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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

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- Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:19:24 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280946
File: 1565313564861.jpg -(91752B / 89.60KB, 475x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. THE DIRT SHEET THREAD: THE LATEST FROM MELTZER AND MORE - 9TH AUGUST '19
The first few posts are from this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. For the full newsletter and much more get a subscription at http://www.f4wonline.com/
Dave Meltzer's star ratings will also be posted in this thread should there be any.
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> TripleMania, AAA’s biggest show of the year, was a mix of a variety of different stars and styles, and ended with a number of different headlines. In Mexico, the show was about a battle of legends, as Blue Demon Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs. hair match before a near sellout of 18,000 fans, the largest pro wrestling crowd in the world since WrestleMania, on 8/3 at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City. But there were other headlines, including the debut of Cain Velasquez, which got great reviews, the return of L.A. Park and his family, plus the tease of a Fenix vs. Kenny Omega AAA heavyweight title match.

> It was the combination of Demon vs. Wagner and the debut of Velasquez that led to the top matches doing a 6.5 rating and 29 share on TV Azteca and 1.63 million viewers. It was the highest rated show on both over-the-air television and cable television. The cable TV version was the third most-watched show on cable of the week and the over-the-air version on TV Azteca was the most-watched show on regular television of the day. It was also the third most-watched sports show of the week. The claim was that there were 8.2 million viewers, broken down as 6.72 million on Azteca and 1.47 million on Space.

> Demon broke a cinder block over Wagner’s head to beat him in a major old-school bloodbath match. Fenix & Pentagon Jr. & Laredo Kid got revenge for Las Vegas beating The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega in the semi. That match, while technically at a much higher level than anything else on the show, struggled early with the crowd because they were following a tag match with Velasquez, the biggest mainstream star on the show, and Psycho Clown, AAA’s most popular wrestler. Both men had said they would retire if they lost. After the match, Wagner said that he would fulfill his bookings and that he’s booked a year out. Okay. Most believe there is no retirement happening at that point either.

> Velasquez was the big story in the U.S. People expected him to do an MMA style, but he insisted on doing Lucha Libre. He worked the match wearing a black mask. Everyone thought he shouldn’t have worn the mask, but to him it was important to be an authentic Luchador and not a guy cashing a paycheck because of his childhood love of El Santo, El Hijo del Santo and Mil Mascaras.

> He really didn’t follow wrestling for a long time, unlike training partner Daniel Cormier who was a fan since watching Mid South Wrestling as a child and remains a WWE fan today. Velasquez went to the 2018 Elimination Chamber show in Las Vegas with Cormier, largely to see the angle with Ronda Rousey. When the show was over, he kept telling wife Michelle how it brought him back to how much he loved Lucha Libre as a kid. She suggested to him that maybe he could do it himself and he and first blew it off, but she pretty much urged him to do it so he did.

> He has a three show deal, which would include shows on 9/15 in Madison Square Garden and 10/13 in Los Angeles. But there is a lot of speculation regarding those shows. Neither show has a strong advance, nor does either show have a card announced or any matches that have been even hinted at. The announcers in both English (Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski) and Spanish were told before the show not to bring up either date or show, which, given how close they are, probably tells you a lot. But officially at this moment both shows are on the books.

> Velasquez wants to continue fighting, but do pro wrestling at the same time. Everyone raved about how quickly he learned, hitting all his acrobatic spots with very limited training with Killer Kross in Las Vegas and mostly Vinnie Massaro at the Pro Wrestling Revolution school in San Jose. With his freak athletic ability and childhood love for pro wrestling, where everyone who worked with him raved about his quick learning curve and how much he wanted to learn and listen, it opened a lot of eyes all over wrestling. Athletically was never going to be the problem. The problem was that he is naturally shy, which is hard to overcome, is not a natural talker, which is so important, and he has a lot of injuries.

> A number of creative changes over the past week changed the SummerSlam card, removing at least three and possibly four matches from the show on 8/10 in Toronto. What is official is Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan was removed from the show as a match because with delays and such in changing the shows, they didn’t get where they wanted to be yet. One would think Reigns in some form would be on the show in some sort of continuation of the angle, if not the payoff and reveal.

> The women’s tag team title match where Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss won the titles in a four-way over the champs, the Iiconics, an elimination match that also included Asuka & Kairi Sane and Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville was pulled off the SummerSlam card and moved to Raw six nights earlier. That was said to be a Paul Heyman decision, probably figuring the title change would mean more with a longer match and could be showcased better rather then being a forgotten part of a long show. At one point Asuka & Sane were being groomed for the titles not all that long ago.

> Aleister Black vs. Sami Zayn was moved at the last minute off the PPV by Vince McMahon. When McMahon didn’t like the 8/6 Smackdown show and re-wrote much of it, after pulling what he didn’t like there was about an hour left. So he made the call to pull that match from the PPV and move it to fill the hole.This leaves the show with ten official matches and one other match that at this point is also not on the show, Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander.

> We’re also told that the current card is still up for discussion and that changes are likely to be made to fill some of those changed slots. There were multiple stop and starts for Big E & Xavier Woods over the Smackdown tag titles, plus Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson never directly beat The Revival when they won the Raw belts, but nothing has been done to tease that either. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali for the IC title was never announced for the show, but was strongly pushed like it was happening last week on Smackdown. But this week Ali put over Dolph Ziggler clean and not a word was mentioned about Ali’s non-title win or potential title shot at Nakamura, and Ali losing makes zero sense coming off the non-title win over the champ.
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:23:34 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280948 Reply
> Soberano Jr. landed badly on a missed dive on the 8/6 Arena Mexico show and was taken out on a stretcher, but no word has come since regarding an injury

> Yoh, Bushi, Jonathan Gresham, Clark Connors, Rocky Romero, Soberano Jr., and Amazing Red have been added to the Super J Cup tournament. Will Ospreay has always wanted to wrestle Red so he may have his chance here. The Super J Cup shows won’t be airing live on New Japan World, but will be put on the service on a delay, although not sure how long that delay will be. None of the shows will be airing on AXS either. That Saturday night will be airing the G-1 finals, and the next week will be a repeat show airing the Okada vs. Jericho match. 9/7 and 9/14 will be the Royal Quest show from 8/31 in London

> DDT booker Sanshiro Takagi suffered a torn pec on the 7/21 show at Korakuen Hall and will be out a while

> Nielsen Holdings, the company that handles television ratings, is having trouble finding a buyer and there is now talk of selling the company in pieces. Blackstone, a private equity group, had been in talks of buying the company until backing out in March. The New York Post reported that Apollo Global Management, also in talks of buying the company, has lost interest. They said that on 7/30, Goldman Sachs, the latest to expect to buy it, backed out of the deal.

> The problem is that Nielsen has working with $8 billion of debt that the new buyers who have to assume, plus the purchase price was expected to be well over $9 billion, meaning such a deal would cost the new buyers $17 billion. The board of Nielsen has been calling those who backed out with the idea of selling portions of the company at lower prices to different former suitors. There is also the feeling that there will be new ways to measure ratings that will cost less that will eventually surface and thus, Nielsen, the market leader, will face competition for its position

> Jeremy Ganger, an independent pro wrestler in Dayton, was a legitimate hero as he stopped the shooter in Dayton from getting into Ned Pepper’s bar while he was working the door. Ganger heard the gunshots from across the street. While working the door he was shown on video helping and even throwing people out of the way of shooter Connor Betts, who was headed to the bar. Ganger helped the patrons have the best shot at escaping through the back patio and delayed the shooter from getting into the bar until the police arrived. While doing so, he had shrapnel hit his leg and ignored it. He was fewer than three feet away from Betts when Dayton police shot him.

> Ganger said Betts looked right at him and couldn’t believe he wasn’t leaving the door. Betts killed nine people. Ganger was one of at least 20 wounded in the shooting. He was hospitalized and doctors told him they could cut the tiny piece of a shell out of his leg or leave it in, and he’d be okay either way. Ganger said he would return to his job at the bar, saying “If I don’t go back to work, he wins.” Ganger wrestled in the area under the name Pitbull. He was trained by former WCW, All Japan and WWE star James “Jimmy Yang” Yun, and was the champion when Yun ran a local promotion. He was part of a heel stable managed by Brock Guffman for Rockstar Wrestling in Dayton

> Billy Corgan announced NWA television tapings on 9/30 and 10/1 in Atlanta. He didn’t say where they would be taking place or where the how would run. We do know that the NWA had been talking about taping one hour weekly shows that they would put on for free streaming

> Debbie Malenko, 47, was on the Pacific Rim podcast and said that she would love to go back to wrestling full-time. Malenko, real name Debbie Killian, only wrestled from 1990 to 1993 before a horrible leg injury ended her career just as her career seemed about to take off as right before her injury she had a **** match with Akira Hokuto at Korakuen Hall and she and Sakie Hasegawa were getting a major push as an American/Japanese young girl babyface team. She’s toyed with the idea of coming back at different times but would like to perform regularly, whether in Japan or the U.S. in an athletic-based women’s company and has been training heavily in Jiu Jitsu for years
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:26:26 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280949 Reply
> Pro Wrestling EVE, a women’s promotion that uses most of the top women stars in Europe and brings in Japanese (relations with Stardom, Pure-J, Ice Ribbon and has regularly used Meiko Satomura), and Americans (Su Yung, Mercedes Martinez and Jordynne Grace are semi-regulars) as well, has signed a contract agreeing to a Code of Conduct, with Equity U.K., a trade union for performers who are self-employed and work in the entertainment industry. One of the key aspects of this is insurance for competitors, because of the issues with injuries in the ring. Even though wrestling is essentially stunt performing, insurance companies who cover stunt performers were negative on covering pro wrestlers.

> Even at certain points companies actually said when asked that the difference is if somebody breaks a bone doing a stunt it is an accident but if they do so in wrestling, it’s done on purpose by the person they’re fighting. Which is ludicrous. Other arguments used were that stunt and circus performers were trained in their stunts while wrestlers were not. But Equity was able to convince its insurance company to change its mind and its classification of pro wrestlers and now they can get insurance that at least covers them in the event of an injury that takes place in the ring, or one that effects their ability to perform. There are many other issues that have come with this. There are questions regarding if talent should receive royalties for appearing on paid streaming services, which would happen in most entertainment forms but does not happen in pro wrestling.

> Those at EVE noted that this wasn’t an issue t them, but it was the last thing discussed and came to an agreement on that which was sufficient to the union. There were WWE U.K. talent that at first were publicly negative on the idea of a union, notably Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews, but after getting a negative reaction, they deleted their tweets. According to U.K. reporter Will Cooling, a rep from Equity UK was on David Starr’s podcast and said they had spoken at one point to Attack Wrestling, which is run by Dunne and Andrews, but Attack backed off and discussion ended. The next issue would be that of talent joining, because of fear that by being part of Equity UK, that would eliminate any chance of going to WWE. Other promoters have threatened not to book any talent that has joined.

> However, talent does not have to disclose they have signed up because being part of a union in the U.K. is a protected status. Eve has said they will pay union dues for all talent for any month they work at least one show for the promotion if they pay the 32 pound joining fee. A big problem from the WWE standpoint is that if a member of Equity filed an issue with WWE regarding the independent contractor status of WWE’s contracts because it is believed based on the laws of the country that WWE would in court because the laws are more specific about employees vs. self-employed in that country. They sent a code of conduct to all performers that set out Eve’s terms and conditions in writings, provides union recognition a dignity to work policy as well as giving access and time for talent to engage with the union.

> This is a culmination of talks that began more than 18 months ago between Eve and Equity UK. They are encouraging talent to join as the union will provide accident insurance for those injured at work, as well as public liability and backstage insurance, confidential legal advice and support even for talent when they are working for non-union promoters. They also have access to representation in contract disputes and help with tax and welfare guidance. In the statement, Eve said that they see unionization of independent performers as extremely important in the ever-changing and quickly developing independent scene in the U.K. This is a story to watch because if it is beneficial to talent and of a company like Eve can make it work, it opens the door to other promotions in the U.K. to follow suit

> ROH ticket sales for the U.K. swing of 10/25 in London, 10/26 in Newport, Scotland and 10/27 in Bolton are weak. Reportedly the latter two shows have less than 100 tickets sold.

> Even with a major ticket snafu when they went on sale on 8/2, the 10/2 TNT debut from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC, sold out in three hours. There was so much demand for tickets that the whole system was a mess. There were people who could get tickets because while most people would order seats, and then be told they were already taken, over and over, for two hours in some cases, some were able to get through because through all the complaints because they did sell more than 8,000 tickets during that period before it was fixed and ended up with more than 10,000, the first-day allotment. It’s set up for 14,000, which would probably be 13,000 plus paid so the rest will be sold, and maybe another 1,000 were sold very quickly when they were put non sale on 8/5. There may be another release before the final release after production moves in the week of the show. After it was fixed, likely with a lot of people having given up since, with the difficulties, word spread that it must be sold out and this was within five minutes of on-sale, so a lot of people, maybe most, gave up.

> Eventually The Young Bucks and Cody on twitter pushed that it wasn’t sold out and you can get tickets, and at that point it sold out pretty quickly. Unlike the previous AEW shows, a lot of scalpers got tickets to this one after the secondary market success of All Out, as there were 1,800 tickets on Stubhub at the end of the first day, which isn’t high for an arena of that size for an in-demand ticket (still well under how many got SummerSlam tickets) but far more than any previous AEW show, but the price to get in on the secondary market is only $25.75 on $20 tickets, as compared to $145 for similar placed tickets for All Out, which remains one of the three highest average secondary market ticket sales prices for wrestling in history. For the 10/2 show, this was the description we got on how it down according to a ticket industry source.

> There was about a one hour window where brokers were making strong profitable sales for the show. This was purely due to the fact that the true inventory of the building was not released at Noon. Only about half (because of uncertainty about how many tickets were to be sold, the first group of tickets released were all facing the hard camera, similar to how WWE now sells tickets first) was released at Noon. Then more seats started being released after those tickets moved far faster than expected. Ticketmaster also uses a new format where best available is no longer a choice, so most people tried selecting numerous sets of tickets, and they kept failing to get them. They would be given either an error message or “another fan beat you to the tickets” response. This caused an inflated artificial demand on the secondary market from Noon to 1 p.m. because word had gotten out the building sold out in minutes, which was not the case. AEW couldn’t have been behind this because they would be wanting to sell tickets, not not sell the tickets but increase the secondary market demand. During that period seats were selling at double face value. By later in the day, tickets were only selling at 30 percent above face value, even after it sold out
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:28:04 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280951 Reply
> The first AEW TV show will be going head-to-head with the American League baseball wildcard game, which is usually good for six million or more viewers, so that’s very real competition

> The question is now whether they can sustain this. Washington, DC, was chosen because their B/R stats showed Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC as some of their strongest markets. This sold out based on the history aspect if it being the first show on TNT, and really, the most important in some ways pro wrestling show of the year. The dates for the next few shows will likely be released soon. The idea was to concentrate on this one. The quickness of this sale has led people to conservatively believe they can go into any second-tier market with TV and do 5,000 fans, and first time in the big markets well over that. Time will tell. But they are being conservative. Week two will be in Boston at the Agannis Arena, and not the T.D. Garden where WWE would run, and it would be set up for 5,000, so it’s not a stretch to say it could be a quick sellout. Week three will be the real test as they are in Philadelphia, once again not going to the Wells Fargo Center but instead to the Licouras Center, which for a television set up would hold 7,000.

> The positive is that even if they don’t sell out, they’ll probably do reasonably well as far as the look for television, and no doubt these arenas are much cheaper to rent than the major buildings in the market. But there is also a stigma of establishing yourself as the secondary wrestling when the competition is running the top building where the major league acts play, and you’re not running those buildings. In a sense, while it’s hard to believe they could sell out T.D. Gardens or the Wells Fargo Center on a Wednesday night and WWE couldn’t either, but WWE still plays those buildings. But you also have to remember these dates were booked some time back, just announced now, and their own internal people were expecting 6,000 for first day sales in DC, and to have a healthy crowd but not a sellout for week one, so with that in mind, the secondary arena that is less expensive would make the most sense. But if you’re fighting with WWE, and even though they publicly don’t want the idea they’re in a fight, it’s out of their control because they’re in it because that’s Vince and to an extent, that’s the fan base as well.

> Even in the late 80s JCP vs. WWE war when JCP was hot, the reality is that in the Northeast, everywhere but Baltimore (where JCP ran the big building in the market), JCP could draw well for big shows, but WWE always was considered major league by most because they played the big arena and JCP played the secondary arena. The buildings they are running are likely more cost-effective, and they can get a good deal, but from a perception standpoint to the local market, running the big arena and just selling the bottom half like WWE often does now, which would be a 7,000 seat set up, is something they could fill or come close to filling and they’d get the local fans who would see it as a bigger deal in the big building. Another key is these are both college buildings, and that could be a smart move in a sense if they have the talent appear at the schools to promote the shows earlier in the week, take footage, get the reaction, play it on television, because cultivating the harder-to-reach younger demo is the key to being cool, and being the cool younger hipper product is a great perception, because they don’t have the depth, exposure and revenue streams, but if they can establish the competition as old and out of touch with their audience and make that become the story, it changes the dynamic greatly, similar to what FOX did with programming decades ago when confronting NBC, ABC and CBS, who were deeply entrenched and thought to be impenetrable a the time.

> The perception of legit selling out you can get running the Agannis Arena in Boston is f they sell out Boston quickly it’s a perception home run of always selling out for now. In the long run, the first-time novelty in markets is usually the biggest, but we don’t know what, if any, being on TNT weekly will add to the fan base. Really, the value of TNT to growing AEW’s fan base, and FOX to WWE’s, are the two biggest wrestling news stories of the next year. I do believe things like the first time in MSG and Los Angeles (which in my opinion should be saved for major PPV shows and have to be in major arenas) will do instant sellouts. To me, Philadelphia will answer a short-term question of sustainability, because it’s a good market, but it’s not that far from DC, and it’s no longer week one. It’s not the long-term, because the value of TNT won’t fully kick in until a few months in. When Nitro started, it was about four to five months in before we started seeing live attendance go up but they were also a company that had been on national TV for years, just not in as good a time slot. Everything depends on the value of TNT as a partner in driving a new fan base, the product they deliver and how they come across in what will be a heavily publicized war.

> A real turning point was the day before tickets were released, they pushed a Cody interview where he addressed the blood and guts line from Vince McMahon, never mentioning McMahon by name. He did an incredible promo basically trying to position AEW as the chance for wrestling fans to take back their business. He brought up how they were referred to as “blood and guts,” and was said with such a braggart candor that you would think the person saying it thought they were bullet proof but he wondered if the person tasted their own words before they spit them out because the entirety of our business is blood and guts. He said the business was built on blood and guts because if we don’t care, they don’t care, and you bet your ass we’re blood and guts. I had expected a comedic strike back on BTE off the blood and guts portrayal, but instead they did much better, a deadly serious promo that only served to rally their fan base. Make no mistake about it, and nobody will say this publicly because they can’t, but a huge part of this story is the disenfranchised fan base which never had anyone to unify them. New Japan could have done it with their 2018 crew with the right backing.

> ROH had the chance. The talent was there but those groups were too conservative and in the case of New Japan, getting into a big-time fight with Vince while being based in Japan would be a tough decision. ROH could have done it, and Sinclair could have seen the signs with the 2018 success but they didn’t make the move, which left the key guys frustrated because after All In, and maybe even before that, they saw the opening. Even WWE could have nipped it in the bud, and they did try with big offers, but they way undershot and while Vince was adamant about not leaving in a crack in the bottom of the door open and being aggressive, and he did realize the Khan family’s wealth, he left the crack open and couldn’t pull the trigger on keeping Chris Jericho because he saw him as a 48 year old guy and with the exception of Kenny Omega, I don’t think he saw the others at the level that they saw themselves
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:29:33 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280952 Reply
> While 10/2 will be the first live wrestling show, it will not be the first show on TNT. There is other programming yet to be announced to provide an introduction and build major shows

> After All Out, there will be one more PPV this year, with the plan with TV to do four PPV events in 2020

> AEW will miss one week of television at least this year as the plan is to not run on Christmas night. New Year’s night, against the Bowl Games, is scheduled to be a live show head-to-head

> The company applied to trademark the term All Elite Wrestling Revolution

> Pac, who is high on the list of those speculated on to be one of Jericho’s mystery partners against Young Bucks & Omega on the first TV show, suffered a leg injury in an 8/1 match for the TNT Extreme Promotion in Liverpool against Jodie Fleisch. At this point we don’t have any more info other than he finished the match, but that it looked bad visually although it appears to have been just a bad gash in the thigh

> Also heavily speculated on for Jericho’s surprise partners is LAX. Obviously WWE will be trying to stop that from happening. LAX starting in AAA in September would indicate they at least right now would not have a deal with WWE. Plus, if LAX comes in, the obvious program would be with the Young Bucks

> Bryce Remsberg, who has been working as a referee here, has signed a contract as both a referee and an office worker

> Tanea Brooks, who was Rebel in Impact, has been hired at least for now to do the makeup and hair of the women for television. I saw her backstage doing that for Starrcast in Las Vegas.

> While not announced, the NXT on FS 1 is tentatively set for 8-10 p.m. on Wednesday nights. For obvious reasons, that was the time slot expected but this was the first info we were given listing a time slot. Of course it wasn’t going to be finalized until TNT announced the time slot. Not sure when this starts or how Big East basketball on FS 1 affects this, or what this means for NXT on WWE Network, or what the start date will be. It’s not official until the announcement is made but this has been expected and as noted a few weeks ago, it’s far enough along that FOX told some affiliates already. The working idea is for a live two hour show with the feeling that a taped show will not work to head-off AEW. Where WWE feels they have the edge is they have an endless supply of main roster talent they can shuffle in whenever they want them.

> Whether this goes from Full Sail, which may get tough with shows weekly to keep crowd enthusiasm up int the same venue (although they’ll be using more main roster guys and the Full Sail crowd pops big for those every time out) or they tape it and tour with it is unknown. But we were told this was largely agreed to in late June. or early July. One would think WWE and FOX will heavily promote this on Smackdown each week and possibly on Raw, and FS 1 will see that they are in a war with TNT on Wednesdays which means FOX will be out there promoting it. The other psychology over who gets off stronger and how WWE reacts if they lose early or AEW reacts if they lose early will be very interesting. TNT is in more homes, is a much higher rated station, but WWE is the name brand to the masses and NXT would be promoted on the two most-watched shows

> In news that affects both WWE with its Hulu deal, and more UFC, Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ will be offered in a combined streaming bundle deal for $12.95 per month. At the same time, cable companies are losing homes at a faster rate to where traditional cable and satellite homes are expected to fall to 86.5 million (the peak was 100.5 million) by the end of the year. But many of the key television cable channels are coming close to maintaining coverage through streaming services. Paul Levesque couldn’t talk about it but did somewhat acknowledge it cryptically saying about talk of counter programming another announced show on FS 1, that Wednesday has always been NXT’s night and they are doing what they see as best for the company and not counter programming. So that will be the public reaction even though all the talk internally has used the term counter programming and how Vince is certain with their resources they will draw more viewers even when pointed out TNT is a stronger station and in more homes.

> In a media appearance with Kelly & Ryan, Dwayne Johnson said that he has quietly retired from wrestling. He’s now 47 and hasn’t done a serious match since he tore a number of muscles and got a hernia in the second Cena match, which was really screwed because he had trained and dieted and done all whatever else to look like Hercules, and then he was f***ed. The studios since then were pretty adamant about him not wrestling because it delayed production of the movie. There had been talk of him doing another match with HHH. He was going to headline the 2014 WrestleMania with Lesnar and in fact, they were going to shoot an angle where Lesnar destroyed him the day after the 2013 Mania, but he was injured. He was also the first choice to be Rousey’s partner against HHH & Stephanie at the 2018 WrestleMania,

> “Hobbs and Shaw” with Johnson and Jason Statham as stars was, by far, the top box office movie both U.S. and international this past weekend for its open. The movie did $60,038,950 in the U.S. and $119 million outside the U.S. It was No. 1 in 52 out of 63 countries that it was in. The movie did well, with it rated A- on average, with 90 percent positive reviews and drew a 58/42 male skew. The audience makeup across the board was right on target with The Fast & Furious movies. Six of the eight Fast & Furious movies had a better opening weekend. I saw the movie. It was a lot of fun because you know what to expect and that’s what it is.

> Reigns had a small role as one of Johnson’s brothers. He didn’t have any lines. He was listed as Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoai in the credits. One thing I saw, and everyone I spoke with who saw it mentioned the same thing was that when he was on the screen and delivered his Samoan drop and had a close-up, or even was shown, there was no reaction. Here’s the most pushed guy and considered top guy in the company. I’ve seen wrestlers with name recognition who have small parts in movies and there’s always a buzz when they are on the screen, even in a cameo. It really shows how far off the mainstream radar wrestling is to the non-wrestling audience
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:31:04 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280953 Reply
> Tapout, which WWE owns a piece of, is looking into franchising Tapout branded gyms, similar to what UFC did. Reigns is a key person in the advertising to prospective franchisees

> In covering the financials last week, we didn’t mention NXT. For the quarter there were 46 NXT house show which averaged 880 paid and $48,098. Last year during the same quarter there were 50 shows that averaged 960 paid and $49,142. The averages are high because you are factoring in two Takeover shows this quarter which both heavily skews the average, in particular the Brooklyn show, but also the gate

> There has been talk regarding the latest WWE doctrine that its U.K. talent can no longer appear on streaming matches. This is one of those deals where the word goes out, but then its kind of forgotten about with the key member promotions. It’s more a situation where those groups, which would be ICW, Progress and wXw, and whoever else WWE has financial ties to, will all be moving to the WWE Network sooner than later so obviously they’ll be able to do programs and use the WWE U.K. guys. There has been a lot of talk of late with the decline of interest overall in the U.K. because WWE has signed most of the top talent, and the few that they haven’t are under contract to someone else outside the U.K. like New Japan or ROH, that it’s killed the indie scene and the shows overall have a much lower level of talent depth than a few years ago.

> But everyone knew that was inevitable and on the flip side that talent is able to make more money and work less dates to make it, and have guarantees and if hurt will still get a check, so there are two sides. But it does greatly hinder the talent development side of things that created so many of these awesome young workers because there were so many shows in short geographical distances and enough good talent around to teach them. But that’s a cycle we’ve seen as well. But the WWE itself has also declined greatly in the market which led to Sky dropping them and NXT U.K. being unable to get a television deal. But that isn’t to say not having NXT U.K. would have staved off the WWE main roster decline in U.K. interest, although it would have probably staved off the indie decline since the shows would be better overall.

> The current WWE policy is that talent under contract to WWE can only work dark matches, meaning not televised, not streamed live or put on-demand services. All companies using WWE talent must have a paramedic on site that is there only for talent, not for fans, who has the certification to administer life saving drugs. The talent can’t work in any form with anyone under contract with World of Sport, New Japan, ROH or AEW (notable that Impact is no longer on that list so this is the list of what WWE does right now consider its enemy or rival promotions). Talent can’t work any show seven days prior to an NXT U.K. taping unless specifically authorized by WWE

> It should be noted that WWE talent believed they could still work On Demand, meaning on streaming services that weren’t airing the matches live. Because this doctrine would cut way back on their ability to get non-WWE bookings. There are promotions who have had opportunities to do live iPPVs or even Fite TV events that have had to turn those down because they use WWE talent

> If you’re wondering about the special guest Saudi Arabian payoffs, they are well into seven figures. At least Goldberg got well into seven for the match with Undertaker. Goldberg’s figure for the one match was considerably more than his one year contract when he came to WWE in 2003-04 ($1 million downside for eight dates per month), but less than his WCW contract ($3 million per year) when he was at his peak. I don’t know that Michaels or Undertaker did as well, but that would make sense to be a reason to come out of retirement, although Michaels seemingly has indicated no interest in wrestling anymore. With Goldberg, the thought is to make him the Bruno at the end of Bruno’s career. The guy who comes to your city once or twice a year for a grudge match and it’s a huge deal. Lesnar likely got that and more since he’s earning more from wrestling per year than just about anyone in history ever has in their best years, which is why he never went back to UFC and there’s no amount of money they won’t pay to keep him from AEW.

> WWE has had recent interest in purchasing Fite TV to the point there are meetings upcoming regarding it. What that would mean isn’t clear, as could they just own it thinking it’s a good future business and have it run separately, or incorporate it into a higher tiered network. One thing for sure, it would make indies that work with Fite TV in jeopardy in some form, and the key is, it would for sure shut down AEW’s leading streaming partner. That said, AEW can get a new streaming partner within the Turner family and may end up that way anyway, and WWE talks to a lot of people and that doesn’t mean a deal is getting done

> Boston was announced as the host city for the 2020 SummerSlam week. They will be moving the event back from the second week of August to the fourth week, so likely no same weekend as G-1. The shows will be at TD Garden with Smackdown on 8/21, NXT on 8/22, SummerSlam on 8/23 and Raw on8/24

> WWE canceled the entire Smackdown tour this weekend at the last minute, a combination of poor advances and wanting talent on Raw on Monday. The tour had shows on 8/3 in Bowling Green, KY, 8/4 in Danville, IL and 8/5 in Kalamazoo, MI. Considering they’ve been running a lot of shows that do 1,500 to 2,000 fans of late, that tells you what kind of advances they must have had to cancel an entire tour. There has been some talk internally of cutting back on dates and doing more joint-branded super shows. One of the keys to this idea is both increasing attendance with more shows on the show, with the Supershow tag as a draw, but also eliminating the weaker shows that drag the quarterly average down.

> One of the things that was kind of hidden from investors in a sense is the house show decline for the quarter. Factoring out WrestleMania, quarter two appeared to drop from a 5,000 average to 4,700 in North America, which is something but didn’t come across as alarming as the ratings and network sub drops. But in cutting from 60 shows to 52, you are eliminating eight lower drawing house shows and the affect of the PPVs and live Raws, the best selling events, is higher. If they had done those eight more shows and averaged 2,500, the average fall to 4,400 which looks worse to investors. Plus, with the profit margin on house shows down to break/even levels in some quarters of late, obviously the canceled shows were ones projected to lose money on even with the advertising and other costs associated with doing the shows and then pulling them. Also, a lot of the shows canceled were Monday shows and they may likely would have done less than 2,500
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:33:09 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280955 Reply
> The Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff this past week talked about trying to get WrestleMania is the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park for 2021 this past week. As we’ve noted, the Rams and the city want Mania in 2021 because of how many tourist it brings in as kind of a test run for the area before the 2022 Super Bowl. WWE wants to come in 2022 because they want to announce an attendance figure that beats the Super Bowl number. The stadium regular capacity is 70,240 but it can be expanded to add 30,000 more seats. No matter what, as we saw in Dallas a few years ago, they’ll probably announce more than 100,000

> The next Saudi Arabia show (aka Allahween Havoc) has been moved up one day from 11/1 to 10/31. This deal completely screwed up the European tour as the show was first set for 11/1, and they booked a European tour right after. Then it was moved back to a date never confirmed but looked like several day later, forcing cancellation of a number of U.K. shows. Then it was moved back to 11/1, which put it on the same day as a Smackdown live show on FOX. Then it was moved again. The flight time from Saudi Arabia to Newark, NJ, where the FOX show is scheduled, is about 13-and-a-half hours and with the time difference, they can easily do both shows. So that week would have a PPV on a Thursday afternoon and then the Friday live show. The crew would fly from St. Louis on a Monday to Saudi Arabia and then fly back for Newark, stay in the U.S. for Raw TV on 11/4 in Albany (the plan originally was Saudi Arabia to Italy for one crew, Saudi Arabia to Albany for the other) and then leave from Albany for Europe where they would be for Raw through 11/13 and come back on 11/15 to Philadelphia, while Smackdown would stay in Europe through 11/16, and do live TV on 11/18 in Boston

> PW Insider reported that come October, that Raw would continue running its usual Friday through Monday schedule, while Smackdown would run a Friday through Sunday schedule. That means they’d run a Raw house show against FOX Smackdown, but not a Smackdown against Raw on Monday. It also meant the Smackdown crew would be doing three shows a week while the Raw crew would be doing four. WWE officials told us the plan is similar, except that Smackdown would run a Thursday through Sunday schedule. Another thing noted from other internal sources is that the production trucks would be driving to the Friday Smackdown show, and that the Monday Raw would be in the same general vicinity as the Friday Smackdown (Los Angeles and Bakersfield first week; Denver and Las Vegas second week; Columbus, OH and Cleveland third week) which, given they’re already there, would lower costs and lead to more Saturday night house shows as network specials like the recent show in Nashville

> As noted here before, while many feel Smackdown on Friday on FOX will be a flop given the ratings they are doing now, those at FOX believe differently and expect it to be a major hit with all the promotion they will be doing for WWE in the fall on football and baseball broadcasts. Week one will be huge but in the end they have to deliver a compelling product, but you are talking nearly 120 million homes as opposed to 89 million homes having the show available, plus FOX’s baseline is much higher than USA’s meaning far more fringe viewers. Fox Sports Senior Vice President of Sales, Mark Evans, talked to The Big Lead about their sports going forward. When the declining Smackdown ratings were addressed, he said, “We feel how we’re going to present and how we’re going to promote4 WWE is going to inject it with such a new life. It’s going to be a home run for us.

> Lashley had elbow surgery to remove bone spurs and is out until October

> Rachael Evers’ (Ellering) knee injury was diagnosed as a torn ACL. She underwent reconstructive surgery on 8/6 and that’s usually a six to nine month recovery time

> Riott underwent surgery on her left shoulder on 8/6. She had already undergone surgery on her right shoulder in May

> A sign of the times, but this is now how I expect everything to go for both WWE & AEW tapings. But this is a little surprising. WWE debuts at the new Chase Center in San Francisco on 9/23 with both Raw and Smackdown. This is the first WWE show in the city since they pulled out in 2012 because they stopped drawing good enough for them at the Cow Palace. One would think the combination of a new building, a live Raw and first show in seven years would be an instant sellout. Instead, they are only selling tickets in the lower bowl on the opposite side of the hard camera. The new thing to do is not price out a building and sell tickets, but sell all those tickets first for TV to make sure those shots look good, and then, once they sell out, start opening up more tickets. But the fact that didn’t sell out instantly is the key to the story. It’s one thing if it’s overpriced tickets in MSG, or a market like Pittsburgh that they run all the time in the same building. Although in San Francisco, the belief is they greatly overpriced tickets and that’s part of the reason it’s selling slowly

> What would be the fourth Smackdown show on FOX on 10/25 will not be airing on FOX due to the World Series. WWE does have Smackdown taping set for that night in Kansas City, so most likely this goes to FS 1. As noted previously, the WWE deal with FOX is for 51 weeks a year, so this will be the only preemeption on FOX the way it looks, as we were told only by the World Series

> Paul Levesque on a press call mentioned plans for a 2019 Mae Young Classic. He just said with so much of a workload, you can’t get to everything and time kind of ran out to do it at the same point in the year. But he gave the impression an announcement was coming. He also noted that both McIntyre and Cesaro have talked with him about being interested in working on NXT U.K. shows

> Pat Buckridge (Pat Buck), 34, was hired as a new producer. He’s been around the Northeast indie scene for years as a wrestler and also owns the Wrestle Pro promotion
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:35:27 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280956 Reply
> Lio Rush did a hip hop single “Scenic Lullaby” talking about when he was 17 and suicidal. He’s right now officially on a sabbatical from WWE. What that means for the future is anyone’s guess but he wants to get back to wrestling nit the ring

> Rawley, who is a close friend of Rob Gronkowski, talked about Gronkowski possibly doing pro wrestling. “He just wrapped up a decade-long career breaking records. For every record he had he probably had as many injuries or surgeries putting his body on the line for the team and the fans. Right now he’s doing nothing. He’s going to lay low and stay off the television a little bit and heal up. He’ll reflect and make that next move and make that decision carefully. But in the future, we have talked about it extensively. Wrestling is something that he both loves watching, and that little bit of taste he had in the ring with me at WrestleMania a couple years ago with me got him all fired up. So, he’s ready to do something at some point.”

> In a surprise and kind of out of nowhere, Knox County Mayor Kane is being advertised to wrestle on shows on 8/23 in Bossier City, LA and 8/24 in Lafayette, LA, working against Strowman

> Matt Riddle threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game over the weekend, and then ran off the mound and did a running crossbody onto the mascot

> There have been complaints from some fans which has gotten to NXT management over the actions of a very few but local other fans based on chants and actions of those fans. The complaints have been about too many racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic actions from fans at the Florida shows. Because they run such small buildings, one fan being obnoxious can really hurt the show. It’s essentially something I’ve seen at other shows and have written about, which is the clash between new fans who see wrestling as an art form and artists, and old fans who think wrestling is a night out to yell and scream and being able to say what ever you want based on what was okay 15 or 20 years ago, when those kind of remarks were commonplace at every show and the product encouraged them.

> One fan wrote to the company and said they and a friend avoid going to Daytona shows for that reason. Another noted that crowd was chanting “kick him out” at one fan who was doing a Nazi salute to back Marcel Barthel, who broke character and basically said that was not acceptable. But his not being kicked out was a common complaint. Another fan complained that on 7/18 in Lakeland a fan yelled the N word at black referee D.A. Brewer and was not kicked out.

> There were complaints that on 8/2 in Melbourne some guys were yelling out profanity around children and were very disrespectful in making remarks at Tegan Nox. There was also complaints about fans chanting “build a wall” during an Humberto Carrillo match in Daytona in May. Daniel Vidot, a rookie wrestler, also complained about racial slurs by fans saying there is no humor in any type of racial stereotyping or immature displays of racial gesturing and said that they should kick fans out of venues when they try to disrupt shows with those kind of remarks.

> A group of fans suggested an NXT Fan Code of Conduct be implemented at the shows similar to that of Major League Soccer. The flip side is the generation that grew up with the idea wrestling was a place where you could yell anything you want at the heels, or because of freedom of speech, at the faces because of the idea wrestlers strive to get heat and thus that’s a good thing

> WWE stock closed at press time on 8/7 at $68.10 per share, so the gains coming off last week’s quarterly report were all wiped out. The market as a whole has significantly declined of late so that’s part of it. The current market value of the company is $5.619 billion

> The most-watched shows of the past week on the WWE Network were: 1. NXT on 7/31; 2. Extreme Rules; 3. Raw Reunion documentary; 4. Main Event; 5. Ride Along with Heavy Machinery, Ricochet and Black

Star ratings will get posted later on or someone else can do them, too tired to post more right now.
Cheerleader Melissa - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:36:59 EST R9+Ed7Bb No.6280959 Reply
>WWE has had recent interest in purchasing Fite TV
jesus christ
Alex Wright - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:40:47 EST BlrIoG3o No.6280960 Reply
1565314847717.jpg -(29930B / 29.23KB, 710x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> WWE has had recent interest in purchasing Fite TV to the point there are meetings upcoming regarding it. What that would mean isn’t clear, as could they just own it thinking it’s a good future business and have it run separately, or incorporate it into a higher tiered network. One thing for sure, it would make indies that work with Fite TV in jeopardy in some form

fucking hell man
Mike Chioda - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:46:36 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6280961 Reply
The indies sure will be getting fucked to hell and back. AEW on the left, WWE on the right. Both will be trying to kill the indies in their own way.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:54:01 EST It2BUKqt No.6280967 Reply
WWE has always fucked the indies. AEW is only getting sloppy seconds.
Togi Makabe - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:08:57 EST ISVkPzm7 No.6280971 Reply
If WWE buys FITE they are essentially gonna kill the indie scene in North America. No more GCW, no more Black Label Pro, no more Beyond and etc. This should outrage you.
Soldier Ant - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:17:11 EST GXHNtkkw No.6280974 Reply
Mexico will continue to give no fucks about the worthless shithole of USA wrestling
Alex Wright - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:23:25 EST BlrIoG3o No.6280978 Reply
1565317405717.png -(1051254B / 1.00MB, 1502x1146) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>MLW will be fine.

AEW, NJPW, ROH, Impact, MLW, GCW, WrestleCon, the NWA, Beyond all use FITE TV
Brendan Michael Thomas - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:41:55 EST QJXj5NuP No.6280988 Reply
God, how much more evidence do you need to prove how shook WWE is over AEW?

It goes beyond having all the money and buying up all the competition at this point. They're putting a live NXT directly against it. They want Fite. They're giving the biggest jobbers on the roster seven figure contracts just so they won't go there.

The old Vince would say AEW isn't competition and believe it. He's ripped up the Smackdown script three weeks in a row. I truly believe he might actually know his product sucks, and he's having an identity crisis, facing that he could finally be too old and out of touch and drained of creativity to fix it this time.
Daniel Bryan - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:02:52 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6280991 Reply
>They want Fite
Source? I get them snapping up any and every indy name just to sit them out, and I know there's some fuckery with them basically hamstringing some indy wrestling streaming service, but this is news to me.
Daniel Bryan - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:14:42 EST 1/S/IEzo No.6280993 Reply
Fuck me running, my reading comprehension is shit.

Anyway, that's great. Anyone know how to rip PPV's other than just screencapping them, because I bought a shit-ton of GCW over the past few weeks and I'll be goddamned if I lose it to Vince's digital re-enactment of killing the territories.
Amish Roadkill - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:16:34 EST /SgWVrua No.6280994 Reply
>New Partnership

If they've survived this long without Fite they'll continue fine without them.
Soldier Ant - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:17:57 EST GXHNtkkw No.6280995 Reply
have you tried youtube-dl? you'd probably just do "youtube-dl [url] -u [your username] -p [your password]" if it works
Seth Rollins - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:22:54 EST dCu7evFB No.6280997 Reply
>I'll be goddamned if I lose it to Vince's digital re-enactment of killing the territories
That was literally when wrestling was at it's hottest and most popular.
If killing the Indies causes that, I'm all for it.
Alex Wright - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:26:38 EST BlrIoG3o No.6280998 Reply
>That was literally when WWF was at it's hottest and most popular.

*Everybody* made money under the territories, not just Vince.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 23:29:09 EST It2BUKqt No.6280999 Reply
Yeah, and what happened after that hot period was over? WCW and ECW died, lots of fans stopped tuning in, and WWE became the only wrestling promotion that “mattered”. How can you think repeating that shit with the numbers WWE is pulling in now, in the media landscape of the 2010s (and essentially the 2020s), will do pro wrestling any more favors than WWE already did for the industry by becoming the Disney of pro wrestling in 2001?

WWE owns practically every bit of wrestling history prior to 2001. How badly do you want them to take everything that came after WrestleMania X-Seven?
Nick Patrick - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 00:07:13 EST sn3FIbVR No.6281006 Reply
What a fucking stupid comment. Only two companies making money doing wrestling isn't good
Stacy Keibler - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 00:15:23 EST XQmxomRN No.6281007 Reply
Smackdown already looks like RAW lite
I can't imagine how back NXT will be when it turns into Smackdown lite.
Stacy Keibler - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 00:17:01 EST XQmxomRN No.6281008 Reply
*bad, thanks autocorrect

There's no way Vince will let Triple H have control of NXT when it goes head to head
Beulah McGillicutty - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 01:16:13 EST XYIBS/P8 No.6281016 Reply
I miss the WWE that was its own horrible self contained universe where outside things didn't exist. They were horrible on their own and didn't bother anybody.
Sinister Minister - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 01:46:02 EST 2FsU4OSk No.6281028 Reply
this. Please go back to just be an actual anus instead of an anus that shits on the rest of the world. Nobody likes wrestling because WWE made it gay and shitty.

PROOF: Watch AEW with friends: They mark out for literally everything even though I think some of it sucks

Watch RAW Reunion with friends: everyone hates everything and they get mad and leave or fall asleep while I also hate everything.

WWE sucks. The idea that casuals want to watch WWE is fucking so fucking funny to me. Casuals have more fun watching GCW. Seriously. People love Joey Ryans dumb shit dick gimmick on facebook more then WWE and I hate Joey Ryan. Fuck WWE so fucking much. Its awful. I hope it dies a horrible horrible death. I hope ROH and Impact have live sex celebrations and AAA shoots a man live and people are still clapping that it's not another episode of RAW. No excuse anymore to watch WWE. It's a smelly turd that deserves nothing but disregard and shitposting.
Alex Riley - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 01:56:51 EST bt3TbsUq No.6281031 Reply
Yeah. Just listen somebody talking business side of wrestling back in territorial day. How some one could have multiple million dollars citys in territory. And they weren't even big citys, you just ran there once a week and made million in year. Now who has million dollar city whit just gate? WWE has 2 or 3 per year. Place where they run wm, New York area and maybe third one depending where they run royal rumble or summerslam. And that only becouse big shows. also what kind of number they were pulling in philly?
Sylvain Grenier - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:06:12 EST GHdWI2Li No.6281032 Reply
This might as well go here. Dave mentioned with AEW running weekly shows starting soon that he is going to be overwhelmed with too much wrestling to watch

>WWE RAW, Smackdown, NXT, every PPV to include Saudi stuff
>AEW and PPVs
>NJPW and PPVs
>Mexico and the rest of Japan
>U.S. indies

He was complaining that there's far too much he has to cover and too much good wrestling he'll miss out on. Every product (sans WWE Main shows) are putting out the most consistently great wrestling ever.
Dutch Mantel - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:10:22 EST VsqIuhiU No.6281033 Reply
Possible sign that Meltz is going to quit reviewing WWE come next year?
Sylvain Grenier - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:24:02 EST GHdWI2Li No.6281037 Reply
Lolno. WWE is the biggest and most popular wrestling promotion in the world. He gets most of his business from people wanting his WWE news. It also helps WWE keeps fucking up and constantly changes things so he consistently has news to report on.
Togi Makabe - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:33:46 EST ISVkPzm7 No.6281043 Reply
Its his job to review all of wrestling so no he won't quit. He also likes NXT so he won't stop watching the Takeovers.
Yumiko Inoue - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:41:55 EST 4whUyJgM No.6281044 Reply
I wouldn't mind if he did away with:

He won't stop covering it but really it's the first thing he should drop as others already cover it well
>covering WWE weeklies segment by segment
Just not necessary now. He should just watch a segment or match at most a week, and spend 10-15 minutes a show to cover the important parts
I know he's literally worshipped there but it's a small hipster local club promotion
>super-detailed discussion of New Japan Tournaments
Really only the G1 needs full coverage
The Machine - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 02:45:58 EST O7tLvAlN No.6281046 Reply
> The next Saudi Arabia show (aka Allahween Havoc) has been moved up one day from 11/1 to 10/31.

Teddy Hart - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 04:40:28 EST n/P8c4u1 No.6281054 Reply
Except that AEW guys can work indies and they don't have the shitty dark matches only restrictions the NXT UK guys have
Mike Chioda - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:24:51 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281056 Reply
In all fairness it's not just Dave who's going to complain. There's far too much on.
Mike Chioda - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:28:54 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281057 Reply
When October hits that is going to change. AEW are doing weekly TV, weekend house shows at some point and of course PPVs. TNT will want exclusivity, they will be locked down as soon as that TV show starts and there is nothing you can do.
Mike Chioda - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:35:14 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281058 Reply
> NJPW G1 Climax Star Ratings

> Jeff Cobb pinned Shingo Takagi in 12:27. ****1/4
> Toru Yano beat Jon Moxley via count out in 5:08. **1/4
> Tetsuya Naito pinned Juice Robinson in 13:47. ***1/2
> Jay White pinned Taichi in 15:07. **3/4
> Hirooki Goto pinned Tomohiro Ishii in 18:01. ****1/4

> Bad Luck Fale pinned KENTA in 7:20. *3/4
> Zack Sabre Jr. beat Lance Archer in 10:43. ***1/4
> Evil pinned Will Ospreay in 17:08. ****1/2
> Kota Ibushi pinned Hiroshi Tanahashi in 15:53. ****3/4
> Sanada pinned Kazuchika Okada in 29:47. ***** FIVE STAR MATCH

> Tomohiro Ishii pinned Toru Yano in 9:36. ***3/4
> Taichi pinned Juice Robinson in 12:28. **1/2
> Hirooki Goto pinned Jeff Cobb in 11:20. ***1/4
> Jay White pinned Jon Moxley in 15:15. ***3/4
> Tetsuya Naito pinned Shingo Takagi in 27:15. ***** FIVE STAR MATCH

> Sanada beat Lance Archer in 10:28. ***1/2
> Bad Luck Fale pinned Hiroshi Tanahashi in 9:58. ***
> Will Ospreay pinned KENTA in 16:33. ****1/2
> Kota Ibushi pinned Zack Sabre Jr. in 15:46. ****1/2
> Kazuchika Okada pinned Evil in 27:00. ****3/4

> Toru Yano beat Taichi via count out in 5:04. **1/4
> Tetsuya Naito pinned Jeff Cobb in 12:47. ***3/4
> Hirooki Goto pinned Jon Moxley in 8:38. ***1/2
> Jay White pinned Juice Robinson in 23:01. ****
> Shingo Takagi pinned Tomohiro Ishii in 22:41. *****1/2 FIVE AND A HALF STAR MATCH
TAJIRI - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:38:02 EST 6zVWU+6j No.6281059 Reply
This is what I figure. I mean, they could prove me wrong on this. But convincing people to see guys on your show for 100 bucks is a lot harder when they can see the same guys for 15 bucks at some local indy. So I have zero issue with exclusivity, just makes sense from a business perspective. But ya know, if AEW does different, good for them too, I guess.
Mike Chioda - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:39:20 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281060 Reply
AAA TripleMania Star Ratings:
> Arkangel Divino & Astrolux & Dragon Bane beat Aramis & Arez & Toxin in 11:02. ***3/4
> Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla won a four-way to win the mixed tag titles of champions Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami, Australian Suicide & Vanilla and Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux in 12:37. **1/2
> El Hijo del Vikingo & Golden Magic (replacing Laredo Kid on the championship team with no reason specified) & Myzteziz Jr. retained the AAA trios titles over Maximo & Mamba & Pimpinela Escarlata and Mocho Cota Jr. & Carta Brava Jr,. & Tito Santana in 14:28. ***3/4
> Pagano won Copa TripleMania in 26:38. **
> Tessa Blanchard won the Reina de Reinas title in a seven-way TLC match over Ayako Hamada, Taya, Faby Apache, Lady Shani, Chik Tormenta and La Hiedra in 10:28. **1/2
> Cain Velasquez & Psycho Clown & Cody beat El Texano Jr. & Killer Kross & Black Taurus in 13:12. ***1/4
> Pentagon Jr. & Fenix & Laredo Kid beat Young Bucks & Kenny Omega in 19:10. Having missed two key minutes it’s unfair for me to rate this match but the consensus was **** and that’s what it felt like to me. It would have been higher in the U.S. because it was more U.S. rhythm.
> Blue Demon Jr. beat Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs. hair match in 14:07. ***1/4

PWG 16th Anniversary Show Star Ratings:
> Trey Miguel pinned Uptown Andy Brown in 8:05 ***1/2
> The Dark Order beat Trent Baretta & Chuckie T in 15:21 ***3/4
> Darby Allin pinned MJF in 12:30. ****
> Bandido & Flamita & Rey Horus beat Puma King & Black Taurus & Laredo Kid in 14:12. ***** FIVE STAR MATCH
> Joey Janela pinned Jungle Boy in 12:12 ***1/4
> Brody King pinned David Starr in 14:28. ***1/4
> Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz retained the PWG tag titles over LAX in a ladder match in 15:19. ****1/4
Mike Chioda - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 05:40:26 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281061 Reply
They're not going to do different, otherwise Nick Aldis would have signed.
> Nick Aldis did an interview and said he was offered a deal by AEW. He turned it down because when he countered asking for a joint deal where he could work AEW and remain NWA champion, they weren’t interested at this point
Tyler Reks - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 07:59:33 EST sWy8jpny No.6281072 Reply
1565351973319.jpg -(15545B / 15.18KB, 337x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Wrestler vs Shooter = Wrestler wins
Did Jimmy teach him how to fire a gun too?
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 08:38:59 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281084 Reply
> Pentagon Jr. & Fenix & Laredo Kid beat Young Bucks & Kenny Omega in 19:10Having missed two key minutes it’s unfair for me to rate this match but the consensus was **** and that’s what it felt like to me. It would have been higher in the U.S. because it was more U.S. rhythm.

consensus according to who?
Cheerleader Melissa - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 09:21:53 EST R9+Ed7Bb No.6281091 Reply
To be fair, non WWE shows get almost no feedback with that system, so we're probably talking about like 100 people that voted on their favorite match
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 09:53:42 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281096 Reply
the thing that's annoying to me is
>It would have been higher in the U.S. because it was more U.S. rhythm.

which is a really delicate way of saying the crowd wasn't into it. doesn't dave usually factor in the crowd's investment pretty heavily into what makes a match good? it reads like he's brushing it off this time.
Owen Hart - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:16:48 EST 4rhXNZUw No.6281104 Reply
I'm running into the same problem. I just can't keep up, especially all the big shows on Fridays-Sundays. I'm thankful for Monday night lucha, weekday G1 shows, DG tube on Thursday nights and AEW being on Wednesday instead of Friday.
Owen Hart - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:32:41 EST 4rhXNZUw No.6281113 Reply
Are they? More wrestlers are able to get more and steadier pay, while opening more spots on the indies, which means more guys working and getting paid overall. This is unequivocally good for all levels of wrestling. People always say the indies are getting fucked, like when TNA made guess sign exclusive deals, or when ROH made guys sign exclusive deals, and the indies always survived. Going back, ECW thrived in that type of environment as well.
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:41:37 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281117 Reply
> while opening more spots on the indies
the issue isn't about number of bodies, but *Depth of talent*

Daniel Bryan had A DECADE to hone his craft outside WWE. That whole generation of ROH/TNA/PWG guys spent years working with ECW & WCW vets, paying dues to get to Dragon Gate or NOAH or Zero1, going on odd adventures to mexico & europe, and building up chemistry with each other all over North America.

Its not the same now. Marko Stunt has only broken out of Mississippi for a year, and he's already signed. There's still so much experience he hasn't gained.

Not to mention WWE is actively taking all the indie veterans who were helped training guys and are swallowing them up to: Pat Buck, Adam Pearce, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Hero, potentially Mike Quackenbush

The most experienced veteran on the indies right now might be Joey Ryan.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 10:48:39 EST It2BUKqt No.6281120 Reply
1565362119622.png -(141896B / 138.57KB, 765x536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>The most experienced veteran on the indies right now might be Joey Ryan.
Petey Williams - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 11:45:14 EST VxXABTvP No.6281133 Reply
Your example for the indies being fucked is a vanilla midget comedy act getting signed to AEW? Oh no. The indies are doomed.

Pearce, Dutt and Hero have been off the indies for years and indie wrestling has thrived in their absence.

Like it says here, >>6281113 it's all been said and done before and the indies keep moving forward, keep innovating.
Disco Inferno - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 12:06:31 EST gh69CKgg No.6281141 Reply
Given the people in it, four smarks is factoring in the crowd not caring.

If the crowd was hot, he'd cum stars.
Barry Windham - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 12:41:00 EST sK8BwNDg No.6281161 Reply
>Shingo getting 2 five star matches
Damn, took Dave long enough to give Shingo the big 5
Bushwhacker Luke - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:07:19 EST bpwUf1a3 No.6281185 Reply
his match with naito is better than anything i saw from him in dragon gate tho, and he was always my favorite guy there
haven't seen the ishii match yet
Petey Williams - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:09:43 EST VxXABTvP No.6281186 Reply
Are you going to pretend that pwg sells out shows with no talent announced?
Barry Windham - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:22:11 EST sK8BwNDg No.6281195 Reply
In terms of storytelling & action, I'd say Shingo/Naito is right up there with the 2015 Mochizuki/Hair vs. Hair match with Hulk & 2013 match with CIMA as his best singles work yet, tbh.

But Takagi solidifying himself as the best wrestler of the decade is very nice to see.
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:46:18 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281198 Reply
how many talents on PWG shows are not dudes from ROH, AEW, AAA, CMLL, & Impact?

the main event of their last show was a ladder match between 2 impact teams. 3 of the undercard matches were AEW vs AEW.

i think the only guys they use who aren't connected to a nationally televised promotion are GCW guys... and GCW is losing 4 talents (and a ref) to AEW in a month.
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:51:48 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281231 Reply
yes and of the 24 names, only 10 are not signed to ROH/Impact/AEW/AAA/CMLL
and one of those is Daisuke Sekimoto, who I'm not sure if you want to call an "indie guy." (And another is Rey Horus who has had regular LU & MLW TV time)
Alex Wright - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:04:54 EST BlrIoG3o No.6281234 Reply
1565381094717.jpg -(830946B / 811.47KB, 2250x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Lance Storm announced this afternoon on Twitter that he will be closing his Storm Wrestling Academy school, which produced Tyler Breeze, Rachel Evers, Chelsea Green, Brian Pillman Jr., Tenille Dashwood and a number of others stars/ Storm's school will shutter after its scheduled September program.

>Storm has run the Academy for 14 years.

>Storm has worked as a Producer on recent Impact Wrestling tapings and has worked as a Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center in the past.
Farooq - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:05:47 EST pkrW7sEO No.6281235 Reply
>So gotten to by RIddle's shitposting he shuts down his school

Lol, get rekt Lance.
Rikidozan - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 16:09:11 EST CXBa0qkv No.6281236 Reply
can't wait for the Lance Storm/Matt Riddle shoot fight to air on the next Takeover
Eve - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 17:39:20 EST 0ia2DwE9 No.6281263 Reply
1565386760721.png -(88853B / 86.77KB, 623x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
FITE shut it down on twitter. said they werent going anywhere and weren't in any kind of talks with WWE
Shark GIrl (Male) - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 18:00:18 EST sBJ6SVWI No.6281268 Reply
That's good! But it also doesn't mean that WWE isn't having internal talks about it.
Jon Moxley - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 18:49:59 EST VAPiUlY6 No.6281290 Reply
they did not shut it down. the report never said that WWE and Fite were talking. it just said that there is internal interest within WWE of buying them.
Tyler Reks - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 18:52:20 EST sWy8jpny No.6281292 Reply
Sounds like we'll be getting that Thrillseekers vs Young Bucks match.
Ernest The Cat Miller - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 10:57:13 EST Uz1bd5r7 No.6281492 Reply
Most likely he gonna be working whit AEW for sure. He talked multiple couple times how he send notes to AEW what he thought about show, also he is their Vica guy. You need to letter from some one crediple to tell how you are wrestler to get vica. Also Jericho is there.

He might go to work PC center but i don't thing he would be moving to florida. WWE has allready too many agents, maybe NXT agent. I doubt he would go work to roh, lance might not be good fit there. But anything would be improment for roh now days. Sure he could go work whit shibata, that would be pretty wild. shibatas ability ram wrestling to students and lance smarting every one up.
Ring Ryda Red - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 11:48:34 EST YhuTqZ9b No.6281507 Reply
It's not really meaningful that he wrote "expert" letters for guys to get visas. Dave also wrote them. I would not be surprised if both of them have written them for other guys in other companies as well.

Since Impact is gearing up to get a real TV slot (or... desperately trying to) I wouldn't be surprised if they're bringing him on full time, since it sounds like he really enjoys working there. But is that close-your-school worthy? Dunno.

I wouldn't rule anything out. NWA needs to gear up for TV without ROH help too now. Though I would enjoy Lance as one of Jericho's mystery partners... but it sounds like Lance is generally more interested in spending Christmas watching Bryan Alvarez get drunk than ever wrestling again.
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 11:48:38 EST iLikEToleARn No.6281508 Reply
• chelsea green, who trained him, he just needed to pull out, and the one on one show with impact wrestling champion.
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 12:04:32 EST iLikEToleARn No.6281513 Reply
Drink some tea and play if you can do this kind of sort to the eyebrow or something along those lines.
Candice Michelle - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 14:31:03 EST 2f6MTEO7 No.6281556 Reply
Point about aew is that there has been communication also outside of expert letter. He said to send notes about fyter fest. Proplem about impact, roh and nwa is that is it that much work and money that he would close school completely? I would understand if he scaled back just for two classes in year. I could see him have big spot in impact, but would impact do anything else then three episode tapings? Roh has money and work for full time. But product is so far away of lance. And dose he have any friends working there? Like he has in impact and aew.

Also keep in mind that wwe is hiring anyone who could help aew.
Dr. Wagner Jr. - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 14:43:34 EST iEQm0GJt No.6281560 Reply
1565462614171.gif -(43140B / 42.13KB, 220x124) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Drink some tea and play if you can do this kind of sort to the eyebrow or something along those lines.

Looks like I've got permission to drink tea and play. So long, suckers!
Hugo Savinovich - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 17:04:06 EST vCqEpbk+ No.6281605 Reply
> The next Saudi Arabia show (aka Allahween Havoc)

Bye-bye sides.
Kevin Steen - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 17:38:18 EST NbxmdHMb No.6281615 Reply
Allahween Havoc is the greatest thing to happen on this board in so long
Ernest The Cat Miller - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 17:40:27 EST 5FEDgboW No.6281617 Reply
>> The next Saudi Arabia show (aka Allahween Havoc) has been moved up one day from 11/1 to 10/31.
Dave didnt' actually write this did he?
Damien Demento - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 18:06:50 EST WuGJ2oLB No.6281626 Reply
Sadly not, just a continuation from last week's dirt sheet thread when it was announced that the next Saudi show would take place on Halloween.
Sting - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 05:22:40 EST U58yr8wk No.6282501 Reply
1565601760162.jpg -(13499B / 13.18KB, 129x211) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>its a bury the shit out of Brent Kremin episode
Jerrelle Clark - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 12:17:23 EST 5FEDgboW No.6282625 Reply
It's been a while since we heard anything from Brent.
He did a run in on a random Observer Live the other week to ask about Super China Buffet and where it would be on. Popped big for that. It was vintage F4W stuff burying Brent.
Vine - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:11:13 EST z54f/jWb No.6282661 Reply

>that time when Brent completely stole the show during Bryan's own wedding with Vinny acting as his handler, steering him away from Dave as he was about to ask about Dave's son's circumcision
Jerrelle Clark - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:24:51 EST 5FEDgboW No.6282673 Reply
Leticia Kline - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:07:09 EST QQesQNiH No.6283281 Reply
>Update: 11:45 AM - WWE has indeed canceled five (up from four) Raw live events scheduled for this month.

>The following Raw events are now canceled:

>Friday 8/23 in Bossier City, LA.

>Saturday 8/24 in Lafayette, LA.

>Sunday 8/25 in Mobile, Alabama.

>Friday 8/30 in Bangor, Maine.

>Saturday 8/31 in Portland, Maine.

>The Sunday 9/1 White Plains, NY live event is, as of this writing, still on.

At what point do they realize how serious this has gotten?
Reno - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:32:52 EST U28QmYT+ No.6283291 Reply
1565713972445.gif -(352783B / 344.51KB, 320x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Vince gets to add all these missed dates to the end of his workers' contracts and won't have to pay them until later.
Smash - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:39:55 EST mpQ0FTVL No.6283297 Reply

You joke but Meltz reported that WWE is making so much with their tv and Saudi deals that they could stop selling merch, stop doing house shows, and give all their tv taping tickets away for free and still be profitable.
R.D. Evans - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:40:02 EST BlrIoG3o No.6283298 Reply
>Saturday 8/31 in Portland, Maine.
same night as ALL OUT btw

>canceling two house shows over Labor Day weekend
AC !QqL8nX9URE - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:35:37 EST wfc4Nl90 No.6283360 Reply
I could see him firing his own accountant
Colonel Ninotchka - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:44:47 EST dYhrmb6W No.6283364 Reply
Chrisley Knows Best is a "reality" show? I always assumed it was an unscripted comedy mocking reality shows. This is like saying Reno 911 was a reality show.
Christopher Daniels - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:00:08 EST Cb5Fwhhg No.6283372 Reply
how is this in any way related to pro wrestling

have I missed a Chrisly title match on Raw during its lowest point of all time or?
Trevor Murdoch - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:03:52 EST ezz88rJR No.6283375 Reply
Nah, we've gone full circle and now we have sitcoms disguised as reality tv shows. Miz and Mrs is the same thing. They have literal sitcom plot lines on episodes but they pretend it's reality t.v.
Reno - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:24:36 EST U28QmYT+ No.6283384 Reply
Reality TV kayfabe is stronger than wrestling kayfabe
Harvey Wippleman - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:29:50 EST ziqBnlpf No.6283442 Reply
It's no Ghost Lab. They went in there and pissed those ghosts off! That shit got results!
Lin Bairon - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 20:33:05 EST L4YJHN0X No.6283604 Reply
>and give all their tv taping tickets away for free

And even if they did that arenas still wouldn't be filled
Godiva - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:30:16 EST ezz88rJR No.6283671 Reply
1565746216169.png -(369576B / 360.91KB, 599x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>We can exclusively confirm that WWE has signed Santana Garrett to a developmental contract with the company.

>The 31-year-old from Ocala, Florida is one of the most decorated female wrestlers in North America having won the NWA World Women’s Championship, Shine Championship, Shine Tag Team Championship, WOW Championship, WOW Tag Team Championship, Wonder of Stardom Championship, and many more titles in her career. She has also won the 2016 STARDOM international Grand Prix tournament and has won the Cauliflower Alley Club 2014 Future Legend Award & 2018 Women’s Wrestling Award.

>Santana is a former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout having signed with the company back in 2014 where she was known as Brittany. She had feuds with Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and The Beautiful People as well as aligning herself with Sam Shaw for a brief run before she left the company.

>She is no stranger to WWE, having made several appearances within the company. In September 2013, Garrett made the first of her many appearances in NXT where she faced Charlotte accompanied by Bayley in a losing effort. In 2016 she made three appearances on NXT, losing to Asuka, Emma, and Billie Kay. In 2017, Garrett returned as part of the Mae Young Classic, being eliminated from the tournament in the first round by Piper Niven. She then appeared in a six-woman tag team match, teaming with Marti Belle and Sarah Logan against Jazzy Gabert, Kay Lee Ray, and Tessa Blanchard. She returned to NXT in October of 2017 participating in a battle royal which was won by Nikki Cross to determine one of the contenders for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. In 2018 she returned to NXT where she was defeated by Dakota Kai.
Leva Bates - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:33:31 EST GXHNtkkw No.6283676 Reply
it's always the right time to make sure somebody can't work elsewhere
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:34:09 EST NUuS/dap No.6283677 Reply
I already posted in the women's wrestling general but I'm surprised it took WWE this long to sign her after being used as enhancement talent in NXT and part of the Mae Young Classic. The only thing I can think of is that they signed her so she doesn't go to AEW.
Godiva - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:36:29 EST ezz88rJR No.6283681 Reply
She made an instagram post a couple months ago about how she is finally ready to sign with a company. It might be a case where for whatever reason she didn't want to commit to a company.
Terry Taylor - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:44:50 EST tn184EeO No.6283991 Reply
1565815490394.jpg -(23850B / 23.29KB, 260x260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That asian girl on the right looks like every other pretty asian girl on any college campus in America

>click link
>she's not asian

Masked Superstar - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:45:42 EST CXBa0qkv No.6283992 Reply
Worth noting there were heavy rumors that El Hijo Del Fantasma was going to be part of this group so not sure if he's being held back for a future announcement ala Kushida or something else is going on there
Michelle McCool - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:54:48 EST G9cW5MRV No.6283995 Reply

Santana looks great. I think she should be fast tracked to TV soon.
Perry Saturn - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:46:53 EST T5Ycresu No.6284018 Reply
good, better that he's in WWE containment than anywhere else shitting up cards
Masked Superstar - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:53:28 EST CXBa0qkv No.6284022 Reply
You know what you're getting into at this point becoming a Gabe Guy
Perry Saturn - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:40:44 EST T5Ycresu No.6284043 Reply
1565822444546.jpg -(85078B / 83.08KB, 1200x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>The WWE Performance Center has added one of Japan’s most decorated junior heavyweight wrestlers to its coaching ranks.

>Tokimitsu Ishizawa, who made his name in the squared circle as masked grappler Kendo Kashin, is the newest coach to join WWE’s training facility in Orlando, Fla.

>An accomplished freestyle wrestler in his youth, Ishizawa turned pro in the early 1990s and went on to hold junior heavyweight titles in New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling. A feared submission specialist, Ishizawa also fought in professional mixed martial arts, including for the now-defunct PRIDE Fighting Championships league.

>Ishizawa also competed in Europe and the United States during his in-ring career. In 2002, “Pro Wrestling Illustrated” named him the 22nd best wrestler in the world in its annual PWI 500 rankings.

>Ishizawa was invited to be a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center last February. At the time, Finn Bálor posted a photo of himself alongside Ishizawa and noted that the Japanese legend was his first trainer upon arriving to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Masked Superstar - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:51:20 EST CXBa0qkv No.6284048 Reply
bold of WWE to counter New Japan's US-based junior tourney by signing Dragon Soldier B
Dixie Carter - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 19:16:11 EST zqadYiR9 No.6284060 Reply

Yeah, there were a couple of latinas at my local watering hole that everyone mistook for Asian.

Then again, if she's from Chile or Peru she may have some Asian ancestors, since a bunch of immigrants from China and Japan settled the area in the late 1880s. Same with some of the other South American countries, most notably Brazil.
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:11:10 EST NUuS/dap No.6284117 Reply
That's a really random signing but I guess he made a good impression on WWE when he was guest coach. Plus he can help out with Japanese talent in the ring.
Justin Roberts - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:14:19 EST ytpEPA/P No.6284118 Reply
>austin theory
i see they already have their replacement gargano locked up for the foreseeable future
Kanyon - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:14:53 EST AAX4i0gm No.6284119 Reply
Got the gig through connections to Giant Bernardo and Balor going back to NJPW days. He was a trainer at the Tokyo Dojo when Devitt first arrived there.
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:19:38 EST NUuS/dap No.6284121 Reply
Makes sense.

Makes you wonder who's gonna replace Gargano and Theory as Gabe's boy in EVOLVE and then becomes the guy in NXT in the future.

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