesnar and sign him etc. but I can't ever be bothered.
Player Uno - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 13:09:43 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278122 Reply
It's very likely Conor's reached his popularity cap; typically guys will max out at certain overness - probably even in certain locations - and will remain in that field for the rest of their career. I'm having a similar issue with Booker T., as he very clearly maxes out at 89 popularity and is averse to making changes (mainly weight) that can bump his Star Power up to keep it in the 90s.
El Generico - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 14:47:49 EST Z04hp/vz No.6278149 Reply

I got his popularity from D+ to C- recently so I don't think that's the issue. The main issue is that he's A popularity in American and European regions and I have no idea how to take advantage of that in Mexico.
Player Uno - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 14:58:24 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278151 Reply
1564772304196.png -(140735B / 137.44KB, 556x364) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Maybe running televised shows in those regions where he's more likely to get a pop will spill over; alternatively, running him in angles/matches with top Mexican talent will get him on track to higher popularity easy.
Christ Sabin - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 16:16:57 EST 2PI+GjFz No.6278179 Reply
Before the injury I was going to have him drop the Heavyweight title to Naito at WK (since TEW is the only way that this is ever going to happen, thanks Gedo).
After Okada recovered, I wanted to do the same with the IC strap for Ishii and have him oust Okada from the stable.

I put the IC belt on Tanahashi, hope nothing happens until WK (I'm about to start the World Tag League) and have Ishii win that. That way he beats a credible guy for it at least and it doesn't feel too transitional since it's Tana.
CaliJester - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 16:26:29 EST Mno4Uvlm No.6278180 Reply
Check where you have spillover from America to Mexico. At worst, you can run that place until Connor gets decent pop in the one or two Mexico areas then you run those to increase him over all.
Brian Hebner - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:28:00 EST b7NZg4wN No.6278269 Reply
1564788480936.png -(268326B / 262.04KB, 827x469) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
bryan and nak having the blessed 100 rating match
Lex Luger - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:40:18 EST G9cW5MRV No.6278276 Reply

Imagine the fucking highlight reel these two have to have in order to score a 100 rating on a fucking count out.
Player Uno - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:41:50 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278277 Reply
And on free TV too. Their morale and backstage environment must be through the roof.
Melina - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 20:37:25 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278301 Reply
1564792645501.png -(179621B / 175.41KB, 908x655) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Lana is dating Mike Kanellis
C'mon, you HAVE to have a storyline going for that. It practically writes itself!

Don't have much of an update other than my most recent Nitro got its highest show rating; decided to buy XPW and pillaged some of their talent, but over half of the guys I threw on Saturday Night the week prior (specifically Juventud, Halloween, and New Jack) tested positive for hard drugs and painkillers so I just shunted them out. Surprisingly Shaggy 2 Dope is the most technically competent in-ring, enough to have great chemistry with Chavo Guerrero of all people. He's got a development contract along with Kaos and Altar Boy Luke, so it'll be fun to see how they pan out later in the year.
Mae Young - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 23:29:03 EST bxblmmux No.6278342 Reply
Are you going to revive the Alter Boy tag team though?
Where's Air Paris when you need him?
Melina - Sat, 03 Aug 2019 00:09:41 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278346 Reply
For some reason Altar Boy Matthew isn't in this game, but Luke Hawx is in the database twice as Altar Boy Luke (who was in XPW when I bought it) and under his own name (who was unemployed) - so I re-edited the Luke Hawx entry to Altar Boy Matthew. If I do make them into a tag team they'll probably just be jobbers for the time being, though.
Cowboy Bob Orton - Sat, 03 Aug 2019 01:13:45 EST HBLWC/LC No.6278359 Reply
>not having a blessed Ishii/Naito IWGP HebbiQ program

nah you're alright anon I like ya
Doink the Clown - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 02:32:49 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278811 Reply
1564900369280.png -(119717B / 116.91KB, 980x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After ten whole months, I've finally popped a 90 for Nitro. I think I cracked the code of the Perfect Show Theory: have a solid opening angle, a good opening match, another good match after that, a so-so, then a real stinker, then crank up the angle quality and match quality to the very end. I'm going to need to build up more guys to cycle out the many... MANY main event tags I'll need to keep this consistent, though.
Perry Saturns Hairpiece !!2yqTh/Za - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 09:51:49 EST aYdd1DeT No.6278868 Reply
>Dickbutt and Nak tear down the house
>100 rated segment
a fucky COUNT OUT win
>F R E E T V with a 30.96 rating
I don't know what to make of this one.
Excalibur - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 11:34:50 EST pkrW7sEO No.6278903 Reply
>a fucky COUNT OUT win

Gotta milk that cow as much as you can, brother.
Doink the Clown - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 15:31:51 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6278986 Reply
1564947111280.png -(103518B / 101.09KB, 750x155) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The mod makers weren't exactly kind to him when writing his description.
Ace Steel - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 17:46:20 EST b7NZg4wN No.6279039 Reply
1564955180067.png -(54616B / 53.34KB, 705x185) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
New Japan has higher rated shows, while WWE has higher rated matches.
Ken Doane - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 20:32:55 EST L4YJHN0X No.6279105 Reply
I really want to see the math behind this

Guarantee the mod has inflated Reigns's stats
Hulk Hogan - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 20:45:45 EST dYhrmb6W No.6279113 Reply
WWE probably has a Popularity over Performance type of product.

I got bored of playing most modern day TEW mods since most mod makers are total NJPW marks that give everyone on the roster insane stats. I was playing as some indie (probably ROH) and got to the year end. There wasn't a single WWE guy above #25 in the end of year top 500 wrestlers. It really killed the realism of the game.
Ken Doane - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 20:50:25 EST L4YJHN0X No.6279114 Reply
> There wasn't a single WWE guy above #25 in the end of year top 500 wrestlers.

What part of that is unrealistic?
Ed Ferrara - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 21:26:55 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6279122 Reply
What's funny is in EWR, it was always indie guys that got amazingly inflated stats; I recall one 04-05 era database that had dudes like Punk, Bryan, and McGuinness at not only max Tech and Brawl skills, but nearly perfect Entertainment skills as well so they killed in promos. The Genadi WCW Lives mod I'm working with does the same thing too, even though these guys are still in the very early stages of their careers they have stats to rival Flair, Rob Van Dam, and Booker T in terms of in-ring ability.
Bruiser Brody - Sun, 04 Aug 2019 21:36:13 EST b7NZg4wN No.6279126 Reply
1564968973642.png -(212208B / 207.23KB, 910x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think Fleisch in his mod points out that NJPW always gets top rankings for best shows and best wrestlers because on top of already having great stats, they also work so many tours together that they form chemistry and skills faster than other promotions. You'd either have to kneecap their stats or mess with the schedule to keep them from being so overpowered.
Angelina Love - Mon, 05 Aug 2019 04:03:18 EST HBLWC/LC No.6279180 Reply
So...any good mods out there?

I'm specifically looking for a good November 2008
Mustafa Said - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:03:53 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6279753 Reply
1565067833947.png -(165319B / 161.44KB, 762x241) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Welp, that's one of my main eventers on-lock.

AJ Styles and RVD have finally made their home in the main event, which is nice because Kevin Nash is starting to become a real pain in the ass backstage; while I would job his ass out for all the trouble he's been causing me (bragging about his pay, getting busted for steroids three times in as many months, and getting into fistfights with Arn & Dusty), he's got creative control, obscenely high pop (he's the only main eventer consistently in the mid-90s range and staying there), and I need him for the feud that will (hopefully) get Cena over: the Millennium Horsemen (Face Flair managing Cena/Ken Anderson/Jindrak/Danielson) vs. nWo Legacy - OG nWo (Nash/Hall/Hogan) w/ Buff Bagwell to eat the pins/submissions.
Jim Ross - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:16:33 EST L4YJHN0X No.6279757 Reply
How the Hell did THAT become your lineup of Horsemen.

>obscenely high popularity
>can't ever get jobbed out

Mustafa Said - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:37:36 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6279760 Reply
1565069856947.png -(544727B / 531.96KB, 869x723) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cena, Jindrak, and Anderson are all listed as "Next Big Things" by creative, Cena and Anderson specifically described as being "born to be the face of a company". Tbh it is kind of a slapdash pairing (especially because James Storm was supposed to be in Jindrak's place before his spine exploded) but I feel like I can make it work once I end Nash's program w/ AJ and the eWo.

Fwiw I've been shooting half this shit from the hip - I stopped using a notepad to record changes like four in-game months ago.

Pic related, it's another "Next Big Thing" - AJ Styles - who is now basically a Big Thing thanks to working said program w/ Nash. Since Cena and Anderson's pop went from 0 to 40 in the span of two promos with Ric on Nitro, I'm hoping they'll be big enough by '03 for a Horseman War Games.
Jim Ross - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 01:59:18 EST L4YJHN0X No.6279762 Reply
I mean with a real stretch I could see Anderson play Tully but Cena and Danielson aren't fitting the mold in the least.

what's C.W. Anderson doing?
Madison Rayne - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 12:11:47 EST dYhrmb6W No.6280383 Reply
Where can I download the WCW Lives Mod these days? It looks like Genadi threw another fit and took down the download links to all of his mods a few months ago.
Kane - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 14:09:40 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6280415 Reply
Home of Pro Wrestling should have a link to it, under RW Alt Mods. Hopefully someone else picks up the scenario for 2020.
Grizzly Redwood - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 12:05:18 EST b7NZg4wN No.6280789 Reply
1565280318527.png -(180269B / 176.04KB, 910x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What would AEW All Out look like in 2040?
Frightmare - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:16:05 EST muqiwW1w No.6281127 Reply
Fuck off mate, you created a whole thread about this.

Pay for the game you fucking cockroach.
Beef Wellington - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 15:54:44 EST +EuCVU7l No.6281573 Reply
1565466884030.png -(227582B / 222.25KB, 1010x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Doing a 1996 scenario that starts May, playing as Heyman in ECW but keep losing money (accurate I guess). Want to start making profits.

Trimmed my roster down massively and fired people like New Jack and Meanie who were getting wasted, had Bam Bam and released him cause he got injured when I loaned him to FMW for Mike Awesome, expensive as fuck anyway.
Midajah - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 15:56:14 EST LUMg+nxK No.6281574 Reply

>firing new jack
>keeping al snow

i don't care how wasted new jack is, you don't fire your top draw and leave money on the table brother
Beef Wellington - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 16:02:03 EST +EuCVU7l No.6281580 Reply
I tried to make a druggy/drunk division so they wouldn't complain about each other but it was literally just Meanie and New Jack and their matches were getting stale. Guess there's RNG since Sabu and Sandman are always sober.
El Dandy - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 02:07:42 EST pskQ1Y27 No.6281789 Reply
Just a question for everyone in the thread: Which real world mod would you guys prefer? Fleisch or Who87?
Ernest The Cat Miller - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 09:59:07 EST b7NZg4wN No.6281861 Reply
Fleisch pays more attention to the indies and has a general better picture of everything going on while Who87's only specialty is in WWE stuff. Just as an example, CHIKARA is still labeled with Season 15 names in Who87's database while Fleisch has Season 19 names and the newest rookies added to the roster. I don't even think GCW exists in Who's mod.
Cyrus - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:48:44 EST Id3juSSF No.6281895 Reply
Definitely the former but be prepared to do a lot of editing yourself if you start as someone that isn't WWE or a promotion in Japan. I haven't started a game with his newest data that he got a lot of help with, but when I originally started one with his data from April I did a match between LAX and the Lucha bros that got a D minus and kept having 'the fans were annoyed about having a match between 2 jobbers on the main show' far too often.
Dakota Darsow - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 16:08:52 EST NcXj4waf No.6283401 Reply
1565726932743.png -(191828B / 187.33KB, 909x658) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here's what AI lolWWE decided is an appropriate Card for this year's 'Mania
Lin Bairon - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 20:44:50 EST L4YJHN0X No.6283612 Reply
There's a lot to unpack here but:

>Primo/Konnor/Axel for the US Title

...is definitely my favourite.

those world title matches are unironically sweet tho
Gavin Loudspeaker - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 01:50:47 EST N7/mZy6Z No.6283791 Reply
>Ziggler going for a world title in 2019

My personal favorite is UNITED KINGDOM champion Jey Uso, also
>Gunner vs Tucker Knight at 'mania
>no sign of Otis
>the second highest rated match on the card is a no contest involving Alexa Bliss tied with the universal title match
Ric Flair - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 03:31:42 EST HBLWC/LC No.6283808 Reply
Maybe it's a different timeline where the WWE doesn't spend pretty much every show from mid-2013 on making Ziggler a GEEK!?
Ric Flair - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 03:32:52 EST HBLWC/LC No.6283809 Reply
P.S. Lesnar & Cena having a promo but no match? incredible
Shawn Michaels - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:26:06 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6284009 Reply
1565817966246.png -(389831B / 380.69KB, 911x1370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Completed my first in-game year about two days ago, and just looking at the difference between main-event talent between then and now is like night and day. Unfortunately Danielson's contract abruptly ended as he was a freelancer and instead of working the full 9 months I signed him on for, he took a touring schedule with Zero-1 so he's leaving in a week. Nash will effectively cripple him in an angle at Slamboree, but I don't want to outright bury him because a lot of freelancers have been ending their... freelancing after one-off appearances on my show (Kenny Omega and the Briscoes, to name a few) and signing with WWE after long career droughts; Danielson himself has seen his pop shoot from the 10s to low 60s in a matter of months simply from angles with Ric Flair, and there's no doubt in my mind WWE will try to snap him up if/when he stops freelancing.

Still, I now have a wealth of young midcarders and upper midcarders I can use to pad out Nitros and have an above-85 rating; Jamie Knoble and Chris Harris are dominating Saturday Nights as a team, The Hurricane has ridden the wave of the DoD storyline to near-main event status, and even Chuck Palumbo has put on above-70 matches with total dead-weights just from his popularity alone. WWE even tried poaching Mike Awesome during contract re-negotiations because of his ascension to the main event, so now I know my guys are effectively on Vince's radar now.

I'm still kind of free-balling the booking this year as opposed to the planning system I used in 2001, but I think I'll go back to planning after Starrcade.
D'Lo Brown - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 20:34:46 EST jEGuiRVR No.6284080 Reply
1565829286767.png -(103010B / 100.60KB, 641x513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This was my BFG 2019. I'm not bored of the current save but I'm watching lots of shit from 1996 atm and in the mood for a 1997 pre-screwjob save or WCW lives but giving Goldberg, Hogan and the like contracts in the editor because fuck pushing new stars, brother.
Karen Jarrett - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:45:39 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6284976 Reply
1566020739368.png -(128895B / 125.87KB, 558x366) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This one goes out to all the Juggalos and Juggalettes
Karen Jarrett - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 14:52:17 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6285114 Reply
1566067937368.png -(133876B / 130.74KB, 559x367) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Helps keep track of story beats in the storyline history viewer, otherwise I'd just have "ANGLE: RVD and Booker T" repeated ad-naseum and wouldn't remember what my intentions were.

Not much really going on; tried to get Hogan for the nWo v Horsemen storyline but WWE - after ignoring him for nearly 8 months - IMMEDIATELY threw a hundred grand at him just to keep him away from me and now he's doing jobs to Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown. Also bought out UPW and IWA-MS for the talent and belts - IWA had their King of the Deathmatch just the day before news of their money issues hit and I bought them out, and fittingly Ian Rotten would be the fifth and final tournament winner.

And just when I thought "Violent J, TNA Booker" was going to be the weirdest news in June of 2002...

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