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- Wed, 22 Jun 2022 18:23:40 EST GagGwa9I No.6643928
File: 1655936620336.jpg -(1390032B / 1.33MB, 2560x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. NOAH N INNOVATION & SUNNY VOYAGE 2022: DAY 1 THREAD
>Watch NOAH N Innovation on Thursday at 5:30am EDT / 10:30am BST and Sunny Voyage 2022: Day 1 on Friday at 5am EDT / 10am BST both in WrestleTube - https://baked.live/tv/wrestling and CozyTube - https://baked.live/tv/cozytube

Pro Wrestling NOAH returns with back-to-back shows with another edition of N Innovation featuring two championship matches and a loser leaves NOAH match and the first day of the Sunny Voyage 2022 tour featuring a tag team main event with the new GHC Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima teaming with Kaito Kiyomiya to face Kongo's Kenoh and Katsuhiko Nakajima. Here's the lineups for the shows:

>N Innovation - Thursday

○Main Event GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship
HAYATA vs Hajime Ohara

○Semi-Final Loser Will Be Kicked Out of NOAH Match
Haoh vs Tadasuke

○The 4th Match Open The Triangle Gate Championship
Daisuke Harada & Atsushi Kotoge & YO-HEY vs NOSAWA Rongai & Eita & Kotaro Suzuki

○The 3rd Match Singles Match
Seiki Yoshioka vs Yuya Susumu

○The 2nd Match Singles Match
Yoshinari Ogawa vs Kai Fujimura

○The 1st Match Tag Team Match
Kaito Kiyomiya & Extreme Tiger vs Shuji Kondo & Hi69

>Sunny Voyage 2022: Day 1 - Friday

○Main Event Tag Team Match
Satoshi Kojima & Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenoh & Katsuhiko Nakajima

○Semi-Final Singles Match
Go Shiozaki vs Rene Dupree

○The 4th Match 6-Man Tag Team Match
Michael Elgin & Masa Kitamiya & Yoshikoi Inamura vs Takashi Sugiura & Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher

○The 3rd Match Singles Match
Manabu Soya vs Hijo de Doctor Wagner Jr.

○The 2nd Match Singles Match
Daiki Inaba vs Simon Gotch

○The 1st Match Tag Team Match
Muhammad Yone & Akitoshi Saito vs Shuhei Taniguchi & Kinya Okada
Layla - Wed, 22 Jun 2022 18:28:43 EST N6A2Il9X No.6643929 Reply
>Satoshi Kojima & Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenoh & Katsuhiko Nakajima
kiyomiya eating pins
Otto Schwanz - Thu, 23 Jun 2022 00:20:12 EST vqvvIfZ1 No.6644027 Reply
>Unfortunately, Daisuke Harada has come down with a fever and will not be competing today and the belt has been vacated. Therefore Xtreme Tiger will take his place, and Perros and the Noah Junior Regulars will fight for the vacated title.

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