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WWE NXT: 205 Live has been drafted to NXT evidently

!BzcOsK03.w - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 17:32:36 EST t5MM0qnM No.6308255
File: 1570656756422.jpg -(490833B / 479.33KB, 1300x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. WWE NXT: 205 Live has been drafted to NXT evidently
>Watch WWE NXT at 8pm EDT / 1am BST in http://taima.tv/r/wooo2 and http://taima.tv/r/woooalt2
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship bout: "The Philadelphia Stretcher" Drew Gulak (c) vs. Lio Rush.
  • WWE North American Champion Roderick Strong vs. Isaiah Scott.
  • WATER vs. KUSH
  • Tommaso Ciampa and Finn Balor to talk some shit
>Lio Rush challenges Drew Gulak for the NXT Crusierweight Championship tomorrow night
> Lio Rush will face one of his first major tests since returning to action when he challenges NXT Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak tonight on WWE NXT. The Man of The Hour made his return to the ring after a sabbatical on the Sept. 18 edition of NXT, defeating Oney Lorcan in a thrilling battle to earn the right to take on Gulak for the title. During his dominant reign, The Philadelphia Stretcher has declared himself the law when it comes to the Cruiserweight Title. Will Rush be able to enact his own change in the Cruiserweight division and dethrone Gulak? Find out when the NXT Cruiserweight Championship is on the line next tomorrow on WWE NXT

>Kushida and WALTER to clash on NXT
> WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER and Imperium have made their presence felt in NXT since its debut on USA Network, mainly at the expense of Kushida. Tonight, the Japanese Superstar will get his chance at retribution when he goes one-on-one with The Ring General. When Imperium first wreaked havoc on NXT three weeks ago, Kushida put a stop to their mayhem, taking out Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, before slipping out of WALTER’s clutches. However, he would not be so lucky the following week. Though he and Breezango bested Wolfe, Barthel & Aichner in Six-Man Tag Team action, Kushida ended up on the receiving end of a big boot from the WWE United Kingdom Champion. Will the outcome be the same when Kushida and WALTER lock horns? Tune in to NXT, live tonight

>Isaiah “Swerve” Scott to battle Roderick Strong
>NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong will be in action tonight on USA Network, when he takes on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in non-title action. The match was announced on WWE’s The Bump, which streams live on WWE Network, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Wednesdays at 10 a.m. ET. nScott has made major impressions since his arrival in NXT, with big performances in the NXT Breakout Tournament and against NXT Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak on 205 Live. Strong has made waves himself, dethroning The Velveteen Dream as North American Champion on Sept. 18 and bringing The Undisputed ERA one step closer to completing their prophecy of gold. Despite Strong’s victory, Dream has vowed to reclaim the title.Will “Swerve” continue to show why he’s one of NXT’s fastest rising Superstars and fast-track himself toward a title opportunity, or will Strong smash his speedy foe’s back into pieces and send a message to The Velveteen Dream?

> How will Finn Bálor’s arrival impact NXT?
> Last Wednesday, Finn Bálor shocked the world when he confronted NXT Champion Adam Cole with a simple message: “As of now, Finn Bálor is NXT!” What does The Extraordinary Man’s arrival mean for the future of the black-and-gold brand? Will he be looking to dethrone Cole and become a two-time NXT Champion?

>How will Tommaso Ciampa’s quest to regain the NXT Title continue?
> Adam Cole’s night didn’t get any easier after Bálor’s arrival. As the NXT Champion arrived on the scene to celebrate with The Undisputed ERA after Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish’s successful NXT Tag Team Championship defense, the party was cut short by the return of Tommaso Ciampa. Unlike Bálor, The Blackheart had nothing to say upon his return from neck surgery. Instead, he slowly paced around Cole, his eyes locked on the championship he had to forfeit because of his injuries. Will Ciampa’s quest to reclaim “Goldie” continue this week?

>Can anyone stop Shayna Baszler?
> Despite a spirited effort from Candice LeRae, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler retained her title in a thrilling battle. As The Submission Magician’s reign rapidly approaches the one-year mark, will a new challenger emerge to try and dethrone The Queen of Spades? Find out on WWE NXT, live tomorrow at 8/7 C on USA Network!

This post was edited by Celt on 09-10-2019 17:33:47
Goldberg - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 17:39:26 EST T5Ycresu No.6308261 Reply
A strong linup but unfortunately it wont matter, the ratings are gonna be bad again.
Ian Rotten - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:09:37 EST 51b0o/lj No.6308277 Reply
this card looks much better than AEW
D-Ray 3000 - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:20:26 EST z+c6DKUE No.6308284 Reply
How long will it take until USA Network and WWE realise viewership would be better if it wasn't on Wednesdays, even if they were there first?
Jimmy Olson - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:24:27 EST BlrIoG3o No.6308286 Reply
once baseball ends are there any other major sports events on wednesday nights for the next few months?

I feel like WWE/USA will try to pull out a few tricks before conceding defeat and moving to Tuesdays
P.N. News - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:34:43 EST byy5X7E7 No.6308291 Reply
only hockey and basketball
hockey doesn't have a traditional "night of the week," but nbc tries to push wednesday rivalries.
basketball is more of a tuesday thing, which is why aew is on wednesday; because nba is on tuesday on tnt.
D-Ray 3000 - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:36:12 EST z+c6DKUE No.6308292 Reply
Moving to Tuesdays would be hilarious for the fact they would be swapping contending AEW for Impact, who would get steamrolled by WWE.
John Nord - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:36:18 EST fK4x0NPt No.6308293 Reply
When did Shane Strickland turn into Blade? did I miss that day?
Chris Masters - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:38:06 EST jSuQkiW4 No.6308294 Reply
I think it'll take a prolonged period of lopsided losses, like a year or more, before there are serious rumbling about USA getting antsy. WWE's probably in for he long haul, but USA won't want to waste that air time. Both are probably looking to the Monday Night War and willing to bide their time, though.
John Nord - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:41:59 EST fK4x0NPt No.6308297 Reply
Whether USA ever even gets antsy instead of just letting Vince/HHH continue their absurdity depends on what a good rating even looks like for USA outside of Raw. We talk about the SD deal a lot, but didn't USA go pretty hard in their offer for SD too, and offer up a lot to keep Raw, specifically because they have literally nothing else?

If NXT can continually pull 500k a week, let's say, maybe that's enough that USA won't care? What is a bad rating in this context?
Ian Rotten - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:49:55 EST 51b0o/lj No.6308300 Reply
why would USA get antsy? NXT probably gets much better ratings than whatever else they would be showing at that time. i don't think WWE cares if AEW beats NXT every week, which is the best possible outcome for fans because it means Vince won't get in there and fuck with it.
Chris Masters - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:54:19 EST jSuQkiW4 No.6308304 Reply
If they figure that the show or network might be better served by going to another day of the week, they may not become "antsy" but would still be the ones to want to call off the head-to-head. But yeah, I can't think of any other program that'll do NXT numbers year round and neither can USA.
Meiko Satomura - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:02:15 EST KluVCkam No.6308309 Reply

USA pays a pittance for NXT compared to RAW. If anything, this deal is going to make the network think they're overpaying for Monday night content.
Chris Masters - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 19:22:05 EST jSuQkiW4 No.6308319 Reply
True. That doesn't mean that would never move the show, but there's clearly nothing ratings, cost, or even competition-wise that'll make either USA or WWE consider moving NXT for a while.
Killer Kowalski - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 20:19:19 EST W5UCmvCX No.6308342 Reply
switch the player, this one is fucking dogshit.
Brian Hebner - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 20:24:16 EST L932pcP3 No.6308351 Reply
WWEhas made me care about nne of this
Dakota Darsow - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 20:48:49 EST T5Ycresu No.6308397 Reply
>Forgotten Sons match

Are they trying to lose this war?
Booker T - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 21:39:17 EST ezz88rJR No.6308482 Reply
Dakota has a big emotional return, then gets jobbed out to Bianca 2 weeks later. Why???
Killer Kowalski - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 21:42:20 EST puvRVbwF No.6308489 Reply
She is the eternal babyface and she isn't getting pushed right now. She lost a lot before and it didn't matter. She'll be fine.
Lash LeRoux - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 22:12:59 EST n668Xxlt No.6308548 Reply
Wednesday isn't a traditional sports night. Network dramas and crime shows dominate Wednesday
Brian Hebner - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 22:13:41 EST L932pcP3 No.6308551 Reply
1570673621694.gif -(533791B / 521.28KB, 500x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>You chose to watch this over AEW
Prince Devitt - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 23:10:39 EST MMTdEWP9 No.6308585 Reply
1570677039763.jpg -(30212B / 29.50KB, 386x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh me? Yeah i watch WWE farm league show. Its for intellectuals
Rachel Summerlyn - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 23:13:03 EST Uz1bd5r7 No.6308589 Reply
How long until nxt stops as developmental? They can no longer afford to use geeks that's are not ready? Will wwe just buy progress and turn it to farm territory?
R-Truth - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 23:23:47 EST bDreetB9 No.6308599 Reply
So Breezango are just straight up strippers now eh?
Wonder what they will dress as next week.
Firemen? Soldiers?
Bad News Brown - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 23:28:54 EST 7j26BxOl No.6308602 Reply
fam that shit has been not developmental for literal years actual WWE developmental died with FCW
The Berzerker - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 01:48:32 EST 81Gr3Zol No.6308643 Reply
Swerve and the Cruiserweight match were the best matches, Rhea is cool too.
Abdullah the Butcher - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 08:13:10 EST BxsoGG2K No.6308682 Reply
Developmental: Performance Center + NXT Florida house shows
NXT TV: Indie + crusierweight containment show on national TV
Trytan - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 12:08:11 EST v7ekiu3T No.6308729 Reply
What a mark response.

No Shit they made the cruiserweight match the best. They just cancelled their entire fucked-off show. Of course they’re going to make it feel like they’re something special on their home the week that happened.

Nonetheless, other than mentally challenged mongs, nobody in the right mind gives a shit anymore.
Stalker Ichikawa - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 12:50:24 EST 51b0o/lj No.6308745 Reply
>enjoying a wrestling is a 'mark response'

jesus christ, shut the fuck up
Masa Takanashi - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 15:41:11 EST z+c6DKUE No.6308821 Reply
It's not listed on the WWE Network schedule at the moment. There is still a 205 Live section on WWE's website but it hasn't been updated in weeks.
Drew McIntyre - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 21:05:37 EST 81Gr3Zol No.6309042 Reply
Wow, take a chill pill fam. The rest of the show was garbage to me, I just posted what I thought was "good." I usually refer to Wednesday as the "Wednesday Night Bores," so the fact I found anything enjoyable this week is worth stating in a discussion. Enjoy your response kid.
Netjester !AI.skYnEt - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 21:05:40 EST iLikEToleARn No.6309043 Reply
In terms of the show was a fucking madlad but i liked them you are why nobody had posted others without realizing it didn't get a push anytime soon.
MEN's Teioh - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 21:05:44 EST HECnhqtS No.6309045 Reply
Kinda did. Catrina use to suck the life force from people to stay in the physical world or something like that.
Drew McIntyre - Fri, 11 Oct 2019 06:55:28 EST JC9WWRCu No.6309208 Reply
Why the fuck does Mauro pronounce "iron" like that?

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