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Consider the Folowing

- Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:40:55 EST W/PaE+Ga No.6334092
File: 1575398455186.jpg -(38119B / 37.23KB, 620x493) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Consider the Folowing
Brandi acts as if AEW is making progressive changes for women wrestlers when Stephanie has been doing that for nearly 20 years.
Trent Acid - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:48:26 EST b0jIMCOD No.6334095 Reply
They are both meant for each other.
Mr. Perfect - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:52:04 EST HwGKvo67 No.6334097 Reply
What company was she working for making progressive changes for women when there were bra and panty matches in WWE in 2007? AEW's women's division does have a lot of ways to go, but Steph has definitely not been working to help WWE's women for 20 years.
Gorgeous George - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:57:13 EST W/PaE+Ga No.6334099 Reply

You forgot about the divas search. That opened up opportunities for women to have a career in WWE that probably wouldn't get a chance otherwise. But you haters overlook real progressive changes when it doesn't fit your narrative of AEW=Good WWE=BAD
Albert - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:57:44 EST b6Ee22oP No.6334100 Reply
Cody and Brandi are the real life characters or Triple H and Steph from the 2000s

Hunter and Steph are good people who play assholes
Cody and Brandi are assholes who play good people

Come at me
Lizmark Jr. - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 13:59:38 EST Ue4rbUhC No.6334101 Reply
>come at me

Nah, you don't seem like the type who handles reality very well.
Gorgeous George - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 14:00:25 EST W/PaE+Ga No.6334103 Reply

Can confirm. Brandi made a tweet shitting on the fans being fat, eating cheetos and drinking coke.
Mr. Perfect - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 14:07:54 EST HwGKvo67 No.6334108 Reply
Dude I just said in another thread that AEW has gotten really shitty. You're reaching.
Pokka !!4vMEXnV5 - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 14:29:38 EST M1ahJWky No.6334122 Reply
1575401378368.webm [mp4] -(385928B / 376.88KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> Cody and Brandi are the real life characters or Triple H and Steph from the 2000s

agree, but steph and hunter aren't good people either. They've done worse simply because they've been around longer
Tracy Smothers - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 15:32:23 EST QYsXLcve No.6334133 Reply
HLA and Billy/Chuck were the most progressive thing in mainstream rasslin.
Jesse Sorensen - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 16:46:08 EST rUgIGGHn No.6334145 Reply
Daily reminder Stephanie started the #Women'sRevolution
But yeah i see no difference between Haitch and Steph vs Cody and Brandi
7ven - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 16:58:44 EST uGInp/Qh No.6334147 Reply
Triple H is The Game, Cody Rhodes is The Lame
Chri - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:30:31 EST ezz88rJR No.6334156 Reply
Kaitlyn said in a shoot interview that Stephanie was uninvolved with the women's division until Total Divas started. It's been shown time and time again that all Stephanie is is a leech who attaches herself to what other people accomplish to make herself look good.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:33:09 EST It2BUKqt No.6334158 Reply
>That opened up opportunities for women to have a career in WWE that probably wouldn't get a chance otherwise.

They were all models. And WWE gave most of the first class of Diva Search models an opportunity, anyway.

> real progressive changes

WWE didn’t start any sort of “real progressive changes” with the women’s division until indie wrestling and the TNA Knockouts forced the company’s hand. Hell, the Divas Championship was still a thing until 2016. And it took the women of NXT putting on good matches for WWE to finally apply that approach on the main roster shows. So let’s not act like Trish vs Lita being a thing back when WWE was still doing bra’n’panties matches is “progressive” when WWE is, by and large, a company known for its cultural conservatism.


AEW hasn't been around long enough to determine whether it's "good" or "bad", and such value judgments are worthless anyway because there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Your console warz false​f​lagging aside, AEW is at least somewhat more progressive than WWE, given how AEW employs an openly gay wrestler and a transgender wrestler and has yet to turn either of them into stereotypes. But that doesn’t make the company "good"—it makes the company different.

It also makes the company “not-WWE”. For some reason, WWE fans have a real hard time coming to terms with the idea that any other American pro wrestling company has a right to even exist, or even be anywhere near the same level as a WWE-owned brand (including NXT).
Trent Acid - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:37:04 EST b0jIMCOD No.6334162 Reply
1575412624184.jpg -(33478B / 32.69KB, 542x361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why do people like Triple H? 4/10-jabroni-bag-carrying-big-nose-roided-up-sex'd his-way-to-the-top-self-mark-shit-wrestler. Probably only had five matches in his entire career that are worth talking about and I can't even list them myself. Cactus Jack, Cactus Jack, Taker???,.....................??

Cody may be annoying but he left WWE and made a name for himself on his own and has been actively getting better as a wrestler ever since. He is a big reason AEW is a thing and has managed to get over as face despite having the most punchable face and being "the suit" of AEW. His match with Dustin this summer is more meaningful and better then anything Triple H has done in his entire career. He could retire tomorrow and have a better legacy then "banged bosses daughter. ditched Chyna. buried entire roster for over a decade and admitted it. cosplays as ROH but is on the USA network and funded by WWE"
Ortvatistadon - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:41:15 EST RfWCQR8I No.6334165 Reply
It's all PR crap. The booking is usually still bad, or the matches fall flat. They should focus more on the matches and less on the slogans and hashtags.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:44:24 EST It2BUKqt No.6334167 Reply
But then how would WWE get those great social media numbers that somehow translate into profits somehow?
Beastie - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:48:41 EST L3x5ESIU No.6334169 Reply
>nxt women were first thing to beat aew segment in ratings
>nxt has more womens matches
>nxt now beats aew on the reg

it's no coincidence.
MsChif - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 19:17:57 EST GXHNtkkw No.6334192 Reply
1575418677148.jpg -(270898B / 264.55KB, 676x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lol USA nerd promotions pretending they're some hot shit about that dumb crap but they don't even have a woman in charge of the company
Lash LeRoux - Tue, 03 Dec 2019 20:15:50 EST IIi7o9Gr No.6334208 Reply
Imagine fighting over which souless corporation is better.
Kanyon - Wed, 04 Dec 2019 13:31:10 EST 2oJt1gE2 No.6334403 Reply
They liked Trips by association.
He always book himself in whatever the hottest angle WWE has, working with the most hyped talents even if he has nothing to do with it like a reverse Gedo.
>Cena-Edge feud
>Summer of Punk
>NXT invading main shows because Saudis held the talents
Jean Paul Levesque is never THE man; he is the guy who always work with THE man.
Kevin Von Erich - Wed, 04 Dec 2019 15:13:18 EST kDhu5Ddp No.6334452 Reply
Like it or not corporations are the future dude. I know some aspects of them are bad, some things really need to be worked out etc., but I personally can't wait until all the shit all those sci fi movies prophesied comes true.

And you know what? Even indies can be described as corporations these days, they're just tiny ineffective corporations.
And WWE is a lot less soulless than most corporations of its level, its still run by the same family that started it instead of being taken over by random execs.
Freehaven !zWb42fBPMM - Wed, 04 Dec 2019 15:50:23 EST It2BUKqt No.6334461 Reply
>corporations are the future

Not if we don’t let them be the future. Or are you really that eager for Amazon to tell you when and where you can take a shit?
Stevie Ray - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 01:41:20 EST gBTmx91k No.6334742 Reply
You really want Blade Runner to be a reality? You know it doesn't have to be that way if only the people took more inititive instead of bootlicking.
Jerry Sags - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 02:54:26 EST W/PaE+Ga No.6334749 Reply

They are the future.


Because young people don't care about politics nor bother to vote anymore. The Mega Corps get to choose our leaders and lobby for control over our laws. Better choose a good company to get behind and start bootlicking now.
Penny Banner - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 04:15:34 EST Z0nYJQZ9 No.6334760 Reply
There's been more labor activity in the US in the last three years than the previous thirty combined.
Lacey - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 06:23:34 EST gF+lQNyj No.6334763 Reply
>young people don't care about politics

Millennials & Gen Z are far more vested in politics than boomers or fucking GenX

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